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IELTS Exam 2024-25: Registration, Format, Test Dates, Fees

Updated on 19 July, 2024

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IELTS Exam 2024-25

If you are preparing for competitive exams or aspire to study abroad, then the IELTS exam is the best option for you. IELTS is a popular exam that tests the language proficiency of non-native English speakers who wish to work, study, or relocate to a country where English is the primary language. 

There are two main test formats of IELTS - computer-based and paper-based and the band scores of 1 to 9 are awarded based on the candidate’s ability to listen, read, write, and speak English. The IELTS test scores are acceptable in 140 countries, and in India is currently conducted solely by IDP. 

In this article, let us dive deeper into the fundamentals and intricacies of the exam so that you can fulfill your dream to study abroad.

IELTS Exam 2024 Highlights

Full form 

International English Language Testing System

Test types 

Academic (for higher education), General Training (for work or migration)

Test sections 

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking 

Conducting bodies

IDP: IELTS Australia, British Council, and Cambridge Assessment English

Test duration 

2 hours 44 minutes (10 minutes of transfer time)

Score scale 

Band 1 to 9 

Test results 

13 days after the test 

What is Full Form of IELTS Exam  

IELTS full form is the International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized exam that is designed to test the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. IELTS is widely accepted by universities, employers, and immigration authorities around the world.

Why IELTS Exam is Required

The IELTS exam is necessary for plenty of reasons, including: 

Study Abroad

  • International students who want to study abroad need to acquire a good IELTS score. Many universities and colleges worldwide require IELTS scores as proof of English language proficiency for international students. 


  • Some countries demand IELTS results for immigration and visa applications, such as New Zealand, UK, Australia, etc. 


  • Certain jobs, especially in international organizations or companies, may necessitate IELTS scores.

Professional Registration

There are many professional bodies that need IELTS for registration, like pharmacy, medicine, law, accounting, etc.  

IDP IELTS has over 1,400 test locations across 56 countries, including over 260 computer-delivered IELTS centers.

IELTS Eligibility 2024

The IDP, which administers IELTS, has not established any IELTS eligibility requirements. The exam is open to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, or religion. Moreover, there is no age limit either. Candidates who are under the age of 16 are not encouraged to apply. However, they can take the test if they wish to.

The IELTS IDP exam is open to anyone who wishes to pursue higher education or employment in a foreign country (both Academic and General Training). Candidates should, however, carefully check the educational institution's or organization's eligibility requirements before applying.

IELTS Registration 2024

IELTS exam registration can be done in the following ways:

1. Online registration:

This is one of the most convenient methods of scheduling your IELTS exam. You can pay the IELTS test fee online. After successful registration, you will also receive an instant confirmation. 

Follow the steps below to book your IELTS exam slot: 

  • Visit www.ieltsidpindia.com
  • Choose "Register for IELTS"
  • Choose the test day and location (students will see the seat availability status)
  • Fill out the online application
  • Pay for the exam with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Get an instant seat reservation and confirmation

2. In-person registration:

To complete your IELTS registration in person, head over to any of the IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd. offices.  Here, you can fill out a physical application or complete your form online. You have the option to pay the fee by a demand draft or a credit/debit card. The candidates can also deposit cash in HDFC/ICICI banks by downloading the

customized deposit slip from the website of IELTS IDP India or obtaining the slip from the IELTS IDP office. For successful registration, the original copy of the deposit slip must be attached to the IELTS application form. After successful payment, a confirmation will be sent to you. 

3. Courier: 

You can complete the IELTS application form and send it along with the demand draft for the test fee via courier to the following address: 

IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd.

Global Gateway Towers, Tower-B, 5th Floor,

Sikanderpur Ghosi,Sector-26,

M.G. Road, Gurugram,

Haryana - 122002, India.

Tel: +91-124-4445999

Here, your application will be processed and your placement will be done depending on the seat availability. It is to be noted that the above-mentioned address and contact details are true as of November 2023. Candidates are advised to check the same before proceeding.

IELTS Exam Fees 2024

The IELTS fee for registration in India is ₹17,000, but it is subject to changes. Therefore, applicants must confirm the amount when scheduling a test slot and then pay with a digital payment method. 

The table below shows the fees of different IELTS test types in India.

IELTS Test type 


Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI


Computer-delivered IELTS


IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1)


IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration


Pen and paper-based IELTS


Note: The fees provided here is subject to change

Download E-Books for IELTS Preparation

ielts sample essays

IELTS Exam Dates 2024 

The IELTS exam is offered regularly throughout the year. Below are the confirmed IELTS Test Dates for 2024

IELTS Exam Dates in July

  • Academic and General Training: 6 July 2024 and 27 July 2024 
  • Academic only: 11 July 2024 and 20 July 2024 

IELTS Exam Dates in August

  • Academic and General Training: 8 August 2024 and 24 August 2024 
  • Academic only: 3 August 2024 and 17 August 2024 

IELTS Exam Dates in September

  • Academic and General Training: 14 September 2024 and 28 September 2024 
  • Academic only: 7 September 2024 and 19 September 2024 

IELTS Exam Dates in October

  • Academic and General Training: 5 October 2024 and 26 October 2024 
  • Academic only: 10 October 2024 and 19 October 2024 

IELTS Exam Dates in November

  • Academic and General Training: 16 November 2024 and 30 November 2024 
  • Academic only: 2 November 2024, 7 November 2024, and 23 November 2024

IELTS Exam Dates in December

  • Academic and General Training: 7 December 2024 and 14 December 2024 
  • Academic only: 5 December 2024 and 21 December 2024

IELTS Dates & Centers in India 

In India, there are plenty of test centers located in 75+ different cities. These include: 

IELTS Exam Dates Pune IELTS Exam Dates Jaipur IELTS Exam Dates Nagpur IELTS Exam Dates Ranchi
IELTS Exam Dates Bhopal IELTS Exam Dates Surat IELTS Exam Dates Patna IELTS Exam Dates Vijayawada
IELTS Exam Dates Raikot IELTS Exam Dates Indore IELTS Exam Dates Dehradun IELTS Exam Dates Patiala
IELTS Exam Dates Kolkata IELTS Exam Dates Noida IELTS Exam Dates Coimbatore IELTS Exam Dates Goa
IELTS Exam Dates Lucknow IELTS Exam Dates Gurgaon IELTS Exam Dates Karnal IELTS Exam Dates Nasik
IELTS Test Dates New Delhi IELTS Test Dates Ludhiana IELTS Test Dates Chandigarh IELTS Test Dates Bangalore
IELTS Test Dates Vadodara IELTS Test Dates Ahmedabad IELTS Test Dates Jalandhar IELTS Test Dates Amritsar
IELTS Test Dates Mumbai IELTS Test Dates Chennai IELTS Test Dates Kochi IELTS Test Dates Hyderabad
IELTS Exam Dates Ambala IELTS Exam Dates Vizag IELTS Exam Dates Panipat IELTS Exam Dates Rohtak
IELTS Exam Dates Ghaziabad IELT Exam Dates Agra IELTS Exam Dates Kanpur IELTS Exam Dates Meerut

Other IELTS Exam Centres

IELTS Exam Dates Calicut IELTS Exam Dates Gurdaspur IELTS Exam Dates Kannur IELTS Exam Dates Navsari
IELTS Exam Dates Navi Mumbai IELTS Exam Dates Kapurthala IELTS Exam Dates Nawanshahr IELTS Exam Dates Chengannur
IELTS Exam Dates Guwahati IELTS Exam Dates Madurai IELTS Exam Dates Rudrapur IELTS Exam Dates Anand
IELTS Exam Dates Hoshiarpur IELTS Exam Dates Khanna IELTS Exam Dates Mangalore IELTS Exam Dates Sangrur
IELTS Exam Dates Angamaly IELTS Exam Dates Mehsana IELTS Exam Dates Siliguri IELTS Exam Dates Moga
IELTS Exam Dates Sri Ganganagar IELTS Exam Dates Vapi IELTS Exam Dates Barnala IELTS Exam Dates Faridkot
IELTS Exam Dates Jagraon IELTS Exam Dates Kollam IELTS Exam Dates Sri Muktsar Sahib IELTS Exam Dates Bathinda
IELTS Exam Dates Firozpur IELTS Exam Dates Kothamangalam IELTS Exam Dates Nadiad IELTS Exam Dates Raipur
IELTS Exam Dates Gandhinagar IELTS Exam Dates Rajkot IELTS Exam Dates Kottayam IELTS Exam Dates Thane
IELTS Exam Dates Bhubaneswar IELTS Exam Dates Jammu IELTS Exam Dates Kurukshetra IELTS Exam Dates Thimphu
IELTS Exam Dates Trivandrum IELTS Exam Dates Thrissur IELTS Exam Dates Tirupati IELTS Exam Dates Tiruchirappalli
IELTS Exam Dates Visakhapatnam

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Download IELTS Preparation Guide For Free

Get to know about the latest updates on the IELTS Exam, Eligibility, Preparation Tips, Test procedure,  Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Registration Process, Important Exam Dates, and much more!! This guide is a one-stop solution for every IELTS Aspirant who aims to crack the exam with an impressive band score.

IELTS Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2024


Number of Questions and Duration 




Four recordings

40 questions

30 minutes + 10 minutes (transfer time)

Four recorded monologues and conversations.

A correct answer is awarded one mark, and the final score is provided as a band score in the range of 1-9.




40 questions

60 minutes

Three passages which can be analytical, factual, discursive, or descriptive.

Each correct answer is awarded one mark, and the final score is provided as a band score in the range of 1-9.



60 minutes

Task1: Summarize or describe a table, graph, chart, or diagram in at least 150 words.

Task2: Short essay task of at least 250 words.

The contribution of Task 2 is twice that of Task 1 in the final writing score.


11 to 14 minutes

Face-to-face interview with three parts which are recorded.

The first part involves answering short questions.

The second part involves speaking at length about a general topic, followed by a structured discussion in the third part.

Each part of the test assesses speaking skills in different ways, like interaction pattern, task input, and test taker output.


IELTS Reading Section

  • The reading module comprises three parts and has 40 questions in total. 
  • Candidates' reading abilities are examined by various types of questions such as short answer questions,  fact identification, sentence or summary completion, identifying writer's attitudes/views, and matching lists or phrases.
  • Students will have 60 minutes to complete the portion, including transfer time.

Read More: How to Prepare for IELTS Reading Section

IELTS Writing Section

  • In this section of the IELTS exam, there are only two questions. Candidates will be given a diagram, data, or a table in the first question, and they must then represent the information in their own words. This question has a word limit of 150 words.
  • Candidates are given an argument or point of view problem to discuss in the second question. The goal is to evaluate the candidate’s writing skills based on their opinion, justifications, ideas, and evidence. Candidates will have 60 minutes to complete the writing test. 

Ace your IELTS Writing Score with our comprehensive list of expert-approved IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics.

Read More: IELTS Writing Task 1 , IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Listening Section

This element of the IELTS exam is divided into four sections, each of which includes audio clips. The first two will be about social, everyday situations, whereas the next two will be based on educational and training situations.  

The audio clips might be a dialogue or a speech that will last approximately three minutes and are only played once. Short answers, note completion, MCQ, and a variety of other sorts of questions will be asked based on these clips. 

This section's syllabus includes

  • Audio 1- Dialogue based on social situations

  • Audio 2- A monologue addressing social issues that people face daily

  • Audio 3- A conversation between four people about education

  • Audio 4- A monologue about a topic related to academia

IELTS Speaking Section:

Part 1 (Introduction followed by an Interview) - 

The examiner gives his/her introduction and begins the assessment by asking basic questions about family, hobbies, interests, educational history, and so on to the candidate. This part lasts for 4-5 minutes. 

Part 2 (Long Turn) - 

Candidates will be given a flashcard with a topic printed on it for this stage of the IELTS speaking exam. They can think for a minute, acquaint themselves with the issue, and then speak about it for at least 2- minutes.

Part 3 (Discussion) - 

There will be further discussion on the topic presented in Part 2. Candidates will have the opportunity to go deeper into the subject and cover it in greater detail. This task usually takes 4-5 minutes to complete. The candidate's ability to express their opinions and discuss various issues is analyzed during this task. 

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How to Check Your IELTS Result

You can follow the below steps to check your IELTS exam result: 

  1. Visit the IELTS IDP website: Go to https://ielts.idp.com/results/check-your-result.
  2. Enter personal details: Add your given name, passport or ID number, family name (or hyphen if none), and date of birth as they appear on your test application.
  3. Complete the captcha: Fill in the required captcha code.
  4. Submit: Click on the "Get Results" button. 

Note: Keep your TRF (Test Report Form) number safe. It is a confidential document.

IELTS Cut Off 

The IELTS cut-off scores are different depending on the country, university, and the course you are applying for. IELTS band 6 is a competent score, and above 6 is a good score. 

IELTS Preparation Tips

  • Candidates should focus equally on vocabulary, tenses, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • Candidates should write precise, relevant answers and avoid long paragraphs and sentences.
  • Candidates should conform to the word limits to finish the exam in the time allocated.
  • Candidates should test themselves in 2 hours and 45 minutes, just like they will be tested on the exam day. This will help them know what it feels like to take the reading, writing, and listening tests consecutively.
  • Candidates should not spend too much time on the questions they can’t find an answer to. They should move to the next question and get back to it if they have any time left at the end.
  • Candidates should practice both British and American accents, as some numbers and words are pronounced differently.
  • Focus on grammar is very important. Students should make sure all the tasks are grammatically correct. 
  • Candidates should ensure they have a good vocabulary and maintain the right pronunciation for all the test papers.

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IELTS Exam Score Calculation

Listening Score Calculation

Listening band score Correct Answers
9 39 – 40
8.5 37 – 38
8 35 – 36
7.5 32 – 34
7 30 – 31
6.5 26 – 29
6 23 – 25
5.5 18 – 22
5 16 – 17
4.5 13 – 15
4 11 – 12

The IELTS listening band score chart above depicts the bands awarded to applicants depending on the number of questions answered correctly in the listening skills section.

Note: The IELTS Listening Band score chart here represents the typical number of marks needed for each band score. Due to the variety of listening questions used on different occasions, actual marks can vary between examinations. 

Reading Score Calculation

Academic Reading Test General Training Reading Test
Band Score Correct Answers Band Score Correct Answers
9 40-39 9 40
8.5 38-37 8.5 39
8 36 – 35 8 37 – 38
7.5 34 – 33 7.5 36
7 32 – 30 7 34 – 35
6.5 29 – 27 6.5 32 – 33
6 26 – 23 6 30 – 31
5.5 22 – 19 5.5 27 – 29
5 18 – 15 5 23 – 26
4.5 14 – 13 4.5 19 – 22
4 12 – 10 4 15 – 18
3.5 9 – 8 3.5 12 – 14
3 7 – 6 3 9 – 11
2.5 5 – 4 2.5 6 – 8

Note: The IELTS Reading Band score chart above illustrates the typical marks required to earn each band score. Because different texts are utilized at different times, actual scores may vary slightly between tests. 

Read More About : IELTS Reading Band Score 

Writing Section Scoring Criteria 

Task Achievement (Task 1)

Providing a proper overview and highlighting key features/stage, details supported with proper data.

Task Response (Task 2)

Satisfying the requirements of the task and addressing the prompt in depth.

Providing relevant and well-supported ideas with a clear conclusion.

Cohesion and Coherence

Organizing ideas and information into paragraphs and having a particular central idea in each paragraph. 

Appropriately using a range of connectors.

Lexical Resource

Appropriate use of a range of vocabulary. 

Avoiding errors in spelling and using paraphrasing. 

Grammar Range and Accuracy

Using a range of grammar tenses and avoiding errors.

Speaking Section Scoring Criteria

Fluency and Coherence

Talking at length and speaking without pause or hesitation and using connectors that are easy to understand for listeners.

Lexical Resource

Using a variety of words, paraphrasing, and collocations.

Grammar Range and Accuracy

Avoiding grammatical errors. Using a range of tenses and correct sentence structures.


Using a variety of phonological features to communicate effectively.

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IELTS Books 

There are numerous IELTS books available in the market for IELTS preparation. Some popular options include:

  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS
  • Cambridhttp://www.ieltsidpindia.com/ge Grammar for IELTS
  • Workbook for IELTS Life Skills A1 (Official Cambridge Test Practice A1)
  • Road to IELTS
  • IELTS Trainer 
  • Ideas for IELTS Essay Topics E-book
  • Barron’s IELTS Superpack
  • IELTS 15 Student’s Book (General & Academic editions)
  • Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio
  • Common Mistakes at IELTS Advanced And How to Avoid Them

Final Thoughts 

Preparing for the IELTS exam requires dedication and effective study strategies. Use the resources available, including official practice tests and study materials, to enhance your chances of achieving a high score. 

Understanding the requirements of the institutions or immigration authorities you are applying to is crucial in setting your target score. Check the IELTS exam 2024 dates properly, complete IELTS registration, and book the slots at your nearby test center. 

Download IELTS Sample Papers

Reading sample test
Writing sample test
Ielts sample paper1

FAQs on IELTS Exam

For how long is an IELTS score valid?

 IELTS scores are typically valid for 2 years from the test date. You can use the IELTS score to study abroad, immigrate to foreign countries, and get professional registration for up to 24 months from the day of the test. 

How can I register for IELTS?

You can register for the IELTS exam through the official IELTS website or the British Council website. The registration process usually involves completing an application form, selecting a test date, test center, and test type (Academic or General Training), and making the payment.

Is IELTS band 5 accepted in Canada?

IELTS band 5 is considered too low for most academic and immigration purposes in Canada. To get a Canadian student visa and enroll in a university, an overall score of 6.0 with an individual score of 5.5 is mandatory. 

Which country accepts IELTS band 5?

Some universities and programs in countries such as Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada may accept IELTS band 5.

Is a specific 12th percentage required for IELTS?

There is no direct correlation between your 12th percentage and your IELTS score. IELTS assesses your English language proficiency, while your 12th percentage reflects your academic performance which is important to get admission to universities.

Which is the hardest part of IELTS?

The difficulty of IELTS sections varies from person to person. However, the writing section is considered to be the most challenging part of the IELTS exam for many candidates because it requires strong language skills, effective time management, and the ability to structure clear arguments.

Does the USA accept 5.5 IELTS band?

Most universities in the USA need a higher band score, typically 6.0 or 6.5 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. A band 5.5 might be accepted for certain programs or institutions.

What is the required IELTS score for PR?

The required IELTS score for PR differs by country. For Canada, it is good to get a score between CLB 7 (equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.0) and CLB 9 (equivalent to an IELTS score of 7.0) for PR. 

Is an IELTS score of  8777 mandatory for Canadian PR?

An IELTS score of 8777 is not mandatory for Canadian PR. However, with a score of 8777, your chances of getting a Canadian PR through the Express Entry system increase greatly. 

Who conducts the IELTS exam in India?

In India, IDP Education is a recognized organization that conducts the IELTS test.

Which IELTS test do I take?

If a student wants to study in an English-speaking country, the IELTS Academic test should be taken. Whereas, the IELTS General Training test should be taken for immigration or work.

Who accepts IELTS?

IELTS scores are accepted by over 11,500 organizations in more than 140 countries around the world. Some of these organizations include professional bodies, companies, universities, and training colleges. 

IELTS is recognized in major countries like US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. 

Can you take the IELTS online test from home?

Yes, candidates who opt for IELTS online can take the test from the comfort of their homes. 

The reading, writing, and listening questions are answered on the computer, and the speaking test is done through an online video call in the presence of a trained examiner. 

Why choose IELTS?

IELTS prepares students for real-life situations, including conversing with co-workers or even traveling overseas. Major companies and corporations require a valid IELTS score since communication is the most basic necessity for a job. 

To work for a global firm, applicants must be able to speak, write, and communicate in English. In addition, the IELTS score is a necessary component of the application process when applicants seek PR or immigration in English-speaking countries.

How many days before the IELTS exam can be booked?

Candidates can register up to three months prior to the IELTS test date and latest, by one week before the exam day. This is contingent on seats being available in the city/test center where they wish to register for the exam.

IELTS exam results come after how many days?

If IELTS is given on paper, the test report will be available 13 days after the test is completed,  whereas if IELTS is given on a computer, the results will be available three to five days after the test.

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