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Updated on 11 January, 2023
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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Choosing IELTS preparation online will help you get several benefits. Some of the core USPs of preparatory courses for IELTS training online include the following: 

  • Live preparation with skilled and expert trainers. 
  • Support in securing targeted band scores. 
  • 15-25 hours of live online classes, depending upon the module. 
  • One-to-one doubt clearing sessions for personalized feedback. 
  • One-to-one speaking practice sessions for aspirants to enhance confidence. 
  • Tailored writing assignments with feedback and corrections. 
  • One-to-one analyses of mock tests for improvement. 
  • Tests and special sessions by expert IELTS trainers. 
  • Exclusive one-to-one sessions for clearing doubts and feedback. 
  • Best online study resources and materials including Cambridge IELTS 11 Book and more. 
  • Recorded sessions and assistance in choosing the best IELTS online coaching programs courtesy of industry experts. 
  • The best instructors with 10+ years of experience in teaching the English language along with expertise in preparing aspirants for IELTS, GREGMATTOEFL, and more. 
  • A limited number of students in every batch to ensure personalized attention, support, and monitoring. 
  • Convenient learning from home and almost anywhere. 
  • Quality practice tests and regular progress tracking and homework. 

These are the core USPs that you can expect while choosing the right online preparatory courses for IELTS. Students can expect customized solutions and strategies to help them ace the examination while getting ample practice at the same time. The comfort and convenience factors cannot be ignored as well.  

IELTS Exam Preparation Online- About the Test

Before delving deeper into IELTS exam preparation online, it is important to know a little more about the actual test in question. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is tailored to enable aspirants to study, work or shift to any country where the native language is English. Some countries include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

IELTS training online will help you read, listen, speak and write in English at the level desirable for studying or working in these countries. These abilities are assessed during this examination with grades given on a 1-9 scale. English is the third-highest spoken language worldwide with more than 379 million global speakers, as per reports. Communicating in the native language of your chosen country of study, work and residence is essential. It is also vital for tapping into lucrative educational and job opportunities along with fully integrating into the local community. IELTS is already recognized by 11,000+ global employers, educational institutions, universities and immigration authorities in tandem with 3,400+ institutions present in the United States. 

IELTS online coaching sessions will help you achieve your desired band score. Every institution, university, immigration authority or employer will have varying IELTS score requirements. The examination has been created with a view towards ensuring an accurate and completely fair assessment of proficiency in the English language. The questions for the test are created by several language specialists and experts from New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. The test encompasses four components, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The questions of the IELTS examination encompass the day-to-day of common life. The test is completely unbiased and fair towards aspirants from various backgrounds.

Download E-Books for IELTS Preparation

ielts guide
ielts syllabus

Why is the IELTS Examination Important? 

When it comes to attending IELTS online classes, you should first know why this examination is vital in the first place. IELTS is not mandatory for admissions in numerous foreign universities, students should keep in mind that not taking the test may lower their overall chances of obtaining student visas since officials will not have genuine proof of overall English language competency. At the same time, it should be remembered that IELTS is the sole test of English language proficiency that is acceptable to UKVI (UK Immigration and Visa) for those visa applicants who are also applying for universities situated within and outside the country. IELTS scores are also accepted in most universities in the USA and Australia along with Canada and New Zealand. 

Around 3,400 USA institutions accept IELTS along with thousands of other educational institutions in other countries with English as the predominant language. IELTS scores are vital since they help in determining whether any aspirant is able to keep pace with the medium of instruction in any particular course, i.e. English. Even several non-English speaking nations will need these scores for their courses which are majorly taught with English as the medium of instruction. The minimum criteria for IELTS are fixed by universities for admissions to various courses. Students with good scores will have more chances of finding a place in the admissions tally of universities as compared to those with lower IELTS scores or those who have not taken the test at all. 

Even if a band score is lower by the criteria by just 0.5, admission will not be granted. This serves to illustrate the sheer importance of the IELTS examination. Students should keep checking minimum score thresholds while preparing for the examination. The score requirements will vary from one institution to another, i.e. the University of Manchester for instance, will need a minimum score of 6 or higher in IELTS. 

Students should emphasize more on IELTS preparation online since the examination is the most popular test of English language in the whole world. The qualification is accepted by several multinational companies, government institutions, and educational bodies as well. Your career prospects will also receive a major boost if you get a good IELTS score. The test is highly accurate and assesses candidates on several parameters. The results are taken as true indicators of students’ proficiency in the English language. The examination covers both British and American English. There are several differences between these two styles of English and based upon your reasons for appearing for the IELTS, you may require knowing both. The test covers both these styles and hence your score will be relevant in multiple environments globally. The examination is also readily available throughout the world, i.e. 900+ accredited offices including places like Dublin and London along with India as well. However, you should choose the right IELTS online coaching program to prepare well for the examination.

Download IELTS Sample Papers

Reading sample test
Writing sample test

IELTS Training Online- Various Courses Available 

There are various types of courses available when you are looking to get into IELTS exam preparation online. Some of the top IELTS online classes that you should consider including the following: 

IELTS Comprehensive for Academic Aspirants- 

This course will benefit those students who are seeking an extensive preparatory IELTS online coaching program for all four examination modules. The course emphasizes upon concepts of the English language that aspirants will require for scaling up their overall band scores. This course will make it easier to understand and successfully clear the reading, writing, speaking, and listening components. The course is conducted by the best IELTS trainers with a unique curriculum that focuses on various aspects like paraphrasing, short answer and true/false questions, speed reading, skimming, flow chart, table, notes, sentence, list election, multiple-choice and categorization questions, summary, scanning, diagram labeling, and title questions, conversations between speakers, understanding letters, names and numbers, monologues, diagrams, maps, questions about self, abstract questions, opinion essays, pronunciation, speaking, solution essay, direct question essay, concluding and introductory paragraphs, supporting examples, combination charts and more. 

This course has a novel curriculum that will enable the development of a stronger foundation for all aspirants. They will be able to answer all kinds of questions with their basic concepts firmly ingrained in their minds. A laptop or desktop is only required along with internet connectivity. Classes take place in smaller groups and there are additional speaking and doubt clearing sessions that are held one on one for better learning. 

IELTS Comprehensive for General Aspirants-  

This is one of the best options if you are looking at high-quality IELTS training online. This course will benefit those who are seeking an extensive IELTS training module that works for all four components, i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The course will focus on the basic concepts of the language as above and will help in increasing band scores. The course will simplify the examination, being conducted by skilled IELTS trainers. It will help students cope up with several types of questions. All that students require will be a laptop or desktop and stable internet connectivity. The curriculum has been specially tailored for catering to every general student. There are smaller groups for classes while one-to-one personalized sessions are also held for doubt clearing and speaking. 

The course content covers various aspects including true/false and other short answer questions, paraphrasing, skimming, speed reading, multiple-choice questions, list selection and categorization questions and even summary completion and labeling diagrams. There are title questions, conversations between two or multiple speakers, letters, names and numbers in conversation, monologues, keywords, diagrams and maps, abstract questions, questions on the self, solution essays, modulation, pronunciation, opinion essays, discussion essays, direct question essays, introductory and concluding paragraphs, writing body paragraphs, content generation, sentence structures, formal letters, informal letters and semi-formal letters among other aspects that are highlighted as part of this program.

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IELTS Writing and Speaking Course

The IELTS Writing and Speaking course is a wonderful option for those seeking the best IELTS online coaching classes. The course is aimed at those who wish to work more on the speaking and writing sections of the IELTS examination. The course will look to improve the speaking and writing abilities of aspirants and is taught by qualified and skilled instructors who have immense experience in helping aspirants successfully clear English language proficiency examinations. The course contents have been uniquely tailored to ensure a better foundation in both modules. Students will require stable internet connectivity along with either a laptop or desktop. Smaller groups are preferred for classes while personalized one-to-one sessions are also held for speaking and doubt clearing alike. 

Some of the key components of the examination include monologues, questions about the self, abstract questions, pronunciation, modulation, signpost language and its usage, opinion essays, solution essays, content generation, direct question essays, writing concluding and introductory paragraphs, discussion essays, writing the body paragraphs, sentence structures, advantage disadvantage essays, formal letters, informal letters, semi-formal letters, supporting examples and more. 

IELTS Writing Course

Any student’s IELTS preparation online is incomplete without paying special attention to the Writing section. This course will have a fixed number of assignments and will help those aspirants who wish for more focused and dedicated preparation for this section. The modules have been personalized for helping students in developing and improving their weaknesses while catering to their strengths. All necessary tips, blueprints, and strategies are deployed for enhancement of aspirants’ writing skills greatly. The sessions may be attended easily on a desktop or laptop with stable internet connectivity. The assignments for writing offer sufficient practice opportunities for students while they can improve better with more nuanced and suitable feedback alongside. The course contents are carefully tailored to help students understand and crack almost every kind of question in the writing section.

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Mock Tests

This course is ideal for those candidates who wish to gain higher confidence through practicing mock tests. These tests are carefully analyzed by skilled and qualified instructors with ample expertise. All the weaker areas of aspirants are highlighted through this examination so that students may enhance their scores in a manner which is more structured and effective. The instructors have a better understanding of the IELTS examination’s pattern and what is basically expected by the examiner from the candidate. This is what aspirants are taught to help them achieve their preferred band scores. There are personalized one-on-one sessions for feedback which may be attended through the laptop/desktop and stable internet connectivity. The mock tests will ensure abundant practice while carefully structured feedback will increase improvement in areas where aspirants are weak.

Explore IELTS Reading Samples With Answers

Dyslexia Reading Answers

Here are the dyslexia IELTS reading answers for your perusal along with the passage and questions. This will aid your practice sessions ahead of the examination.

Dyslexia Reading Answers

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