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The History of Salt

Updated on 08 September, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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Practicing IELTS reading passages is essential for acing the examination. Here is a useful guide for the history of salt IELTS reading answers and their questions.

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Questions 1-3

Choose THREE letters A-H.
Which THREE statements are true of salt?

A. A number of cities take their name from the word salt.

B. Salt contributed to the French Revolution.

C. The uses of salt are countless.

D. Salt has been produced in China for less than 2000 years.

E. There are many commercial applications for salt.

F. Salt deposits in the state of Kansas are vast.

G. Salt has few industrial uses nowadays.

H. Slaves used salt as a currency.

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Questions 4-8

Complete the summary. 

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 4-8 on your answer sheet.

Salt is such a 4_____

That people would not be able to live without it. As well as its uses in cooking, this basic mineral has thousands of business 5_____
Ranging from making paper to manufacturing soap. Being a prized and 6_____
It has played a major part in the economies of many countries. As such, salt has not only led to war but has also been used to raise 7_____

By governments in many parts of the world. There are also many instances of its place in religion and culture, being used as a means to get rid of evil 8_____

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Questions 9-14

Do the following statements agree with the information in Reading Passage?
TRUE if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information about the statement

9. _____It has been suggested that salt was responsible for the first war

(It is mentioned in paragraph four, where a researcher talks about how it could have been the cause for the very first war)

10. _____ The first tax on salt was imposed by a Chinese emperor

(In paragraph five, it talks about how the tax imposed by the Chinese emperor was one of the first-known and not the very first)

11. _____ Salt is no longer used as a form of currency

(In the fifth paragraph, it talks about how the nomads of Ethiopia’s Danakil Plains still use salt as money)

12. _____ Most of the money for the construction of the Erie Canal came from salt taxes.

(Salt tax revenues contributed half of the money for its construction as mentioned in the passage) 

13. _____ Hopi legend believes that salt deposits were placed far away from civilization to penalize mankind

(This is given in the ninth paragraph for your perusal)

14. _____ A lack of salt is connected with the deaths of many of Napoleon’s soldiers during the French retreat from Moscow

(The last paragraph mentions this fact)

Answer Table

2. E9. TRUE

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