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How to Write Conclusion in Writing Task 2 - Tips for IELTS success

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

how to write conclusion in writing task 2

In the writing task 2 response of your IELTS examination, writing a proper conclusion is imperative. To make it effective, let us delve into how to write a conclusion in writing task 2. 

What is an IELTS Writing Task 2?

In response to a premise or statement asked in the IELTS examination, a candidate is required to write an essay. While answering, the conclusion forms an important part of your response as it emphasizes your opinion or the main points of your essay and will give a sense of closure to the reader. 

How to write a conclusion in writing task 2?

There are a few do’s and don'ts that an applicant should follow while writing a closing paragraph for the IELTS Writing Task 2. To get a higher band score in IELTS writing, a student should know what to include or avoid in the conclusion. Listed below are some tips on how to write a conclusion in writing task 2:

LinkBack Your Conclusion to the Introductory Paragraph

The introduction and the conclusion are two pieces of the same puzzle. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the first paragraph and add your insight that you have gained after writing the essay. 

Experiment With Vocabulary and Grammatical Structures

To break the monotony and to make your article stand out it is important that you use different words to express the idea that you wish to portray and do not stick to the same grammatical structure throughout the paragraph. Doing this will not only make your article effective for a reader but also present you as someone with a good understanding of language and vocabulary.

Summarise the Main Points of Your Essay

The closing paragraph should provide an overview of all the arguments you made till then and support it with information that fits together. 

Don't State the Same facts in the Conclusion Again

While you summarise in the closing paragraph, make sure that you don’t repeat what you have stated already. Vary the language and the sentence structure so that it does not become boring.

Put forward Your Opinion on the Matter

To make the conclusion for the IELTS Writing Task 2 attractive, putting forward your opinion on the topic will give an analytical approach. 

Don’t Raise New Arguments in Your Conclusion

Since the conclusion is where you provide closure to your essay, you should not be introducing new points over here. 

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Example - Writing Task 2 question

Some people think employers should not care about the way their employees dress, but the quality of work. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Probable Introduction for the Writing Task 2

It is said ‘ Apparel oft proclaims the man.’This line holds true in many incidences of life. In the past few years, it is seen that some employers have set a dress code for their employees as they focus more on their dress than on improving their work efficiency. The fact that one’s workplace is a professional setup should not be forgotten. Wearing formal clothes will make the client comfortable while interacting with the employee and since they represent the company that would be an added advantage. Wearing shorts, casuals or flip flops might not look professional. 

Just like a doctor is required to wear a white coat and a lawyer has to wear a black coat, sticking to a proper dress code by another professional will make them look serious for their work. However, possessing the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, and proving them in the workplace is more important because they would be paid on the basis of the services rendered. To evaluate an employee if they are eligible for a hike, proving one’s work efficiency is imperative. 

Probable Conclusion for the Writing Task 2

In the past, we have witnessed the downfall of many companies who focused on the professional dressing of their employees rather than on the quality of work. The potential and work efficiency of an employee is an asset for the company. Therefore, after analyzing both views, it is clear that while the employee should be presentable while coming to the office, they should equally prove their worth for the organization by providing quality work. 

Before understanding how to write a conclusion in writing task 2, it is essential to maintain a structure which would provide it a cohesive end. A conclusion should be ideally of two sentences- one which summarises the main ideas and the other which provides your point of view or recommendation.

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