Popular Study Abroad Courses after BCom

Popular Study Abroad Courses after BCom

Are you a B.Com graduate aspiring to pursue your higher education abroad? If your answer is yes, you are on the right page. This article showcases famous master’s programs available for BCom graduates, their scope, and average annual salaries. 

There has been a significant increase in the number of Indian students who have decided to study abroad after completing their Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). The prestigious universities across the world offer valuable master’s degrees to graduates who have completed their BCom. Moreover, foreign universities offer world-class education, modern facilities, and an excellent scope of research. 

A master’s in commerce or finance from an internationally reputed institute is valued worldwide. If you are planning to study abroad, let’s take a quick look at the best career opportunities, the study abroad process, and some of the best destinations and universities. 

Best Courses after BCom in Abroad

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

Indian students, after completion of the BCom course, often opt for an MBA abroad. MBA from reputed foreign universities offers a valuable degree to explore the best job opportunities. For their postgraduation, commerce graduates can opt for specializations like Finance, HR, Accounting, Investment Banking, Marketing, and International Business.

B-schools in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany are prestigious global rank holders that offer MBA as either a two-year, one-year, or accelerated program. Indian students must take various competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL,among others, to apply for courses after BCom. 

The average salary after MBA from foreign universities is US$48902-$73353 annually. The top job offering companies are Morgan and Stanley, HSBC, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, EY, Goldman Sachs, and Google. 

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Master in Finance (MFin/MiF)

A master’s in finance is another sought-after degree for Indian commerce graduates. To pursue a master’s in finance, a three-year full-time Bachelor of Commerce is compulsory. The leading foreign universities also require two years’ work experience in finance as an admission requirement. The career opportunities after completion of a master’s are investment banking, financial analysis, financial consulting, financial advisor, stockbroker, and corporate banker. After completing a master’s in finance abroad, the average salary ranges between US$45,235 to $85,579 annually.

Master in Business Analytics (MBAn / MSBA)

A master’s in business analytics is an emerging career opportunity for BCom students. With growing digitalization, the demand for skilled professionals in business analytics is high globally. The job positions are data analyst, business analyst, quantitative analyst, and risk analyst. The average salary of an MS in business analytics is US$75,000. It is pretty high compared to other programs in the USA.

Master in Economics

A master’s in economics is one of the sought-after career options for Indian students after completing the BCom course. International universities in the USA and UK offer specialized programs in economics after graduation. Some top commerce universities are the London School of Economics, Yale University, University of British Columbia, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton University, and the University of Chicago. After completing a master’s in economics, Indian students can get employment as budget analysts, financial analysts, and operations and list and market analysts. The average salary ranges from US$57,460 to $185,020

Master of Commerce (MCom)

Master of Commerce is a two-year program in foreign universities that can be pursued after completing a three-year full-time BCom degree. The course includes accounting, economics, statistics, and finance modules. The career opportunities after the completion of MCom are immense. Students can get employment opportunities in finance, accounting, research, banking, and insurance. The average salary for MCom graduates after study completion ranges between $39,081 to $80,155 annually.

Other Study Options after Completion of BCom 

  • Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting)
  • Master of Commerce (Marketing)
  • Master of Business and Commerce (Accounting)
  • Master of Commerce (Advanced) in Applied Finance
  • Master of Commerce in Economics
  • Master of Commerce in Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Commerce (Agricultural) – Agribusiness Management
  • Master of Commerce and Management – Rural Finance
  • Master of Commerce (Business Law)
  • Master of Commerce (Management)

How to Study Abroad after BCom? 

Those in the final year of BCom can start the application process to study abroad as it is a lengthy process. Study abroad programs are available to Indian students with a minimum education of 15 years without any gap year. The entire application process to study overseas may take around 12 months. Below are the required steps in detail –

Step 1: Choose the right course: 

Commerce is a popular stream in India. Getting a master’s degree in commerce from an abroad university can be valuable. The first step toward studying abroad is to pick the right career option. Students can choose any specialization or course from accounting, business management, finance, economics, marketing, and international relations. The scope of these subjects is immense.

Step 2: Choose the right study abroad destinations: 

Choose the right study abroad destination depending upon the university and the cost of living. Some top study destinations for commerce graduates are the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. These countries are home to some top-ranked universities with prestigious faculties, research scope, and academic excellence.

Step 3: Shortlist the university: 

It is essential to shortlist the best university out of all the available options—research before finalizing based on scope, cost of study, rank, and opportunities.

Step 4: Take the entrance examination: 

Study abroad programs require various entrance examinations. Students after completion of BCom from India must appear for standardized entrance exams and English proficiency tests. The universities demand a GMAT or GRE score if you appear for postgraduation courses after BCom. English proficiency test (IELTS and TOEFL) is compulsory for Indian students to prove their language proficiency in all areas. After taking the test and receiving scores, arrange all the documents required for the university application.

Step 5: Documentation: 

Foreign universities require a list of documents to process the application. Students should have a statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, academic transcripts, work experience, passport-size photograph, financial proof, and updated resume.

Step 6: Apply online: 

Apply online by visiting the university’s official website. Fill up the online application form and upload all the documents.

Step 7: Apply for scholarships and loans: 

While you wait for university results, you can apply for financial help or scholarships. This is the right time to go for an education loan if needed.

Step 8: Apply for a student visa: 

Once you receive the university’s admission letter, you must apply for a student visa. It is essential to go through the immigration rules and policies of the destination you plan to study in. Every country has its own immigration rules and visa requirements for Indian students.

Step 9: Arrange accommodation: 

After getting the student visa successfully, arranging for your accommodation abroad is essential.

Step 10: Book your tickets and start packing: 

Refer to the packing checklist and things that are permitted/prohibited according to the immigration policy of the destination.

Important Scholarships to Study Abroad:

 State Scholarship | Fulbright Scholarship | Vidya Lakshmi Portal | Narotam Sekhsaria

Where can you Study Abroad after Completion of BCom? 

Universities in the USA

List of top universities in the US for the best courses after BCom abroad: 

  • Harvard University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Chicago
  • New York University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Yale University
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Virginia
  • MIT
  • Columbia University
  • University of Minnesota
  • Dartmouth College
  • University of Pennsylvania

Universities in Canada

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Montreal
  • York University
  • Fraser International College
  • St Mary’s University

Universities in the UK

  • University of Gloucestershire
  • Swansea University
  • Manchester University
  • University of Liverpool
  • London School of Economics

Universities in Australia

  • Sydney Institute of Business & Technology
  • University of Adelaide
  • Murdoch University
  • The University of Sydney
  • South Australian Institute of Business & Technology
  • Newcastle International College
  • The University of Melbourne
  • La Trobe College
  • Australian National University

Universities in Germany

  • University of Applied Sciences
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Free University of Berlin 
  • Heidelberg University
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Ludwig Maximilian
  • University of Munich
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • University of Freiburg
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Technical University of Berlin


Commerce is a versatile discipline. Indian students can explore a wide array of opportunities in foreign countries after completing BCom. Canada, the UK, and the USA are some of the best abroad destinations for commerce graduates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a BCom student do MBA in Canada?

Yes. After completing the BCom course, Indian students can opt for an MBA degree in any country, including Canada. Some of the best universities in Canada are the University of Toronto, McGill University, Queen’s University, and Toronto School of Management. The world-class facilities and academic excellence offer MBA graduates global exposure and best job opportunities

Is an Indian BCom degree accepted in Canada?

Yes, a BCom degree of 3 years from a recognized board of study in India is accepted in Canada. Some of the best universities that accept Indian BCom degrees are the University of Toronto, McGill University, Yale University, Queen’s University, and Toronto School of Management. Canadian universities offer a wide array of courses for international students with a valid BCom degree. However, students need to have a minimum of 15 years of educational record, GRE, GMAT, and English language proficiency test scores for admission.

Which abroad country is best for commerce students?

The best study abroad destinations for commerce graduates are the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. These educational hubs have some top-ranked commerce universities and provide abundant career opportunities to graduates. Indian students after the BCom course can opt for various master’s programs in these promising destinations for best-salaried job opportunities and academic excellence.

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