Important Vocabulary Words For IELTS

Important Vocabulary Words For IELTS

Updated on 18 January, 2022

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Improving your English language skills needs constant effort. However, reading, listening, and watching videos in English have proved to be immensely helpful for faster progress. Another method is preparing a list of vocabulary words for IELTS which can enhance your English speaking and writing skills. Learning these vocabulary words for IELTS speaking and writing tests will help you score more points. Here are some of the common vocabulary words to get you started: 


Educational Vocabulary


Meaning: Completing a first university degree

Example: I graduated from Harvard University in 2011.


Meaning: A group of subjects that we study in school, college, etc.

Example: Colleges should have an excellent curriculum.


Meaning: An official statement of completion of a course

Example: An MBA qualification brings better job opportunities.


Meaning: Work involved in completing a course.

Example: The challenging coursework of an MBA helps the students develop necessary skills for the business world.


Meaning: To act unethically or gain something through wrongful means.

Example: If you cheat in your studies, it can have severe future consequences.



Meaning: Competency in reading or writing.

Example: Low literacy rate is one of the biggest challenges in developing countries.


Meaning: Someone not having the ability to read or write.

Example: Illiterate people face many difficulties in life.


Meaning: A process of learning and exchange of knowledge.

Example: Education is necessary to become a good citizen.


Crime Vocabulary


Meaning: Demotivate or discourage someone from carrying out an activity

Example: The strong police presence deters criminals from frequenting this place.


Meaning: Someone who breaks a law or is guilty of committing a crime

Example: He is a repeat offender and has been involved in some kidnappings.


Meaning: A collection of laws passed by the parliament and enforced by the judicial system

Example: Some changes in the legislation were introduced last month.


Meaning: An act that goes against the legislation and brings harm to a part of society

Example: Bribery happens to be an often-overlooked crime in many developing countries.


Meaning: Someone who suffers due to the result of criminal actions of someone else

Example: Victims of violent crimes often need to go through post-traumatic counseling.


Meaning: A person who has been found guilty of a crime in a court of law

Example: We need to transport the convict to a prison facility.


Meaning: An opportunity for a criminal to behave well and stay away from crime to avoid being sent to prison

Example: He has been breaking the terms of his probation by meeting his old criminal friends.

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Fitness, Diet and Health Vocabulary


Meaning: A health issue where a person is extremely overweight or fat

Example: Obesity is considered the starting point of many  diseases


Meaning: Nourishing substances required by the body to grow and live.

Example: A meal that is lacking in essential nutrients is not useful for the body.


Meaning: Something that has an ill effect.

Example: UV rays are considered harmful for human skin.


Meaning: A severe or mild reaction in the body due to exposure to certain substances.

Example: He has a life-threatening peanut allergy.


Meaning: Collection of food and drinks eaten by an individual.

Example: His diet consists majorly of grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Work Vocabulary


Meaning: An individual who is paid to work.

Example: He has been a government employee since 2015.


Meaning: Someone who pays others to work on their behalf.

Example: Employers have various methods to measure productivity.


Meaning: Professional progression of an individual from one job role to another.

Example: His career has been progressing well at the current company.


Meaning: A field of work that requires a specialized skill.

Example: Many professions can be considered after finishing business school.


Meaning: To leave or to quit.

Example: She resigned from her previous job due to personal reasons.


Meaning: Work hours exceeding the contractual obligation.

Example: Working overtime at this company is not beneficial since it is unpaid.

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Information Technology Vocabulary


Meaning: Authorization to reach out for certain information or system.

Example: Managers have been granted administrative access to the service tool.


Meaning: Act of joining or relating things.

Example: The internet connection here is very unstable.


Meaning:  A machine or instrument designed for a particular purpose.

Example: Mobile phones are popular communication devices these days.


Meaning:  Process of creating or designing something completely new.

Example: Apple is a company that is well known for its innovation.


Meaning:  A developed form of a machine or technology.

Example: It is possible to buy even an advanced laptop at a decent budget these days.

Arts Vocabulary


Meaning: Common behavior, values, attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, hierarchies, religion, etc., shared by a group of people.

Example: American culture is an amalgamation of many cultures.


Meaning:  Ability to create something new or come up with an original idea.

Example: Leonardo Da Vinci was a famous artist and scientist, famous for his creativity.


Meaning:  A theater-based play where the musicians and singers perform classic dramatic works

Example: Youngsters are not as interested in opera as the older generation.


Meaning:  A special event or celebration that can have a central theme.

Example: We attended the music festival last month for 5 days.


Meaning:  A decorative object or tool of historical significance

Example: Several artifacts unearthed at the local archaeological site are on display at the museum.

While these are some of the common vocabulary words for IELTS, you should go through many more words from different fields to enrich your vocabulary. This will increase your chances of getting a high band score in the IELTS test. While you can memorize new vocabulary words for IELTS writing and speaking, it is ideal to understand their meaning and usage well.

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