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Cologne University, also known as the University of Cologne, is a renowned institution of higher education in Germany. As one of the earliest institutions in Central Europe, it boasts a long history of academic excellence that dates back to its establishment in 1388. The university was temporarily closed in 1798, but it was later reopened in 1919 and has since developed into one of the top universities in Germany.Cologne University offers a diverse range of programs across various fields and caters to the educational needs of over 50,000 students. Its dedicaton to academic rigour, research, and promoting a global perspective has earned it recognition both nationally and internationally. ...Read more

Cologne University's Fees

The University of Cologne offers tuition-free education for international students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. However, students must pay a semester fee, including contributions to the Kölner Studierendenwerk (KSTW) and the student representative body AStA.Undergraduate Courses (UG):Course NameTuition Fees (per year)B.S. BiochemistryINR 55,182B.S. BiologyINR 52,516B.S. Health EconomicsINR52,516B.S. NeuroscienceINR 52,516Postgraduate Courses (PG):Course NameTuition Fees (per year)M.S. Biological SciencesINR 59,892M.Sc. Business AdministrationINR 58,825Executive Master of Business Administration (E.M.B.A)INR 28,09,664M.S. Economics (Double)INR 59,892M.S. Information SystemsINR 59,892M.S. MathematicsINR 59,892M.S. PsychologyINR 59,892In addition to the semester fee, students should consider the cost of living in Cologne. Estimated costs for international students include:Type of ExpenseEstimated Cost (in EUR)Rent including utilities366.00Semester Fee45.00Alimentation171.00Clothing47.00Learning Material20.00Health insurance/medical expense79.00Communication33.00Sports/leisure71.00Please note that Cologne University fees can vary based on the program and may be subject to change. These estimates provide a general idea of the cost of living, but actual expenses may vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyles. ...Read more


The Cologne University campus serves as an educational and cultural hub, offering students a diverse and stimulating environment for learning. It features numerous academic, residential, and research buildings, including the University and City Library, accessible for both academic and research purposes.The university collaborates with the German Sport University, providing students with various sports-rlated activities. The Unifit Center offers sports training facilities for both students and staff. Additionally, student-led initiatives like the European Students' Forum and WiSo Students Association cater to students' interests and academic needs.Accommodation options include both on-campus and private housing. The university's dormitories, operated by Kohler Studierendenwerk, housing approximately 5,000 students. Private housing, in the form of individual or shared apartments, is also popular.Here's a breakdown of accommodation types and costs:Residence TypeRates (EUR)Students Dormitory141 - 361Own Apartment500Shared Apartment350 - 450 ...Read more


The University of Cologne offers various scholarships to support international students' academic pursuits. Some notable scholarships include:Social Scholarship from the University of Cologne: The university offers a social scholarship to students based on specific social criteria.DAAD Scholarships: The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a range of scholarships to international students.Federl Germany Grant: This grant provides financial assistance to international students pursuing their studies in Germany.Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships: These scholarships are available for doctoral-level studies and provide substantial financial support.Scholarship for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses: Tailored for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, this scholarship aims to provide additional support.These Cologne University scholarships often consider social criteria for awarding and can provide students with financial assistance during their studies. Additionally, international students can explore part-time work opportunities to help cover expenses, as per the law, allowing them to work for 120 full days or 240 half days. ...Read more

Cologne University's Admission

The University of Cologne offers admission in two seasonal intakes: Summer and Winter. The admissions process is pretty simple. Here's an overview of the process:Online Application: Prospective students must submit their applications through the university's online portal.Application Fee: An application fee of EUR 75 is required.Supporting Documents: Applicants must provide the necessary documents, incluing a curriculum vitae (CV) in German, proof of German language proficiency, a secondary school leaving certificate with a translation, a TestAS certificate, and other relevant certificates or transcripts.Application Deadlines: Deadlines may vary depending on the program and the semester (Summer or Winter). It's crucial to check the specific deadlines for your chosen program on the university's official website.Selection: Admission is competitive and based on academic qualifications and program-specific requirements.Documents Required for Cologne UniversityTo apply for admission to Cologne University courses, international students typically need to provide the following documents:Tabular Curriculum Vitae in GermanProof of knowledge of the German languageSecondary school leaving certificate with translationTestAS certificateProof of passing university examination (if applicable)Certificate of assessment testCopies of school certificates from the last two years (only for those who hold an International Baccalaureate)Course certificates with subjects and grades listed, along with translationsCopy of passportExam Requirements for Cologne UniversityInternational students applying to the University of Cologne may be required to take various exams, including English proficiency exams such as IELTS. The specific exam requirements and score prerequisites vary by program.German Language Proficiency: As many programs are taught in German, proof of proficiency in the German language may be required. This can often be demonstrated through language proficiency exams such as the TestDaF or the DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang).English Language Proficiency: For programs taught in English, international students may need to provide proof of English proficiency through exams like the IELTS or TOEFL. Specific score requirements can vary by program.IELTS: A minimum score of 6.0 to 6.5 or higher, depending on the program.TOEFL iBT: Typically, a minimum score of 75 to 95 or higher, depending on the program. ...Read more

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About University

Steinmüllerallee 1, 51643 Gummersbach, Germany

Founded in 1388

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Master in International Management

IU Germany


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Master of Business Administration (90 ECTS)

IU Germany


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Master in Computer Science (120 ECTS)

IU Germany


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More About Cologne University

Education at Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany is home to almost 45,000 students with 34% International students. All the courses and programs are research-intensive, and the university offers free education with internal scholarship opportunities. 

It is important to meet the admission criteria, and requirements to apply to the university. Find out more! 

The education system is completely based on research methodology and development in the education system and all the courses and programs are oriented with research methodology. The courses and programs have topics and subject matter relevant to the latest market updates and standards that fulfil the requirement of global employers. Through the courses and programs, students are able to get knowledge about the right methodology and skills to work with top employers.

History of Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Cologne University of Applied Sciences was founded in the year 1388. It was the fourth-largest holy roman empire University. It started its first classroom program in January 1389 with two faculties. Today, it is standing strong with domestic and international students. 

USPs of Cologne University of Applied Sciences

  • Notable alumni and Nobel prize winner belongs to Cologne University of Applied Sciences.
  • It is ranked 46 of 1,091 out of 1091 universities globally for the extensive course on Neurosurgery. 
  • The university offers a lot of activities like guest lectures, theatre performances, musical events, guided tours, exhibitions, studio Stage, Kölncampus, photo competition, and Wissensdurst
  • The University of Cologne is one of the prestigious largest universities, with over 45,000 domestic and international students and six faculties.
  • The university has a good connection and partnership with global research universities to offer the best educational facilities and research scope for international students. 

Career Opportunities at Cologne University of Applied Sciences

After completion of the courses, students are eligible for lucrative career opportunities at a good salary package. Some of the high paid job roles post completion of the courses are listed below:

  • Physicist
  • Investment Banker
  • Economist
  • Business or Economics Writer
  • Investment Administrator and Analyst
  • Civil Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Analyst
  • Hardware Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Operations Manager 
  • Product Specialist
  • Physicist
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Engineering Manager

Famous Alumni of Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Cologne University of Applied Sciences has a notable list of alumni, where there are business elites, research scholars, Nobel prize winners, and writers. Take a look at a few of the notable names in the alumni association of the university

  • Heinrich Theodor Böll, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972.
  • Stefan Konrad Raab is a German entertainer and producer.
  • Uwe Boll is a German filmmaker.
  • Marietta Slomka is a German journalist.
  • Oliver Bäte is a German business executive who is the CEO of Allianz.
  • Julian Barbour is a British physicist with research interests in quantum gravity.
  • Timotheus Höttges, chief executive officer of Deutsche Telekom AG.
  • Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut is a German diplomat.
  • Hans-Ulrich Wehler was a German left-liberal historian. 
  • Naika Foroutan is a German social scientist.
  • Claudia Stamm is a German politician.
  • Carmen Thomas is a German journalist
  • Freya von Moltke was a German American lawyer
  • Erich Mende was a German politician of the Free Democratic Party 
  • Turgut Özakman was a Turkish lawyer, a civil servant, a dramaturge, and a writer.
  • Johannes Althusius was a German jurist and Calvinist political philosopher.
  • Emily Margarethe Haber is a German diplomat.
  • Reinhold Ewald is a German physicist and ESA astronaut.
  • Ole Bischof is a German judoka.
  • Joachim Starbatty is a German professor of economics and politician.
  • Ursula Krechel is a German writer.

Address of University

Ubierring 40, 50678 Köln, Germany

Public/Private Status

Cologne University of Applied Sciences is a public research university in Germany offering varied courses to domestic and international students. 

Cologne University of Applied Sciences Rankings

  • Cologne University of Applied Sciences ranked 311 in QS World University Rankings 
  • It has a rank of 172nd World University Rankings 2022 by Times Higher Education. 
  • Cologne University of Applied Sciences ranked 230th position in Best Global Universities by US News and World Report 2021.

Top Courses Offered and Cologne University of Applied Sciences Fees

Cologne University of Applied Sciences does not charge any tuition fees since it is a public university in Germany. A fee is paid for administration services and student union body which is EUR 292.75 (INR 24721.80) every semester. 

Cologne University of Applied Sciences is a globally ranked university with a diversified range of courses and programs from various disciplines and specializations.  

  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s in Economics
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology
  • Bachelor’s in Social Anthropology
  • Bachelor’s in Social Media
  • Bachelor’s in Health Economics
  • Bachelor’s in Regional Studies
  • Bachelor’s in Music Studies
  • Master’s in Political Science
  • Master’s in Sociology
  • Master’s in Science
  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • Master’s in Economics
  • Master’s in Information Technology
  • Master’s in Psychology
  • Master’s in Regional Studies
  • Master’s in Health Economics
  • Master’s in Biotechnology
  • Master’s in Applied Economic
  • Master’s in Economic Research

Cologne University of Applied Sciences Requirements for Examination

To apply to courses and programs with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, students need to fulfil certain entrance and language requirements in order to apply for the specific course and program. The below-listed language examination needs to be taken by the individual and the scores of the same should be submitted at the time of application.

German Language Proficiency Test

For the German language courses in the university, students need to take the German language proficiency test to prove their language skills. Students with a bachelor’s degree or any high school degree in the German language do not require a German language proficiency test.

  • TestDaF TDN should be 4 in all examination sections
  • DSH level 2 
  • telc C1 Hochschule 
  • ÖSD C2

English Language Proficiency Test

For the courses in English language, students need to prove their English language proficiency and skills with the help of the test scorecards and minimum requirements as given below –

  • IELTS: minimum score 6. 
  • TOEFL: minimum of score 79

University Entrance Qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung)

There will be a university entrance examination for undergraduate and postgraduate international students. It tests whether the degree attained by the students from their home country is equivalent to German standards or not. 

Cologne University of Applied Sciences Admissions Requirements

Cologne University of Applied Sciences’ acceptance depends on the admission requirements that need to be met by the candidate. Here are some of the most important and general admission requirements of the university which is applicable for bachelors, master’s and doctoral programs-

  • Students need to submit their school leaving certificate in German or English language at the time of application online. 
  • The document for the grading system is very important for students to submit along with the online application form. The grading system of the past education institute from their home country will actually help the German admission panel to understand whether the degree is equivalent and also gain a complete understanding of the minimum score requirement.
  • Students need to submit all of their academic records and academic transcripts of full-time as well as part-time degrees and certificates all in the English language all German language. The translation needs to be done only with the help of the legal translation body.
  • Students need to submit all of their test scores of language requirements like English language test scorecards and German language test scores cards and certificates. the test scores will not be valid after one year.
  •  An updated copy of a resume with relevant and latest qualifications and experience is very important in the German language or English language.
  • Students need to have health insurance that will cover all the medical facilities during the course or program.

Scholarships for Cologne University of Applied Sciences

The scholarship is available for domestic and international students. Students don’t need to apply for the scholarship independently. The grants offer €300 (INR 25339.84) per month based on complete academic excellence. 

 The scholarship offers three grants: 

  • Deutschlandstipendium des Bundes 
  • Sozialstipendium der Universität zu Köln 
  • Stipendium für Studierende mit 

Placements at Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Placement assistance in the university is very promising. The graduates always get placed with the top brands in the German job market as well as worldwide since the university offers globally ranked and most lucrative career options. The expert counsellors of Cologne University of Applied Sciences help and assist the students to gain clarity on courses, careers, job offers, internship, interview preparation, and job application preparation. The career counselling cell offers development and preparation for an interview to attend the placement drives. The German job market is a huge advantage for fresh graduates to get the most lucrative career opportunities. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accommodation capacity of Cologne University?

The University of Cologne offers accommodation options both on-campus and in private housing. There are more than 90 dormitories on campus, accommodating approximately 5,000 students. Due to high demand, students must apply for on-campus accommodations several months in advance. Private housing is also available in the form of individual or shared apartments.

What is the retention rate at Cologne University?

While specific retention rates may vary by department and program, Cologne University is known for its commitment to nurturing and supporting students throughout their academic journeys. This dedication reflects positively in its retention rates, with a significant number of students continuing their studies at the university year after year.

What is the student-faculty ratio at Cologne University?

The student-faculty ratio at Cologne University is notably favorable, with a ratio of 63 students to 1 faculty member. This ratio indicates that students benefit from relatively small class sizes and have ample opportunities for individualized attention and interaction with professors.

Does Cologne University require IELTS?

Yes, the University of Cologne may require proof of English language proficiency for programs taught in English through IELTS scores. However, the specific language requirements and accepted exams may vary by program.

What rank does Cologne University have in the world?

As of the latest available data, the University of Cologne holds respectable positions in global university rankings:

  • Times Higher Education (2023): Ranked 146 globally among World Universities.
  • QS World University Rankings (2024): Positioned at 268 globally.

Does Cologne University give scholarships to international students?

Yes, the University of Cologne offers scholarships to international students. These scholarships include the Federal Germany Grant, scholarships for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, and social scholarships. International students can also explore part-time work opportunities to help cover expenses.


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