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Study MBA in Germany without GMAT

Updated on 23 May, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Germany is one of the world’s leading destinations for international students. The country offers low-cost educational programs and is home to globally acclaimed MBA universities or business schools. While most institutions have GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores within their admission criteria, you may still be able to do your MBA in Germany without GMAT. Here are some tips that will come in handy.  

MBA in Germany without GMAT: Details

It is possible to pursue MBA without GMAT in Germany. Many institutions have varying criteria, and you may find one that meets your requirements. It is not just about the convenience; while you do not have to take another examination, you can also save on costs. 

Here are some of the best places for an MBA in Germany for Indian students without GMAT

Institution NameMBA Program Details  Course Tenure 
Offenburg University of Applied SciencesMBA International Business Consulting15 months 
Witten/Herdecke UniversityMA in Management 1-2 years 
Reutlingen UniversityMBA in International Management1 year
HHL Leipzig Graduate School Of Management, Leipzig UniversityMaster of Science in Business Administration (MSBA)2 years 
Technical University of MunichExecutive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation2 years 
University Of StuttgartMasters of Science in Business Administration1.5 years to 2 years 
Ludwig Maximilian University MunichMasters in Business Administration (MBA)
Masters of Business Research (MBR)
2 years (Both)
Dresden International UniversityMaster of Business Administration in Logistics Management3 semesters
Berlin School of Economics and LawFull-Time MBA1 to 1.5 years 
Accadis Hochschule Bad HomburgManagement and Leadership MBA
M.A. International Management

1 year

2 years 

Cologne Business School (CBS)MBA in International Management 4 semesters (Full Time)
The University Of KielMasters in Business Administration2 years 
University Of TubingenMasters of Science in International Business (MSIB)2 years 

 These are some of the best universities in Germany for MBA without GMAT. Check individual requirements at their official websites before applying.

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How to get into MBA in Germany without GMAT?

Here are the admission requirements for an MBA from Germany without GMAT: 

  • Two to three years of work experience. 
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or educational institution. 
  • Scores in English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher in the Bachelor’s degree course. 
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation). 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose). 
  • CV or Resume. 
  • Written Essay or Video. 

Other MBAs in Germany without GMAT

If you do not have the time to pursue a full-time MBA degree, you can also check out part-time or distance learning programs from various business schools. You can check out these options: 

  • Distance MBA in Engineering Management from Allensbach University
  • Part-Time MBA in Renewables from Beuth University of Applied Sciences
  • Distance MBA in General Management from AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft
  • Part-Time MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Berlin School of Law and Economics

You can also study free of cost at these universities in Germany: 

  • University of Kiel
  • University of Stuttgart
  • Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich
  • University of Tubingen

You will not have to pay tuition fees through some nominal semester fees and added costs are payable. You will also have to pay for your living expenses in Germany. 

Tuition Fees of the Universities Offering MBA in Germany without GMAT 

Here is a list of leading German universities that offer MBA courses without GMAT and their tuition costs. 

Name of the Institution 

MBA Program Costs Per Year 

Akademie Wurth Business School


TU Munich


University of Tubingen


Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

Free Tuition

Dresden International University


Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg


Berlin School of Economics and Law


University of Kiel

Free Tuition

Cologne Business School


University of Stuttgart


You will also have to account for living costs, books and study material, and student visa expenses while pursuing your MBA course.

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Study MBA in Germany with upGrad Abroad

upGrad Abroad in collaboration with IU Germany has introduced an 18-month Master of Business Administration (MBA) wherein students can study the first two semesters with IU Germany online. For the third semester, the student will be going to Germany and studying on campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GMAT required for MBA in Germany?

Most universities require GMAT scores for MBA applicants. However, some institutions offer MBA courses without the GMAT. Many institutions are accepting three-year Bachelor’s courses for those studying MBAs in the country. Many of them will mandatorily need the Bachelor’s course and TOEFL/IELTS scores for applicants. Basic knowledge of German is always a plus point.

Is MBA free in Germany?

There are many public universities and institutions in Germany offering free MBA programs to students. Free MBA courses are possible in the country with students only needing money for their food, living costs and accommodation. Germany is the only country offering free MBA courses, albeit at fewer institutions.

Can I do MBA in Germany without work experience?

You can do an MBA in Germany without any work experience since some institutions do not have such criteria. However, many institutions require work experience for MBA aspirants. Many universities take three-year Bachelor’s degrees and IELTS/TOEFL scores instead of work experience. However, most universities mandate at least one year of professional experience or even two years after graduating.

Where can you pursue an MBA in Germany without a GMAT score?

Some institutions offering admission to MBA aspirants without GMAT scores include the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Technical University of Munich, University of Kiel, Witten/Herdecke University, Reutlingen University, University of Tubingen, and the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management at the Leipzig University.

Is MBA in Germany worth it?

Yes, an MBA in Germany is always worth it. Germany is one of the biggest employment hubs for skilled graduates across diverse sectors and industries. You also get a globally recognized degree. The country is home to some of the world’s most reputed educational institutions for these courses as well. MBA programs in Germany emphasize greatly on academic and practical knowledge alike, giving well-rounded education to students at all times.

Which MBA colleges are in Germany without gmat?

There are several MBA colleges where you can apply in Germany without your GMAT score being compulsorily required. These include the Technical University of Munich, University of Kiel, Reutlingen University, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, University of Tubingen and the University of Stuttgart among others. 

You can also check out the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management at Leipzig University in this regard. Another option worth considering is the Witten/Herdecke University.

Which are 1 year MBA in Germany without GMAT?

There are many options available in Germany with regard to one-year MBA programs. Many of these programs do not compulsorily require GMAT scores as well. You can try the likes of the Technical University of Munich or the Reutlingen University for instance. 

You can also check out the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and the Witten/Herdecke University in addition to the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management at Leipzig University.

How much does MBA cost in Germany?

Average costs of doing MBA programs in Germany are usually around $14-45,000 or roughly INR 10.5-37.5 lakh as per estimates. MBA costs at private universities may vary and hover around 30,000 to 50,000 Euros (approximately INR 25.5-42.5 lakh) for full-time courses. The average may go up to even 90,000 Euros (INR 77-78 lakh) at elite institutions as per estimates. However, there are institutions charging less as well. You should check before applying.

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Mrinal Mandal

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