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Individual Greed and Selfishness Writing Task 2 : Samples

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

individual greed and selfishness ielts essay

The question states the following- ‘Individual greed and selfishness have been the basis of modern society. Some people think that we must return to the older and more traditional ways of respect for the family and the local community to create a better world to live in. To what extent do you agree or disagree?’

This means that you should take a position on the topic. You can adopt an objective/subjective outlook toward the topic.

Sample Essay 1: 

The question discusses how modern society is seemingly characterized by selfishness and individual greed, with many advocating a shift to older and traditional systems of family and community for a better future. I agree with this topic to the fullest possible extent. If you consider a family as the core and smallest individual unit of a community and a community as an individual unit of a society, then its role is undeniable. 

Robert Alan Silverstein’s quote is the perfect encapsulation of the concept- “The idea of a family is one of the most basic models of what a better world can be like.” The modern world is characterized by individual selfishness and greed, arising from the time is money conundrum, more competition for resources, and a thirst for power and security. To that end, we have stopped finding meaning in relationships and communities. This way of life embodies the individual as the basic unit of a community. 

Yet, globally, fed up with the rat race and the continual pursuit of wealth acquisition and professional betterment, many societies are steadily returning to their traditional, respect-based family and community systems. Take an example of the devastation across Europe after the Second World War. If there was no community help, especially from the affluent to the less fortunate, then the continent would not have recovered to be as strong as it is today. In a similar vein, a solid family and community-based lifestyle prevent isolation while ensuring guidance, support, and better wellbeing. 

I conclude by stating that man is a social animal and this is a phrase that is the fulcrum of life and human behavior. Having stronger ties to the family and community is imperative for a better future. The culture of isolation and a false sense of independence is not the solution anymore.  

Tentative Band Score: 7

No. Of Words: 302 [Words Count]

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Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay: Sample 2 

Are individual greed and selfishness the basis of modern life? Do we need to return to our respect-based family traditions and community cultures? Many seem to think so. I strongly agree with the statement. Consider the global COVID-19 outbreak as a case in point. Or even the recent conflicts between Ukraine and Russia. In both scenarios, we have continually seen visuals of people isolated, alone, and afraid to ask for help, marooned in other regions and countries, away from their families. 

Many employees are permanently choosing work-from-home and hybrid working models to put this into context. NRIs are investing in homes back in India to be with their families and people are looking at being a part of local communities for greater safety, security, and mental peace. We have even seen thousands of visuals of aging parents or siblings suffering due to the coronavirus or passing away tragically without having their families and children by their side. While as a society we prioritize greed for resources, power, money, and success, is this the right foundation for a better world? 

Hopefully, we will change. The pandemic has made many people realize the importance of the local community, family members, and support systems. They are waking up to the need for guidance, love, affection, and even help with navigating an even more unpredictable journey of life today. The world is signaling a return toward traditional value-based systems. After all, complete independence comes at a price. The price of loneliness and the perils of competing in an increasingly cut-throat world.

What do we have to fall back on? Family and community are the two saviors in this regard. I conclude by expressing my firm agreement with the topic. I feel that the traditional family and community-based societal models are the best way forward. 

Tentative Band Score: 6.5

No. Of Words: 300 [Words Count]

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