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Describe an Occasion When Many People Were Smiling- IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 20 October, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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describe an occasion when many people were smiling

Looking for sample cue titled describe an occasion when many people were smiling? Here are a couple of sample cue cards that will help you understand the topic and plan your answers carefully. Make sure that you are crisp and concise without going overboard. You can draw on your personal experiences for this IELTS cue card.

Describe an Occasion When Many People Were Smiling: Sample 1

The topic sought a description of an occasion when many people were smiling. I am recounting one such incident that brought smiles to everyone present on the spot. It was an India-Pakistan World T20 Cup match last year. The excitement was palpable, with cricket fans organizing mega-match sessions at local clubs and venues. We had such a session lined up at my maternal uncle’s house. 

A group of 50 people lined up to watch the match on my uncle’s new 60-inch television set. My aunt had arranged lip-smacking fries and other finger food to go with the proceedings. The match was a nail-biter, to say the least. However, as most people know, India ultimately lost the tightly contested match, scoring just 151/7 in their 20 overs. Pakistan won the contest by notching up 152/0 in 17.5 overs. We were all dejected. The entire retinue of uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, siblings, neighbors, and friends had fallen silent. 

It was the post-match awards ceremony where Shaheen Afridi, Pakistan’s fiery young pace bowler, was the toast of the commentators. Everyone in the room was looking daggers at this strapping young fast bowler on the screen. And then came a gem from my maternal uncle’s daughter Preeti. She did not harbor any inclinations towards the game of cricket and had joined us just then. She came into the room and, seeing Shaheen Afridi on-screen, innocently asked- “Wow, he is so handsome, is he a movie star?” 

And in an instant, everyone was smiling again. The entire gang was in splits with Preeti’s innocuous comment. That broke up the tension and disappointment lingering over the room earlier. Sometimes, it takes a magical moment to bring forth a galaxy of smiles.

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Describe an Occasion When Many People Were Smiling: Sample 2

Seldom do we see any occasion where every individual at a location smiles ear-to-ear. Yet, that is what happened on a somber and grief-laden occasion I went attended. This was when my mother’s aunt passed away a year ago. She had lived her life to the fullest, clearly with no regrets. Yet, we were all mourning her departure. After a year, a religious ceremony was organized on her first death anniversary. 

Several relatives and friends were present at my mother’s ancestral house to attend the event and grieve at a loss. We were all dressed in white and focused on the rituals conducted by the priest. Everyone was down in the dumps, and the whole atmosphere was grim, as is naturally expected. The heat also added to our woes, with beads of sweat trickling down many foreheads. 

The religious ceremony wrapped up on time, and the priest left. Everyone else was still sitting there in a sober daze. It was past lunchtime, and no one had eaten a single morsel. And in came a breath of fresh air in the form of the neighbor’s granddaughter Khushi. She was just five years old and had a cute demeanor. She held a box of chocolates in her hand. She started going up to everyone and asking them in her baby-lisped angelic voice, “Chocolate?” That did the trick. In a short period, she managed to cover all of us and convinced most of us to accept chocolate. I noticed a moment when everyone was smiling in the room. Many had tears in their eyes, but their smiles were profound. 

Looking back at the incident, I feel that Khushi signified the light amidst darkness and hope amidst despair. For life always has to go on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you like smiling?

Indeed, I like to wear my biggest and broadest smile each day. This is because I wish to harness positivity and a happy outlook at all times, showcasing the same to my family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Smiling is also a way of keeping oneself motivated to carry on with the daily grind despite hurdles.

Why do people smile?

A smile lifts your mood and spirits and helps you live a longer life while reducing your blood pressure levels simultaneously. Smiling is the antidote to several things, including stress and depression. Hence, this is the reason why people smile more.

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