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Paramedical Courses in Germany- Universities, Eligibility and Scope

Updated on 31 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Regarding paramedical studies, Germany houses one of the world’s most renowned and oldest faculties. With outstanding opportunities for learning and research, paramedical courses in Germany are offered at different educational levels. 

Students become well-versed in complex medical procedures and investigations through classroom instruction, e-learning opportunities, and practical sessions. Most universities across Germany offer paramedical courses in structured modules and phases. 

Students can explore their areas of interest by pursuing specializations at the Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate levels. Top paramedical courses in Germany universities are well-connected with several medical clinics and institutes, opening up the scope for health research. 

Medical science is expansive and is currently advancing at a rapid rate. German universities and their paramedical courses follow a strictly up-to-date curriculum to familiarize students with the industry’s latest medical advancements and procedures. 

As many as 20 universities across Germany offer sound paramedical courses (though many use German as the primary medium of instruction). Let’s get to know some of them better. 

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Top Universities Offering Paramedical Courses in Germany 

The table below lists some of the top paramedical courses in Germany universities along with their QS World Ranking 2023, the course name, duration, and estimated fees. 

Name of the UniversityRanking Course NameCourse DurationCourse Fees (in EUR)
Lubeck University653 (US News)

Bachelors in Medical Engineering 


Masters in Medical Engineering 

Bachelors in Nursing 

Bachelors in Medical Informatics 

Masters in Medical Informatics 

Four years


Two years

Four years

Four years

Two years

No tuition fees but a semester fee that covers charges for the Students Services Association and a travel pass. 

One-time fee of EUR 65 for every new enrollment 

Heidelberg University65 (QS ranking 2023)

Master of Science in International Health 


Degree Program in Medical Education 

Bachelor of Science in Medical Informatics 

One year full-time, five years part-time.


Two years full time

Three years full time

EUR 1500 per semester 
Magdeburg University801 (US News)Masters of Science in Medical System Engineering Two years full timeEUR 129.90 per semester

Eligibility Requirements 

Students must ensure they meet the paramedical courses in Germany eligibility requirements. The criteria may vary depending on the level of education applied. In the case of Bachelors and Diploma courses, students should have completed their Higher Secondary education from a recognized board in the field of BioScience. 

Students applying for a Master’s degree in paramedical science must have completed their Bachelor’s from a recognized university. Likewise, students wishing to pursue a Doctoral-level paramedical course should have passed their German-equivalent Master’s from a reputed university. 

The paramedical courses in Germany admission requirements will also include proof of proficiency in German. Students may be required to show a language certificate for successfully completing a recognized German proficiency test. 

Other eligibility and documentation requirements may vary among universities and departments. 

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Different Levels of Education 

The paramedical courses in Germany requirement for admission, fees, and duration varies among universities as well as different levels of education. In general, German universities offer paramedical courses across the following educational levels –

  • Bachelor’s or Undergraduate courses – duration usually extends to four years
  • Master’s or Postgraduate courses – duration extends from two to four years 
  • Doctoral or PhD-level courses – course duration ranges between three and four years 
  • Diploma courses – course duration may be as short as 12 weeks or extend to a year 

The abovementioned course duration may vary among universities and whether you apply for a part-time or full-time course. 

Scope of Education 

In cases of emergency medical care and services, paramedics are the providers German people look up to. Compared to other occupations (even in the healthcare sector), the demand for emergency medical technicians is expected to rise in the upcoming years. 

This is especially true because sudden and unforeseen circumstances such as car crashes, violence, natural disasters, etc., call for the expert help of paramedical services. Students pursuing paramedical courses in Germany can move on to become medical attendants, primary care paramedical professionals, rescue technicians, military medical technicians, emergency first responders, and more. 


Whether a student applies at the Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral level of paramedical studies in Germany, they get numerous specializations to choose from. Paramedical courses in Germany subjects under the standard curriculum fall into core and elective categories. Some of the top specializations offered are –

  • Operating Theatre Technologies 
  • Dialysis Therapy 
  • Nursing and Physiotherapy 
  • Optometry 
  • Radiation Imaging Technology 
  • Anesthesia Technology 
  • Speech Therapy 
  • Ophthalmic Technology 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Allied Health Sciences 
  • Medical Laboratory Technology 

Cost of Attendance Required for Paramedical Courses in Germany 

Since most universities are public, the paramedical courses in Germany fee will not include a regular college tuition fee. Students are usually charged a nominal administration fee per semester. 

For instance – The Magdeburg University charges a fee of EUR 129.90 per semester. However, there may be changes, such as the Heidelberg University declaring from winter 2017/2018 onwards, all international students will need to pay tuition fees of EUR 1500 per semester. Students from German university entrance are exempt from this fee. 

The total cost of attendance will also include other expenses such as accommodation, food, traveling, phone and utility bills, etc. Your living expenses may range from EUR 630 to EUR 934 every month.

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Job Prospects 

Soon after pursuing paramedical courses in Germany, students can find several career opportunities open up, even if it is a Bachelor’s level course. The following are some of the top job prospects for paramedical students –

  • X-ray technician 
  • Medical lab technician 
  • Operation theatre technician 
  • Emergency medical technician 
  • Ophthalmic assistant 
  • Physiotherapist 
  • Dialysis technician 
  • Registered nurse 
  • Geriatric manager 
  • Speech therapist 

Expected Salary Remuneration 

Not only do paramedical courses in Germany open up vast career opportunities, but aspirants can expect good salary packages. The table below discusses each profession mentioned above and their respective average salary packages. 

Job RoleAverage Annual Salary 
Radiologic TechnicianEUR 31,024 
PhysiotherapistEUR 31,000 
Dialysis TechnicianEUR 29,000
Operation Theatre TechnicianEUR 56,344 
Registered NurseEUR 41,400 
Geriatric ManagerEUR 33,000 
Speech TherapistEUR 66,000 – 84,000 
Medical Lab TechnicianEUR 34,009 
Ophthalmic Assistant EUR 35,000


Is it necessary to know German to study paramedical courses in Germany?

Most colleges or universities in Germany use German as the primary mode of instruction. Such colleges’ paramedical courses in Germany admission requirements may include good command over the language. Since it is challenging to find colleges that provide English classes, it is best to learn German before pursuing paramedical courses in Germany. 


What are some reasons to study paramedical courses in Germany?

German universities are famous for delivering top-notch education, especially in medical science. Studying paramedical courses in Germany will place you above the global average. Besides that, numerous career opportunities open up post-education, providing good remuneration and job satisfaction. 

What comes under paramedical courses in Germany?

Some of Germany’s top fields of study under paramedical courses include medical laboratory technology, radiation technology, hospital administration, and nursing, among others. 





upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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