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List of Documents Required for IELTS Exam & Tips to Register

Updated on 26 May, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, is a standardized English language test for study, immigration, and work in foreign countries. It is designed to measure the language proficiency of students who seek education abroad in countries where English is the primary mode of study and communication. Students applying for the test should be aware of the documents required for IELTS exam registration.

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Documents Required for IELTS exam

The same ID that has been used to register for the examination should be carried on the day of the test. Here is all you need on the day of the exam.

Passport or ID Card

The most important document required for IELTS exam registration is the identification documentation, such as a passport (the main identity proof that is required for registration) or a national ID, depending on what you used to register for the test. The same identification is required for the IELTS Speaking test, and the test officials will check it before you enter the test center.

 The IELTS Speaking Test assessor will also review your documents during the test. You don't need to bring passport photos on the test day.

IELTS Application Form

To take the IELTS exam, it is mandatory to register by completing an application form that includes personal information such as your full name, contact details (e.g., email address, phone number), and identification documents (e.g., passport, national ID card). The application form serves as a means of verifying your identity and ensuring that you are eligible to take the exam.

Therefore, it is essential to fill out the form accurately and completely to avoid any delays or issues with your registration.


When submitting your registration, it is important to ensure that your photograph meets specific requirements. The photo must be passport-sized, in color, and an accurate representation of your current appearance. 

Additionally, the photo should have been taken within the last six months and on a plain background, with no shadows present in the image. It is also crucial that the photo is undamaged, sharply focused, and meets print or professional standards.

Additional Documents Required for IELTS

In case of request of transfer under ‘extraordinary circumstances’, due to illness, injury, bereavement, crime, accident, passport loss, or passport submission for services, candidates need to submit a written application along with relevant original or certified documents, attested by a first-class government officer. The required documents include:

  1. A medical certificate from a registered practitioner.
  2. Hospital admission and discharge summary (if applicable).
  3. A police report/FIR.
  4. A written explanation of the circumstances that prevented them from taking the test.
  5. A receipt from the passport office detailing the passport number and expected return date.

Documents to Carry on Test Day

On the test day, students must provide the original identity document they used when registering for the IELTS exam. This could be your passport or national identification document. It should be noted that even if the passport expires on the day of the test, it will not be recognized as an authentic, valid passport. 

Besides this, bring a copy of your IELTS registration confirmation. 

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

If you have registered for the IELTS exam but need to cancel it, you can do so by contacting your test center. The return policy for cancellations depends on when you cancel and whether any exceptional conditions apply. If you wish to reschedule your exam, you must choose a new test date within three months of your original date, provided that availability exists. 

If your intended test date falls after three months, your transfer request will be considered a cancellation.

Accommodation Requests for Candidates with Disabilities

The Test Center strives to provide suitable assistance to candidates with special requirements who request it and furnish all the necessary information on the application form. However, to process such requests, medical evidence must be provided. Candidates need to give at least six (6) weeks' notice for organizing specific administrative accommodations. 

Therefore, it is recommended that applicants confirm the prerequisites with the Centre before submitting their applications.

Important Tips for IELTS Registration

Below are some useful tips that will help you easily complete the IELTS registration process:

1. The information provided when applying for the test should match the information on the passport/ID card.

2. Students under 18 years of age must submit a document of consent while registering for the test. He/she must be at least 16 years of age to take the test.

3. Students must ensure to enter the correct information and details.

4. The slots of examination and mode (offline or online) should be chosen at the time of registration.

5. Aspirants should try to register early. This will ensure the availability of slots at your desired location.

6. You can choose any day out of the 48 days per year (four days per month), as allocated by the IELTS conducting body, to take the test.

The photo ID proof used during the registration should be carried on the day of the examination, or else the students will not be allowed to take the examination. Make sure the passport is valid on the date of the IELTS test.

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Document Submission Guidelines

To register for the IELTS exam, you need to create a list of necessary documents and carefully read the guidelines provided by the test center or examination board for document submission. Ensuring that all your paperwork is complete, accurate, and up-to-date, including your passport, visa, or other identity documents is essential. 

Additionally, pay attention to any formatting requirements for document submission, such as file formats and size limits. Lastly, make sure you submit all your documents within the given deadline. Late submissions may not get approved.

Payment Methods and Transaction Tips

The IELTS exam fee in India is Rs 17,000 for both IELTS on Computer and Paper-based IELTS. You can pay the IELTS exam fee using various modes such as credit/debit card (Visa or Master), net banking, demand draft, or bank deposit. Remember to attach a copy of the deposit slip with your IELTS application registration form.

Test Date Selection Strategies

It is advisable to start preparing for your exam well in advance to avoid any unexpected difficulties. Booking your exam early, especially during less busy times, can give you the flexibility to select your preferred exam date. It's important to ensure that your desired examination site has available slots on the date you want. Consider keeping a few alternative test dates in mind, just in case your preferred day is not available.

Location Considerations

When selecting an examination center, it is important to consider its accessibility by transportation. Additionally, you should check the environment and reputation of the center before making a decision. It is worth noting that most centers announce impending vacancies several months in advance, giving you ample time to plan ahead. 

During peak season, it is critical to plan ahead as well. If your first-choice location is already filled, consider trying a nearby option to avoid long lines and delays.

Confirmation and Registration Follow-Up

After successful enrollment, students should receive an IELTS confirmation email containing exam details such as the date, time, and location. The confirmation email should be received between 5 to 7 days prior to the examination.

Resources for Further Assistance or Information

IELTS official resources offer comprehensive resources to help students achieve their IELTS goals. Aspirants can access a variety of resources, including official sample tests, writing practice materials, webinars, and more. 

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Can I use a driver's license as an ID for the IELTS exam?

Individuals who possess a passport will be allowed entry to the exam center, and a driver's license is not a valid form of identification for taking the test.

What are the payment methods for IELTS registration?

The accepted payment methods for IELTS registration are credit and debit cards, net banking, and demand drafts.

Are there any age requirements for IELTS registration?

IELTS registration is open for all candidates in India, with no age or gender restrictions. The minimum age requirement for candidates is 16 years, and there is no upper age limit.

What if I miss the registration deadline for the IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam is offered frequently throughout the year, typically multiple times a month in most locations. So, you can always opt to appear for the exam at the next available date.

Can I register for IELTS if I have dual citizenship?

Yes, you can register for IELTS if you have dual citizenship. 

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