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Check Visa Status with Passport Number for US, UK & Canada in 2024

Updated on 21 February, 2024

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

A visa is a mandatory document that permits an individual to enter and stay in a foreign country for a specific amount of time. A visa is required if you are going abroad to study, work, or travel. Considering the significance of the document, let us find out how to check your visa status.

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How to Check Your Visa Status : Procedure

The simplest and quickest way to check your visa status is by looking it up online. All you need to do is visit the consulate’s website and enter the following information:

  • Passport number
  • Application ID

Many third-party websites allow you to check your visa status, but these websites may ask you to register yourself. Usually, third-party websites require extra information apart from your passport number and application ID, such as your mobile number, date of birth, and email address. Many countries offer a tracking ID once you have submitted your visa application form online. The tracking ID will allow you to check your visa status from time to time.

How to Check Visa Status Using a Passport Number?

If you do not know your application ID, it will be difficult to check your visa status at the consulate’s website. In this case, you can track your visa status in three ways: Through your travel agency, visa facilitation service agency, or third-party websites.

You can contact your travel agency or visa facilitation service agency to assist you with visa tracking. You will just need to provide them with your passport number, and they will be able to inform you about your visa status.

In the case of third-party websites, they might ask for more information and your passport number. Once you have provided that information, you will be able to check your visa status.


How to Check Your USA Visa Status?

Step 1:

To check your visa status for the US, visit the official US Embassy in India website. 

Step 2:

The US issues various types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Once you have logged on to the website, you will have to select either the Immigrant Visa (IV) option or the Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) option from dropbox.

Step 3:

The next step is to select the city where you gave your visa interview. Dropbox provides options in a “country, city” format. For example, India, Mumbai.

Step 4:

Post this; you will need to enter your Application ID in the case number or Application ID box. Usually, the Application ID is a series of digits or a mix of alphabets and digits. For example, “AD30930QYTX” or “2768688 355 0003”. If you have not been provided with an Application ID, you must enter your confirmation number. Sometimes the confirmation number is the Application ID.

Step 5:

Once you have entered all the details, you will have to enter a CAPTCHA code in the number and digits or image format. It is done to prove that you are not a spam bot. The CAPTCHA changes every time you visit the page. If you cannot understand the CAPTCHA, you will either have the option to refresh the CAPTCHA or an option where the system will call out the code for you. Once you have entered this code, you can click “SUBMIT.”

As soon as you click SUBMIT, you will be able to check your visa status. If you are not interested in going through this online process, you can always call (603) 344-0700 and request an update on your visa.

How to Check the UK Visa Status?

For checking the UK visa status, you can either send an email or call the immigration office. You can also request an estimated time for your visa arrival from the official website.

Calling Or Emailing The Immigration Office

If you want to know your visa status, you can call the immigration office. The contact information will depend on your location. You can log on to the official website and find the contact number by selecting your location from the drop-down menu. As soon as you enter your location, you will be given two options, “call us” and “email form.” If you opt for a call option, you will have to enter your debit/credit card details, after which you will be charged per minute. If you want to send an email to the immigration office, you must fill out an email form. You will have to provide your name, date of birth, email ID, and reference number — this is also called the “GWF” or Global Web Form. This reference number is uniquely provided to you by the immigration office when you submit your application for the UK Visa.

Check Your Visa Arrival Estimate Online 

You can also get an estimate of when your visa request will be approved online. This can be done by visiting the UK’s visa processing page. You need to visit the visa processing page and click on “Start now.”

After clicking on the “start now” button, you have to provide the following information:

  1. Select the city and country where you have submitted your visa application. The drop-box provides options alphabetically, with the city name appearing first. For example, “Mumbai, India.”
  2. The next step will be selecting your visa category. Your visa category will also depend on your location and must be chosen from the drop-box. 
  3. Once you have entered all the information, you will get an estimated time for your visa processing. The processing time is country-specific and will change with your location.

How to Check Visa Status for Canada?

You can check your visa status by visiting the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for Canada. The information on this website is available both in English and French.

If the visa has been applied online, you can sign into the account using your Sign-in Partner (SecureKey Concierge) or your Government of Canada credentials (GCKey).

 If you have applied for your visa offline, you need to link your application to an online account and track its progress. Aspirants can also choose to receive email updates on the status of their visa application by selecting “Link your paper application to your online account.”

 Linking your offline application may require you to sign up for the process using your Sign-in Partner or ‘GCKey.’ Once you have created your account, you will stop receiving emails regarding your visa status.  

How To Set Up An Account

The first step in creating your GCKey account will be to create a username and password. Your username needs to have at least eight and a maximum of 16 characters. It can include a maximum of seven digits. No special characters like “*” or “#” will be allowed in your username. Password selection is very important, so make sure you select a password that you will remember. Your password must include the following:

  • 8 to 16 characters
  • A minimum of one letter in uppercase
  • A minimum of one letter in lowercase
  • A minimum of one digit
  • Can include special characters depending on your discretion.
  • No more than two consecutive characters from your username.

Once you have created your account and logged in, you can check your visa status anytime.

How to Check Your Australian Visa Status?

People applying for an Australian visa seek to visit the country for work, education, tourism, and residency purposes. Candidates must, however, meet the visa requirements before flying to Australia.

Online visa applications provide you with a “reference number,” also known as a VLN number. You can enter this number and your date of birth and track your visa status through your IMMI account.

 In case you need any help tracking your visa, you can call +91-22-67866006.

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs also offers a service, VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online), to track a visa status.

How to Check Your New Zealand Visa Status?

One can use the New Zealand immigration service’s official website to check their visa status. One can avail of this service by giving basic information like the applicant’s name and email id.

After creating a password and answering a security question, you will be issued a login ID. You may use this ID and password to check the status of the application.

How to Check Your Visa Status for Singapore?

Candidates can check Singapore High Commission’s website to know the status of their visas.

Once your visa application is submitted, you can also be alerted about your visa status via SMS or email.

How to Check Your Japan Visa Status?

Once you have met your visa requirements to travel to Japan, you can check your visa status by visiting the official website of the Japanese Embassy. A candidate will have to provide his/her VFS Global Reference Number and DOB (date of birth) to check the status of his/her visa application.

How to Check Your Visa Status for Dubai/UAE?

The receipt number and passport number need to be entered into the official website of UAE’s Visa Application Center to know the status of a candidate’s visa application.


In conclusion, checking visa status with a passport number for the US, UK, and Canada in 2024 remains a straightforward and essential aspect of the visa application process for travelers and immigrants. These countries have streamlined and digitized their visa tracking systems to provide applicants with timely updates on their application status, enhancing transparency and convenience. By utilizing online platforms provided by respective immigration authorities, applicants can easily monitor the progress of their visa applications from submission to decision. This modern approach not only saves time but also reduces the anxiety associated with waiting for visa approvals, allowing applicants to plan their travel with greater confidence and clarity. As international travel and immigration procedures continue to evolve, the ability to check visa status online with just a passport number highlights the commitment of these nations to improving the applicant experience, ensuring a smoother journey towards studying, working, or visiting the US, UK, and Canada in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we track visa status online?

Yes, we can track the visa status online. One only needs the reference number from the receipt issued by the Visa Application Center to access the service. Use your last name and reference number to check the visa status online.

How long does it take for a visa application to be processed?

It usually takes three to five weeks for a US visa to get processed. Once the visa has been approved, the application status is updated online. The embassy sends the document of approval to the applicant as the final step.

Is the visa application fee refunded if the application is rejected?

No, the visa application fee isn’t refunded if your application has been rejected. Your visas are mostly rejected because of insufficiencies, and so the fee isn’t refunded. In this situation, you will need to reapply for a visa by again paying the application fee.

How to track my passport after the visa is approved?

To track your passport after the visa approval, go to the embassy website and check your application status. Therein, you will get information about your passport. Once the visa has been approved, the passport is sent to your home address, or it can be collected from your nearest post office.

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Bulbul is a self-driven professional and an expert writer & editor. She has been a part of the ed-tech industry for the past 2 years now and is motivated to provide study abroad aspirants with factually correct and relevant information. Her knack for impactful writing makes her blogs worth a read!

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