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List of Universities Accepting PTE in USA

Updated on 01 February, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

The Pearson Language Test, better known as PTE Academic test, is an exam that determines a student's ability and skills in the English language. This proficiency test is computer-oriented and first-of-its-kind. It's divided into four sections: reading, speaking, listening, and writing. 

The test aims to assess a candidate's English skills and determine whether they would fit well in an international environment or not. It is powered by AI technology and is thoughtfully designed to offer convenient and quick testing solutions while eradicating all human bias.

The PTE Academic test first saw the light of the day back in 2009. Twelve years down the line, this English language exam is now globally accepted. Students from over 180 countries have undertaken this test.

For most students, heading abroad to pursue their higher education is a dream. The USA, especially, is one of the choicest study destinations for many students worldwide. After all, America is home to some world-class universities. Let’s discuss PTE accepted universities in USA in the blog.

PTE Academic Eligibility

  • Nationality: The exam is open to students of any nationality as long as they observe the same examination rules. Only a student with current, valid and legible identity proof, preferably a passport, can take the test. 
  • Age: Any candidate over 16 is qualified to take the PTE Academic exam. There is no upper age limit specified by the Pearson PLC Group (the conducting body of the PTE Academic exam.) Any student between 16-18 needs to submit a parental consent form available on the PTE exam website.
  • Educational constraints: While there is no upper or lower age limit restricting the student from taking the exam, there is a specific educational limit. A student sitting for PTE Academic exam must have graduated from high school. 
  • Academic qualifications: The PTE Academic conducting body has not set any educational limitations regarding the qualifications required. The only necessary criteria are that the candidate must have the required fluency in English. 

Universities in USA Accepting PTE

Are you curious and eager to know what all PTE accepted colleges in USA exist? To begin with, there are over 1200 universities in the USA that accepts PTE scores.

 Read through the detailed list of all the PTE accepted universities in USA. Some of these are also PTE accepted universities in USA for MS.

Name of the university accepting PTE

Popular courses available

Harvard University

Accounting and Finance, Biological Sciences, Business, and Management Studies

Columbia University

Anatomy and Physiology, Arts and Humanities, Geophysics

George Mason University

Geophysics, Communication and Media Studies, Geology

University of Southern California

Communication and Media Studies, Performing Arts, Philosophy

Colorado State University

Veterinary Science, Geophysics, Geology

University of Illinois, Chicago

Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Education and Training, Nursing

Yale University

History, Law and Legal Studies, English Language and Literature

Bobson College

Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Law, Economics

SUNY, Binghamton

Archaeology, Computer Science and Information, Systems

Pace University

Environmental Science and Policy, Human-Centered Design, Communication Sciences, and Disorder

Minimum and Maximum Scores Accepted

Now that you know which renowned universities in the USA accept PTE scores, another question arises. What minimum and maximum PTE scores are accepted by the universities mentioned above?

Tabulated below is the list of minimum and maximum PTE scores as per universities: 

Name of the university accepting PTE

Minimum and maximum PTE score

Harvard University

A minimum score of 75 or higher

Columbia University

A minimum score of 68 or higher

George Mason University

A minimum score of 59 for undergraduate courses and a minimum score of 67 for graduate courses

University of Southern California

A minimum score of 61 for Master's and a minimum score of 68 for PhD

Colorado State University

PTE scores must range from 40 to 57

University of Illinois, Chicago

A minimum score of 54 or higher

Yale University

A minimum score of 70 or higher

Babson College

A minimum score of 65 or higher

SUNY, Binghamton

A minimum score of 53 or higher

Pace University

A minimum score of 54 or higher

Expert's Guides for PTE Exam Preparation

PTE Exam Pattern Guide
PTE Syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions

Which university accept PTE in the USA?

There are over 1200 PTE accepted universities in USA that accept PTE scores to assess and determine the English language proficiency of a candidate. The list of the universities includes prime names like NYU, Yale University, Columbia University, Harvard, and UPenn.

How much PTE score is required for the USA?

Every university in the USA has set its minimum limit of PTE scores required for admission. Yet, on a quick look at the USA PTE requirements, one can assess that a minimum score of 53 or higher is required to qualify for a good university. There is hardly any PTE 50 score accepted by universities in the USA.

Does the USA accept the Pearson Test of English for a student visa?

Yes, the USA accepts the Pearson Test of English for a student visa. This score can speed up the admission process at renowned universities. Thus, you can be at your dream university faster than ever.

Which is better for the USA: PTE, IELTS, or Duolingo?

The difficulty level of all three tests is the same. All three demand the candidate to have fundamentals cleared. 

PTE is computer-oriented and usually taken at a test center. IELTS is the gold standard for English language tests around the world. At the same time, Duolingo is shorter than IELTS and can be taken online anywhere. So, depending on the requirements of your chosen college, you can take any of the tests.

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