What is the cost of studying in Ireland for overseas students?

Cost of Studying In Ireland

Ireland is one of the best destinations for providing world-class education. It is home to some of the top universities across the globe and is a renowned hub of education. The Irish universities have set a benchmark in academic excellence and offering quality education. However, the cost of studying in Ireland varies depending on various factors. This article will provide a closer look at the university options and their fees.

With discipline and well-thought-out learning methods, the Irish educational institutes have proven their excellence worldwide. The country is also one of the best locations for advanced scientific research and technological studies. This also helps create career opportunities for the students who pursue their education from these distinguished institutes.

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Why do students prefer studying in Ireland? 

Ireland has been called as the land of saints and scholars, and it’s universally recognized because of its esteemed universities and famous colleges – naturally, international students find this country to be a beckoning prospect. The educational system of Ireland is talked about and accepted globally. Various courses in computer sciences, Master in Science (MS), business management, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology from Ireland are ranked amongst the top 10 in the world. In fact, the MS degrees from Ireland ensure higher chances of employment in any country of the world. There are other major benefits of studying in Ireland which makes students opt for this country for their educational pursuits. Moreover, part-time job opportunities can reduce the cost of living in Ireland for international students.

a. The students don’t require a GRE score — Many students prefer studying in Ireland because it doesn’t require them to provide the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score. Just the regular results of the commonly trusted and widely accepted tests like IELTS, TOFEL and PTE are accepted along with a good academic track record. 

b. The students are not discriminated against on the grounds of education gap — Education gap may be a reality for many – even for promising students. Often, a sabbatical becomes inevitable and unavoidable. However, that should not mar your prospects when it comes to higher education. Ireland’s education system does not hinder the admission procedure of such students. If they have relevant and practical reasons for the gap and the previous academic records are commendable, they are granted admission to the universities and colleges easily.

c. Cost of study in Ireland for Indian students is less —As compared to the other nations of the world, the cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students is comparatively low (around INR 8-14 lakhs a year). For example, an MS in Ireland cost in Indian rupees would be around INR 15 Lakhs annually.

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d.  There are innumerable scholarships available — Another great benefit of studying in Ireland is that they provide some very generous scholarships to the deserving students (This includes the scholarships for Indian students as well). The government provides scholarships to 60 students per year — an expense of around ten thousand Euros per year. If the Indian students get these scholarships, it reduces their cost factor considerably.

e. The 1-year master program — The biggest reason why Ireland witnessed a large number of business-management and master-degree students is the one-year course span for the same. This not only provides the student with a degree in a noticeably short time span, but also reduces the cost of education that otherwise goes into it. 

f. High quality education — The universities here are counted amongst the top 3% of best educational institutes globally.

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g. Easy Visa approval — Applying for an Ireland student visa is simple. The process of visa application should be started immediately after receiving the acceptance from the institution or university. Students should apply for the Ireland student visa at least 3 months in advance of the traveling date to Ireland.  They should always ensure to make certain of the necessary documents mentioned in the checklist twice as it will make the whole process quick and seamless.

h. Part time job opportunities — There are part-time job opportunities available in Ireland for students. As per the recent statistics, around 4,00,000 part-time employees work in Ireland for about 20 hours a week. This leaves room for the students to work while studying. This not only helps them gain work experience but also aids their living expenses in Ireland

Here are some popular part-time work options that international students can explore:

  • Tutoring other students
  • Retail jobs in malls/shopping centers
  • Staff at events/concerts
  • Sales assistants
  • Service at restaurants/bars/cafes
  • Customer care/call center staff
  • Office assistants

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i. Living in one of the most exceptional countries — It is proven that students get motivated largely by ambiance, environment, and milieu. And if they are traveling to Ireland for studies, they are getting the best universities and the beauty of this country. Not to forget, technological development makes it even more convenient to stay and study here. Further, the progressive lifestyle is another important benefit that students enjoy while studying in Ireland.

j. Accepted worldwide — The degrees from Irish universities or colleges are accepted worldwide. These are considered among the best certificate courses globally.

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Cost of studying in Ireland

The total expense on the tuition fees of the students totally depends on the type of qualification and the institution they select. An approximation of the cost of studying in Ireland can be made at around €10,000 and €25,000 for a year but could be a little higher for post-graduate students (depending on the program the student opts for).  The fees for the courses in humanities, education, and arts are much less as compared to the subjects like medicine, engineering, and business management. 

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Tuition fees in Ireland 

We reiterate, the cost of education in Ireland is dependent on the learning program they choose. The approximate amounts for some of the most essential programs are listed below:

  • Undergraduate program€9,850 to €25,500 or a year 
  • Postgraduate master’s degree€9,500 to €34,500 for a year 
  • Doctoral degree — €9,500 to €34,500 for a year 

If the students feel that these expenses are high, they can even consider opting for various scholarship programs offered by the universities for international students. This reduces their upfront financial burden manifold. If we plan the cost of study in Ireland for Indian students, we can approximate it as:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a public university of Ireland — 4,76,000 to 9,53,000 INR annually 
  • The Masters and MS degree cost in public universities of Ireland — 4,88,000 — 12,00,000 INR annually 
  • Charges in private universities — 7, 15,000 –27, 00,000 INR annually. 

Keeping these ballpark figures in mind to avail the educational programs and courses, the students can either opt for the private universities or the public ones.

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Private universities

Apart from the publicly funded colleges in Ireland, there are many private institutions also known for providing high-quality education. However, private institutions are known to charge higher fees than public institutions.

  1. Carlow —3000 EUR annually 
  2. Cork — 3000 EUR annually 
  3. Dundalk — 9950 EUR annually 
  4. Dun Loghaire— 13,500 EUR annually 
  5. Galway and Mayo — 6,678 EUR annually 
  6. Marino institute of education, Dublin —16,480 EUR annually 
  7. Letterkenny — 23,040 EUR annually 
  8. Mary Immaculate College, Limerick — 10,692 EUR annually 

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Public universities 

The best-ranked public universities in Ireland are the ideal places for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. education for students worldwide. These universities are famous for their impeccable education programs, which deliver excellent education to both international and local students. And since the annual fees of these courses are within means, the students feel privileged to join such prestigious institutes in Ireland. Some of the notable public universities in Ireland are:

  1. University College Cork — 6500 EUR annually 
  2. St. Patrick’s College — 4500 EUR annually 
  3. University of Limerick — 7000 EUR annually 
  4. Cork institute of technology — 3500 EUR annually 
  5. Technological university Dublin — 3000 EUR annually 
  6. Waterford institute of technology — 3000 EUR annually 
  7. Institute of technology Sligo — 3000 EUR annually 
  8. Institute of technology Carlow — 11,250 EUR annually 
  9. Institute of technology Tralee — 9,950 EUR annually 
  10. Dublin business school — 12,000 EUR annually 

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Course wise Cost of education in Ireland 

The students, who get a chance to pursue their choice of educational field and courses in Ireland with the eminent universities and colleges, are endowed with excellent opportunities to hone their knowledge and prowess. Some of these courses are:

Medical‘Medicine’ is one of the highly pursued subjects amongst the international students studying in Ireland. Here, a 5-year medical program is available. The Medical degrees from Ireland are readily accepted and acknowledged worldwide like in the USA, Canada, Europe, India, and other Asian countries. The top universities providing best medical courses in Ireland are:

  1. Trinity college Dublin
  2. Royal college of surgeons in Ireland
  3. University college Dublin
  4. University college Cork
  5. National University of Ireland, Galway

The expense Indian students bear for the medical course in Ireland can be around 24-36 lakhs per annum. The total expense for the complete medical course can be around 1.3 to 1.5 crores.

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Engineering —Some of the best engineering colleges in Ireland are known as the world’s top colleges for this genre The students can find multiple types of engineering degrees offered by the finest engineering colleges in Ireland. That is how they get the privilege of multiple choices to select their preferred program out of the plethora of engineering degrees. The best universities for Engineering courses in Ireland are:

  1. University college Dublin
  2. University College Cork
  3. Trinity College Dublin
  4. National University of Ireland, Galway
  5. Dublin City University
  6. Dublin Institute of Technology
  7. Limerick Institute of Technology
  8. Cork Institute of Technology
  9. National Institute of Ireland, Maynooth

The annual fees of studying in the universities of Ireland for the Engineering students in terms of INR can be around 8 to 20 lakhs per year. The total cost for the entire course can be around 80 lakhs.

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MBA (management) — Business management courses in Ireland are the most sought after. It is because there are numerous universities and colleges in Ireland that offer some of the best Business and Management educational courses. There are at least 35 institutions and universities in Ireland offering more than around 626 courses in the genre. Some of the best universities and colleges offering MBA courses in Ireland are:

  1. University college Dublin
  2. Trinity college, Dublin
  3. Griffith college, Ireland
  4. Dublin business school
  5. Dundalk institute of technology
  6. Athlone institute of technology
  7. IBAT college Dublin
  8. American college Dublin

The MBA courses in Ireland are one-year programs (as compared to other countries where the duration is around two years). Hence, the students prefer it more as it saves their time and money as well. The fees structure of full time MBA (Business Management) courses at prominent institutes like University College Dublin and at Trinity College Dublin is around 27,20,000 INR. And the fees for MBA in international business are around Rs.11,20,000 at Griffith college.

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Affordable Universities in Ireland

We put together a list of cheap universities in Ireland for international students. The list also includes the range of annual tuition fees. This will help students assess the financial investment in terms of university fees in Ireland, e.g., the cost of MS in Ireland in Indian rupees. However, the fee amount varies depending on the course and the level.


Name of university

Annual fee amount 


Cork Institute of Technology

€12,000 (INR 10.5 Lakhs)


Dundalk Institute of Technology

€9,950 – €12,000 (INR 8.7-10.5 Lakhs)


Maynooth University

€10,000-€17,000 (INR 8.74–14.86 Lakhs)


Griffith College Dublin

€12,000 – €15,000 (INR 10.5-13.1 Lakhs)


Dublin Business School

€9,850 – €13,500 (INR 8.6-11.8 Lakhs)


University of Limerick

€6,968 – €13,140 (INR 6-11.5 Lakhs)


St. Patrick’s College

€7,111 (INR 6.22 Lakhs)


National College of Ireland

€10,000 – €15,000 (INR 8.7-13.1 Lakhs)

Top-rated universities in Ireland

A total of eight Irish universities have figured in the QS World University Rankings 2021. Of these, five are in the global top 500 universities. We have included the list of the eight top-rated universities in Ireland. The list consists of names like Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and their fees.


Name of university

Annual fee amount


Trinity College Dublin

€7,884–€35,800 (INR 6.8-31.2 Lakhs)


University College Dublin

€6,840–€26,400 (INR 6-23 Lakhs)


National University of Ireland, Galway

€16,216-€23,666 (INR 14.1-20.6 Lakhs)


University College Cork

€16,080 – €22,130 (INR 14-23 Lakhs)


Dublin City University

€6,900 – €25,000 (INR 6-22 Lakhs)


University of Limerick

€6,968 – €13,140 (INR 6-11.5 Lakhs)


Maynooth University

€10,000 – €17,000 (INR  Lakhs)


Technological University of Dublin

€13,500 – €27,000 (INR 8.7-23.5 Lakhs)

Is Ireland expensive?

Ireland is more expensive than most other European countries. It is a small island nation with a lot of imports. Taxes in Ireland are also pretty high. However, the cost also varies depending on where you are located in the country. For example, living in Dublin can be extremely costly in comparison with living in the Irish countryside. Reportedly, Ireland is only 17% less expensive than New York, one of the world’s costliest cities.

The monthly cost of living in some of the top Irish counties:

  • Dublin –  €891 (INR 78,000)
  • Cork – €847 (INR 74,000)
  • Galway – €833 (INR 73,000)
  • Limerick – €822.13 (INR 72,000)
  • Waterford – €784.25 (INR 68,000)

Average cost of living in Ireland 

Information about the cost of living in Ireland is crucial before pursuing higher studies in the country as expanses in Ireland varies as per the region. The major cities like Dublin, Cork, and Galway could be pretty expensive compared to other places like Waterford, Limerick, and Mayo. Hence, the soon-to-be students should plan accordingly. Sometimes, the students are advised to even choose their preferred institution after factoring this element. People compare the cost of living in Ireland with that of living in one of the very expensive cities in the United States. And as the students calculate the living costs, they should most importantly consider the accommodation, food expenditure, transportation usage and money that will go in clothing, books, and other miscellaneous expenses as well. 

  • Accommodation expenditure — Various institutions offer on-campus residence facilities to international students. The students can also select off-campus accommodation and share their apartments with others. The average expense of private accommodation is around €427 for a month. This expense also depends on the location and time of the year. The expense for on-campus accommodation is around €300-600 for a month. It is highly recommended to share the accommodation as it reduces the cost.
  • Cost of food —Cost of food is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be considered while calculating the living expenses. The amount of money spent on food differs as per the preference of the students. They normally spend an average of EUR 100-250 each month on food. And if the students are eating lunch and dinner at the cafes and restaurants, then this can further add to the expenditure under this category.
  • Transportation — Students wishing to study in Ireland should understand that the cost of transportation in Ireland is really very expensive. The students can make use of public transportation and local taxis to commute in and around the place. The charges for commuting in public transportation can be around 135 Euros monthly. But yes, if the students are using their special travel card, it can be reduced up to 40%. There are also certain universities providing their special transportation services for the students which actually reduce the conveyance budget manifold. 
  • Books and study materials — While calculating the budget to study in a place like Ireland, it’s important for the students to consider the charges for books and study materials as well. They should add an extra 80-100 Euros monthly for this purpose in their regular educational budget. 

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As per all the above calculations, below is the brief summation of approximate monthly expenses that can be incurred by a student in Ireland:

  • Accommodation — 350-800 Euros 
  • Utilities — 20-40 Euros 
  • Travel —- 90-140 Euros 
  • Books and materials — 80-100 Euros 
  • Miscellaneous expenses — 100 Euros 
  • Cellular expenses — 30-40 Euros 
  • Food —100-250 Euros 

Student visa cost for Ireland

The student visa fee is an administration fee and is mainly charged to cover the expenses of processing a visa application. Do note that the amount is non-refundable. Meaning the paid fee won’t be returned if you withdraw your application or if the authorities cancel it. 

Following are the student visa cost for Ireland:

  • Single entry €60 (INR 5,226)
  • Multi entry €100 (INR 8,709)

Scholarships and Financial Support to afford studies

While Ireland is expensive, Irish educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, and the government offer many scholarships to study in Ireland. These can bring down the cost of studying in Ireland. However, the specific criteria or eligibility for awarding these scholarships depends on the organizations that offer them. Details of scholarships can be collected by directly contacting the organizations or institutions awarding them.

Here are some of the scholarships in Ireland for international students:

  • Government of Ireland Scholarships 2021
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme  
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology scholarships
  • National College of Ireland Scholarships 
  • NUI Galway International Student Scholarships
  • DCU International Student Scholarships
  • Maynooth University Scholarships
  • UCD Scholarships
  • Smurfit Business School scholarships
  • University of Limerick Scholarships
  • Trinity College Dublin Scholarships
  • Waterford Institute of Technology Scholarships

Taxes on earnings from part-time jobs

Students working part-time jobs in Ireland are liable to pay income tax on their salary. The tax is deducted directly from the salary amount. Part-time workers are less likely to earn salaries beyond the slab of €34,550/year. Earning below this amount is taxed at the standard rate of 20%.

Health support and insurance requirement

Hospitalization and medical services in Ireland are expensive. Hence, it is advisable to arrange proper health insurance coverage before moving into the country. It is even more important because international students from non-EU countries cannot avail themselves of any free medical service in Ireland. It is also mandatory for international students to provide proof of health insurance coverage while registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau of Ireland. Health insurance proof is also required for a student visa application.

Ireland is, undoubtedly, a land of excellent education and opportunities for students worldwide. From providing the most affordable educational plans to ensuring the convenience of part time jobs, from having world class universities imparting exceptional courses to ensuring a complete safe and secure environment for the students to live and study in, the country has it all covered for the international students visiting this country to complete their education. The international students get a warm welcome from the locals. To top it all, the country provides excellent employment opportunities to the international students. All these advantages are the reason why Ireland is becoming one of the most coveted destinations among students to pursue their education abroad. 

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