Things to Carry for GMAT Exam - Your Checklist

Things to Carry for GMAT Exam - Your Checklist

Updated on 12 October, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

There are several things to carry for the GMAT exam that you must keep in mind. The GMAT has four parts, namely AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment), Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Verbal. There are several things to carry for the GMAT exam in India that should be carefully listed down by the aspirants.

Things to carry for GMAT exam- Key points to remember 

There are numerous things to carry for the GMAT exam that you should make a note of. Here’s taking a closer look at the same. GMAC has stringent rules and regulations for all aspirants, and you should clearly know what you should bring to the testing center. You should also make sure that you get the test done at the scheduled time for the same. Be prepared to avoid any unnecessary charges/fees from rescheduling the examination. 

  1. GMAT approved valid photo ID proof- One of the most important things to carry for the GMAT exam in India is your valid photo ID for exam admission which needs to meet the required criteria for GMAT. A valid ID with your name with the Roman alphabet and should be in the right spelling as you gave at the time of registration. It should have a date of birth that is an exact match with the birth date that you originally gave while registering. This should have your signature and a recent photograph that is recognizable. In case the photographic ID does not possess anyone out of the given qualifications, you will not get admission for the GMAT. The same will happen if the ID has expired as well. Ensure that everything is updated and adheres to the guidelines. Passports and driver’s licenses are two photo ID types that are mostly accepted. A Government-issued state/province/national identity card will also be valid along with military ID cards. You should have your passport if you are appearing for the GMAT in any country outside of your own. 
  2. Names of MBA programs you are interested in- As part of the appointment for the GMAT testing day, you can choose up to five programs for sending the GMAT scores. The examination fee itself covers the costs of sending scores to these five institutions. You may not select the same immediately and do it later although the costs will be roughly $28 per MBA school or approximately INR 2,000. It is recommended that you get a list of all MBA programs where you wish to send your scores. This will help you make the right decision on the day of testing without spending unnecessarily on sending scores later.
  3. Appointment Confirmation Email or Letter- You should get your appointment confirmation email or letter to the testing center. This is one of the must-carry items for your GMAT examination. This will be a non-negotiable item worth carrying. 
  4. Water- Of course, you should carry water while appearing for your GMAT examination. However, remember that you cannot bring the same into the room for the examination. Yet, you can use the bottle for refreshing yourself during a break. 
  5. Snack Items- You cannot bring any snack item into the room of the examination. You can still consume them at the time of your break. A healthy snack item like a protein bar, fruit piece, and energy bars may help in enhancing energy levels throughout this lengthy examination. 
  6. Clothing- If you feel cold amidst air conditioning, make sure you have an extra layer of clothing. If it is excessively hot, wear light and comfortable clothes instead. 

Here are the things that you should not carry: 

  1. You obviously cannot enter the premises of the examination with any knives, firearms, or anything which is akin to a weapon. This will be applicable to all military and law enforcement personnel who are off duty. 
  2. Testing supplements like study materials, notes, calculators, blank paper sheets, and stopwatches are not allowed at all. 
  3. You cannot carry watches, books, phones, earplugs, backpacks, wallets, handbags, or purses. 

Now that you know things to carry the GMAT exam in India, make sure that you are well equipped before reaching the testing center. 



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