MBA in Canada Costs Explained

mba in canada cost

The average MBA in Canada cost is an aspect of immense speculation amongst aspiring students from India and other countries. Canada has transformed into one of the leading global education hubs. Pursuing an MBA course in Canada means a simple route towards immigration, a multicultural and academically enriching environment, lucrative employment opportunities, easy steps towards obtaining permanent residency and citizenship, and a host of other benefits. Considerable demand has been observed for MBA courses in Canada as per reports. 

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MBA in Canada Cost- Why Study Here? 

Notwithstanding the comparatively reasonable MBA in Canada cost, what are the other reasons for pursuing your MBA in the country? For starters, Canada is home to some of the world’s most reputed and recognized universities which earn high rankings in global rankings lists including QS Research, Academic Rankings of World Universities and Times Higher Education. Numerous business schools from Canada make it to this list with aplomb. 

Coming back to the MBA fees in Canada, it should be mentioned that they are comparatively lower than similar courses in several countries including the U.S. MBA fees in Canada for international students may stand at roughly 10,000-35,000 CAD annually which is at least US$10000 cheaper when you consider the average course fee of $45000 in the U.S. In fact, the average cost of MBA in Canada is lower than Australia ($43,000) and the United Kingdom ($44,000). Almost half a million global students come to Canada annually and the country offers ample opportunities to experience real multiculturalism along with political stability and a peaceful environment overall. The open and welcoming nature of the country and its citizens is another plus point. 

Along with the reasonable MBA course fees in Canada, students can also expect quality education options at globally reputed universities. Studying in Canada is always a value for money experience for MBA students. Successful graduates may earn up to $79,076 annually as an average salary. Entry-level salaries start from $34,170 annually, going up to $120,793 per year for experienced professionals. 

Along with comparatively reasonable MBA fees in Canada, students may also expect comparatively easier visa and immigration processes in the country. The pathway is also more accessible for permanent residency and citizenship in Canada. 

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MBA Fees in Canada at Leading Institutions 

Coming to a low-cost MBA in Canada, you can take your pick from several reputed institutions offering this degree program to students.  An MBA in Canada cost in Indian rupees will be roughly equivalent to INR 11-59 lakh. The average cost of MBA in Canada for international students ranges between $16,000 to $80,000 (USD). Scholarships can help in significantly reducing expenditure and it should be mentioned that Canada has 100+ leading institutions of higher education while employment rates have also increased for Canadian MBA graduates. Getting admission into a leading MBA program in Canada will naturally have some specific requirements. 

Students should have a minimum of 76% or higher marks in their Bachelor’s programs along with a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 or more. GMAT scores and prior work of 3-7 years are also needed. Most universities may ask for GMAT scores and added work experience as vital eligibility criteria. There are numerous universities providing MBA programs without GMAT and work experience in some cases as well. 

Here’s taking a closer look at leading universities in Canada, business schools and the expected tuition fees chargeable annually. 

University Name

Business School/Duration of Program Tuition Fee (USD/year)
University of Toronto Rotman School of Management (2 year) 44,587
McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management (1 year to 20 months) 34,970
Queen’s University Smith School of Business (1 year) 71,250
University of Western Ontario Ivey Business School (1 year) 88,125
York University Schulich School of Business (16-20 months) 39,030
University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business (16 months) 46,835
University of Alberta Alberta School of Business (20 months) 16,287
Concordia University John Molson School of Business (16 months) 30,975
HEC Montreal Department of Business (1 year) 36,750
Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business 323,83
McMaster University DeGroote School of Business (28 months) 33,000
Brock University Goodman School of Business (2 years) 23,062
Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business (16 months) 55,825
University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management (1 year) 51,000
Saint Mary’s University Sobey School of Business (16 months) 43,000
Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business and Economics (1 year) 11,553
University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business (2 years) 30,076
University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business (2 years) 53,116
University of Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business (2 years) 47,883
University of Manitoba Asper School of Business (2 years) 27,919

Now that you have an idea of the approximate MBA in Canada cost, you can start preparing for the admission formalities, visa regulations, and other crucial aspects. You can also take a closer look at platforms like upGrad Abroad which help you save costs with innovative and flexible programs in addition to offering quality education and end-to-end assistance. 

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