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why study in germany

Do you wonder why study in Germany is a much popular choice among students seeking overseas education? Germany is an acclaimed global higher education hub and it has numerous globally ranked universities and numerous courses to choose from. Germany offers prestigious and highly valued degrees which enhance overall employability greatly. Germany has a rich history with a high quality and vibrant lifestyle. Owing to the country’s top quality education system and infrastructure, Germany is ranked amongst the top destinations in the world for global students. As per official reports, there are more than 357,000 foreign students who desire to earn university degrees in Germany while the number is increasing steadily every year. A massive number of international students from all over the world come to Germany to pursue their studies due to the many benefits the country presents. 

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Reasons to study in Germany 

There are several compelling reasons to study in Germany and these have been outlined below for your benefit. 

Low or Negligible Tuition Costs

Education in Germany is surprisingly cheaper than several other countries. Higher studies in Germany may require a very low tuition fee or none at all in some cases! Germany is the sole leading global study destination where many universities still do not charge any tuition fees. The decision was implemented in October 2014, stating that international students attending public universities in the country would not have to pay regular tuition fees. They will have to pay just some administrative charges like student union fee, student contribution and public transport ticket. Collectively, they may touch the EUR 250 per semester mark. 

Highly Ranked Universities

When it comes to education in Germany for international students, a big draw is the presence of numerous highly ranked prestigious universities. This is one of the biggest reasons to study abroad in Germany. Germany has 429 public higher education institutions as of 2018 and 106 amongst these are universities with unique study abroad programs. German universities adhere to the highest global education standards in terms of quality. Some of them have been ranked consistently amongst the best in the world. Students value these top-ranked institutions for the education quality, staff members, opportunities for research and academic growth, hands-on experience and the stimulating environments. The worldwide teaching and research systems employed by Germany have gained recognition over several years. There are numerous new universities from Germany making it to rankings and lists every year as well. Some universities are also amongst the oldest in all of Europe. 

Travel through Europe

If you are studying in Germany, you will have the same rights as EFTA/EU and German citizens with regard to free entry, opportunity to study and work without any extra permits. If you are not a European citizen, you will have to get your visa. Unless you are enrolled in a summer school language program, you will have to apply for a student visa enabling residence in Germany for more than 90 days while also obtaining a residency permit for living and moving around the whole country. This residency permit will enable travel throughout the entire Schengen Area for free, enabling you to visit several countries within this duration. Once you get your letter of acceptance from your German University, you should apply for the student visa at least 3 months before departure. The documentation will be dispatched to the Immigration Office of the German region for the residence permit, where the University is located and after completion of all necessary procedures, you will receive your residency permit. However, you have to fulfill specific criteria for getting your student visa. 

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Multiple Degree Courses

This is one of the biggest advantages of studying in the country along with the comparative low cost of living in Germany and also the fact that you can study in Germany without IELTS if you are opting for programs like those offered from upGrad Abroad. One of the key Germany education facts is that the country has innumerable degree courses that suit every interest. Germany has invested in several universities and colleges and the results are visible today. The lists of courses are expanding swiftly at most German universities and newer fields are also emerging as a result, with top-of-the-line scientific improvements in store. There are programs tailored to suit every interest and field of expertise in Germany. 

Globally acknowledged study programs

Study programs and modules at leading German universities are highly contemporary in term of their structure and the method of delivery to learners. They are tailored to meet the most stringent and updated global requirements while reflecting latest global developments and upgrades likewise. They also help in educating people and making them ready to face challenges at a global level. The curriculum is continually evolving for creating better and more extensive approaches towards research and teaching. The degree you get in Germany will be highly acclaimed and valued globally while increasing your employability considerably at the same time. Employers will have the highest respect for a German degree since the quality of education in the country is legendary to say the least. 

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Affordable Living Costs

With smart financial planning and some discipline in terms of your lifestyle, costs of living will be quite affordable for international students in Germany. You will naturally have higher prices to contend with in urban zones as compared to rural or peripheral areas. Rent is the key aspect that you should consider while studying in the country although numerous affordable options will always be available. It is not as expensive as some countries. You can share accommodation for halving the financial burden as well. The costs of food, public transportation and other services are on the lower side. 

Working Opportunities while Studying

Germany has clearly stipulated laws stating that international students have permission to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours every week or 120 full days every year. More than 60% of present international students are working part-time while studying in the country as per estimates. You will not require any extra qualifications since there are abundant employment opportunities available, ranging across fields like hospitality, retail, administration and more. Working part time while studying will help you earn more money for meeting and handling living costs while also increasing your employability and work experience at the same time. 

Future Opportunities

A degree from a German university will be highly respected and valued. This qualification means huge employability in the global job market. You will get several attractive job offers from employers after you gain requisite professional credits and experience while studying in Germany. Graduates at German universities are some of the highest paid employees in the world. 

Learning a beautiful language

Right from making yourself more employable to emotional and creative satisfaction, there are innumerable reasons why you should learn the beautiful German language. Germany is one of the most powerful economies worldwide, making the German language widely spoken throughout all of Europe and other parts of the world as well. With numerous German companies being global market leaders, they have huge networks of branches across the world. By learning to speak German, you will find yourself in an advantageous position where you will get more offers from the biggest and best German multinationals. German is spoken widely in the world and you will travel the world and be at ease while communicating like never before too! 

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Diverse and Cosmopolitan Community

Germany has always been a major hub for people coming from other countries. Germany nationals live peacefully with several international students and foreigners who work and live in the country with their families. German universities usually attract thousands of global students who look upon the country as a great place to accomplish their educational, research and professional objectives. You will come across a vibrant, cosmopolitan and diverse community in Germany that will broaden your perspective and greatly enhance your quality of life. You can also build friendships with people coming from various parts of the world while learning more about their cultures, traditions and customs. 

Historical & Cultural Aspects

Germany has a complex, chequered and rich history with remains dotting the entire country. The country has always been at the forefront of important global historical, political and social developments over the ages. Germany has unmatched cultural, historical and scientific contributions to the world that have changed the course of life and history forever. Studying in Germany gives you access to these priceless remnants of culture and history and collects more information and knowledge about the same. 

These are some of the top reasons why international students should consider Germany as their higher education destination. The country is a mixture of academic, industrial, business and research/scientific excellence with a fascinating potpourri of culture, history, tradition and creativity. This makes it a great place to live and work in, especially for international students seeking a diverse and stimulating environment to build their careers. 

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