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Duolingo English Test Booking Procedure Made Easy With These Step-By-Step Process

Updated on 23 June, 2024

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

I was excited and nervous when I first decided to take the plunge and initiated the Duolingo English test booking. After all, this test was the gateway to my dream of studying abroad. But let’s face it, booking a test online can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. There are options to consider, details to double-check, and the looming question of "Am I doing this right?"
In this blog, I’m going to walk you through every step of booking your Duolingo English Test. I’ll share the tips and tricks I picked up along the way, and by the end of it, you'll feel confident and ready to click that final confirmation button. So, let’s dive in and turn a stressful process into an easy and enjoyable experience!

Steps to Book Duolingo English Test

Here are the steps that will help you with the Duolingo English Test booking:

Creating a Duolingo Account

  • How to Sign Up

Creating a Duolingo account is simple and can be done using your email address or connecting your existing Google or Facebook account. Here’s how you can sign up on different platforms:


  • Visit www.duolingo.com.
  • Click on the "Get Started" button.
  • Follow the instructions to create your Duolingo profile and start learning.

Android and iOS Apps:

  • Open the Duolingo app on your device.
  • Click "Get Started."
  • Follow the instructions, which include:
    • Choosing a learning language.
    • Selecting a daily goal.
    • Starting with basics or a placement test.
    • Building your profile with a username and email address.
  • Account Verification Process

For account verification, Duolingo accepts any one of the following three documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Government Photo ID

Logging into Duolingo English Test Portal

After signing up to the Duolingo account, log in to your account using the following steps:


  • If you already have a Duolingo account, go to www.duolingo.com.
  • Click the "I Already Have an Account" button.
  • Enter your email/username and password.
    • If you forget your password, click on "Forgot password" and enter your email address to reset it.

Android and iOS Apps:

  • If you're not on the login page, go to the Profile tab (face icon) in the bottom menu on the home screen.
  • Click "Sign in" and enter your email/username and password.
  • If you need to create an account, click "Create a Profile" and follow the instructions.

Selecting the Test Date and Time

Whether you prefer the convenience of testing from home or the assurance of a designated test center, Duolingo offers options to accommodate your needs.

  • Test Availability and Scheduling Options

The Duolingo English Test is incredibly flexible, as it does not follow a fixed test schedule. You can take the test online anytime from anywhere that suits you. However, Duolingo also offers test centers worldwide if you prefer to take the test in a more controlled environment.

To find a test center near you:

  • Visit the official Duolingo English Test website.
  • Click on the "Find a Test Centre" option on the top navigation bar.
  • Search for an appropriate test center close to your location.

Whether you take the test online or in person, Duolingo's flexibility ensures you can select a date and time that best fits your schedule.

Test Fees and Payment Methods

The Duolingo English Test is straightforward and cost-effective, thanks to its competitive pricing and convenient payment methods.

  • Detailed Breakdown of Costs

The Duolingo English Test booking offers a cost-effective alternative to other language proficiency.

  • The fee for taking the Duolingo English Test is $65.
  • The fees for Indian students is approximately INR 5,428, plus any applicable taxes.

This lower fee is advantageous as it eliminates expenses related to renting a testing facility and managing logistics, making the Duolingo English Test more accessible.

  • Accepted Payment Options

To make the process of paying for your Duolingo English Test booking as convenient as possible, Duolingo accepts the following online payment methods:

  1. Card payment: You can use any accepted credit or debit card.
  2. PayPal: Duolingo also supports payments through PayPal, offering a secure and easy online payment platform.

When you're ready to pay for your test, log into your Duolingo account and click the 'Buy Now' button. You may choose your preferred payment method after that and complete the transaction securely.

Confirming and Finalizing the Booking

After selecting your test date and completing the payment process, confirming and finalizing your Duolingo English Test booking is crucial to securing your slot.

  • Review of Booking Details

Before confirming your booking, carefully review all the details to ensure accuracy and completeness. Double-check your selected test date, time, and payment information to avoid discrepancies.

  • Confirmation Email and Receipt

Upon confirming your booking, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt from Duolingo. This email will contain important details such as your test date, time, and instructions or guidelines for the test day. Keep this email safe as proof of your Duolingo English Test booking and for reference.

Technical Requirements and Setup

To ensure a smooth experience while taking the Duolingo English Test, you must meet certain technical requirements and set up your environment correctly. Below are details on what you need to prepare before taking the test.

  • Computer and Internet Specifications


  • You will need a computer with a microphone, speakers, and a camera.
  • It is recommended that the camera is positioned at the top-middle of your monitor or screen for the best results.

Internet Connection:

  • A stable internet connection is crucial. The minimum required speeds are 2 Mbps for download and 1 Mbps for upload.
  • For the best experience, use a wired Ethernet internet connection rather than relying on Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot services.
  • You can check your internet speed by typing “internet speed test” into most search engines for a quick and free speed test.
  • Software and Browser Requirements

Duolingo English Test Desktop App:

  • You must download and install the Duolingo English Test desktop app on your computer.
  • Ensure you have enough storage space on your computer to accommodate this download.


  • While the test is taken through the Duolingo English Test desktop app, you will need a browser to set up and troubleshoot.
  • Ensure that your browser is up-to-date to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Environment Setup for the Test

To create an ideal testing environment, follow these guidelines:

Required Equipment:

  • Webcam: Ensure your computer has a functional webcam, ideally positioned at the top-middle of your monitor or screen.
  • Microphone: A working microphone is necessary for the speaking components of the test.
  • Speakers: Functional speakers must hear instructions and audio-based test components.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you're experiencing problems while using Duolingo, below are some common issues and potential solutions:

  • Common Booking Problems and Solutions
  • Cannot Advance via Lessons:

Try restarting the application or browser (or using a different browser). Clear your cache and history, and log in again. If that fails, contact support.

  • Cannot Change Profile Picture
  • Choose a picture that is less than 1MB.
  • Save the picture as a PNG.
  • The dimensions should be between 400x400px and 800x800px.
  • Save when finished.
  • Sign out and then sign back in.
  • Profile Picture for details on changing your picture (Refer to Settings).
  • Troubleshooting/Coach for more information (Refer to the Page).
  • Skill Won't Strengthen or Become Gold:

Sometimes, a bug may prevent a skill from strengthening normally. Try redoing some or all the lessons in the skill. Note that skill does not always fully strengthen (turn golden) after one practice session; it may take several sessions.

  • Cannot Hear the Audio:

This issue is generally on the user's side. Ensure your operating system's volume setting is high enough to be audible. Duolingo supports HTML5 audio in compatible browsers.

  • Microphone is Not Working

Check if your microphone works with a regular application. Try signing out and back in. If that doesn't work, use a different browser and ensure there isn't too much ambient noise. Ensure speaking exercises are enabled in the settings. Some browsers may require Adobe Flash Player.

  • Microphone is Not Recognizing My Voice

Voice recognition software isn't perfect. Use it in a quiet room with a good-quality external microphone to improve its effectiveness. You may also disable the spoken lessons.

  • No Speaking Exercises

Speaking exercises may not be available for all courses or undergoing A/B testing. Sometimes, speaking exercises are available on the website but not on mobile. Ensure that the exercises are enabled in the settings.

  • Can't Access Course

Not all courses are available on all platforms, and it may take time before Duolingo deems them good enough to be deployed on other platforms. Only courses in Incubator Phase 2 or 3 are available for learning.

  • Words Tab has Vanished

Not all courses enable the words tab; beta courses often don't.

  • Timed Practice Gives Infinite Time

This is a known bug. It often happens due to connectivity issues or problems communicating with the servers. Restart the practice or refresh the page.

  • Error 404

A "404 Not Found" page is typically generated when a user attempts to follow a broken or dead link. It may also indicate that a page was deleted by a moderator or admin because it broke the guidelines.

  • Progress got Deleted when Changing Courses

Switching to a different base language may temporarily prevent users from viewing their progress in previous courses. The progress is still saved; switch back to the previous language course to view it. Refer to the FAQ to learn how to switch back.

  • Not Credited for Completing Unit

Possible causes include connectivity issues, plugins blocking traffic, adware, viruses, or Duolingo servers. If you are on the website, try clearing the cache, disabling browser plugins, and running anti-adware or antivirus. If you are mobile, try restarting the device or reinstalling the application. If the problem persists, contact Duolingo support.

  • Technical Support Contact Information

If you encounter any issues with Duolingo test booking, you need to submit a bug report. Bug reports submitted by users help the team detect emergencies and other issues.

To report a bug, go to https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. When submitting a report, provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • Device information
  • Username
  • Description of the action you were taking when the issue occurred
  • A screenshot, if possible

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Duolingo Exam Registration

Duolingo English Test 2024 Slot Booking Fees

The Duolingo exam booking fee for the Duolingo English Test 2024 is $65 (approx. INR 5428). This fee covers reserving a test slot and includes other administrative expenses associated with scheduling and organizing the test sessions. It's essential to ensure the availability of slots and book the Duolingo test in advance to secure your preferred testing date and time.

Duolingo English Test 2024 Slot Booking and Rescheduling Fees

The following table outlines the costs associated with Duolingo slot booking, rescheduling, and canceling for the Duolingo English Test in 2024.

Slot Booking$65
Reschedule$0 (up to 21 days)

Duolingo English Test Rescheduling or Canceling

The Duolingo English Test allows candidates to cancel or reschedule their exam anytime, providing flexibility and convenience. Additionally, it automatically gets canceled if you do not take the test within 21 days. Here are the steps to reschedule or cancel the Duolingo exam:

  1. Visit Duolingo's Official Site: Access the official Duolingo website using your web browser.
  2. Login as a Registered User: Log in to your Duolingo account using your registered credentials.
  3. Go to the Test Cancel Option: Look for the option to cancel or reschedule your test.
  4. Submit Your Details and Select 'Cancellation' or 'Reschedule': Provide the necessary details for the cancellation or rescheduling process. Select the appropriate option, whether canceling or rescheduling the exam.
  5. Log Out After Confirming: Once you've submitted your request, confirm the cancellation or rescheduling action. After confirmation, log out of your Duolingo account to complete the process.

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The Duolingo English Test booking in 2024 offers flexibility and convenience to candidates through its user-friendly platform and adaptable scheduling options. With a straightforward registration process, affordable fees, and the ability to cancel or reschedule exams easily, Duolingo ensures accessibility and ease of use for test takers worldwide. Whether taking the test online or at a designated test center, candidates can trust Duolingo to provide a reliable and efficient language proficiency assessment.

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Is there any right time to book the Duolingo English Test slot?

There is no specific "right" time to book a Duolingo English Test slot, as it depends on individual preferences and availability. However, it's advisable to book your slot well in advance to secure your preferred testing date and time

Can I retake the Duolingo English Test for free?

You can retake the Duolingo English Test for free under certain circumstances. If your result is deemed invalid due to a broken test rule or you have not received an email stating that your account is blocked, you may retake the test. Certain broken rules allow you to test again at no additional cost if you still have attempts remaining on the credit.

Can I book the slot for the Duolingo English Test just before the exam?

You can schedule your Duolingo English test in advance based on availability. You can even schedule your Duolingo test a few minutes before taking it.

Can I book a Duolingo English Test slot in advance?

You can book a Duolingo English Test slot in advance. Duolingo allows candidates to schedule their test anytime, providing flexibility and convenience. 

Do we need to book slots for the Duolingo English Test?

Booking slots for the Duolingo English Test is necessary to secure your preferred testing date and time. You can take the test online or at a designated test center.

When can Duolingo test be booked?

You can book and appear for the Duolingo English test anytime and anywhere. According to Duolingo, you have 21 days to take the test after the registration date. 

What is the Duolingo test booking process?

One can register for the Duolingo English test anytime and anywhere via its official website. You need to create an account on the website and follow the instructions given to try, purchase or take the test.

How much does Duolingo test booking cost?

The Duolingo exam booking fee for the Duolingo English Test 2024 is $65 (approx. INR 5428). 

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