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What is a Work Experience Certificate with Format & Samples

Updated on 07 February, 2024

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Wondering what a work experience certificate is? The work experience certificate is a written document provided to an employee after completing their employment. This document proves the employee’s experience in the company or organization. It gives an insight into the earlier designation of an employee and their job role and related details. New employers or organizations may ask candidates to get this certificate and submit the same for assessment. They also use it to confirm the past employment period and designation. 

Any work experience certificate format will tell you that the main components of the document include the following: 

  • The date on which the letter was issued
  • Name of the employee
  • Designation, title, or job role
  • Joining and last dates
  • Work information with job role details
  • Other related information
  • Wishing successful future endeavours to the candidate
  • Seal and signature of the organization/company

The job experience certificate helps identify employees’ earlier experience and job role/skills in their respective professions and last companies. It also works as proof of employment in many scenarios.

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Work Experience Certificate Format, Sample & Main details 

A suitable format is essential for the work experience certificate. The following aspects should be included, while the letter’s language should be formal and polite. 

⮚ It should be written on the letterhead of the company

⮚ Date of the certificate being issued 

⮚ Declaration/Salutation- To Whom It May Concern (if the document is to be sent to a particular university, do address it to the Admissions Officer)

⮚ Full employee name based on official records

⮚ Employment period (Joining date and last working day in the company)

⮚ Position or Designation of the employee

⮚ Performance description 

⮚ Best wishes to the candidate 

⮚ Signed by the company’s authorized signatory or Head of Department or Head of the HR Department or the Manager

⮚ Should have the stamp or seal of the company 

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Work Experience Certificate Sample/Format

Company Letterhead

Work Experience Certificate



To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr/Ms (Employee Name) worked as (Designation) in our company from (Start Date) to (End Date).

During his/her tenure, we found him/her hardworking, sincere, and efficient. We wish him/her success in all her/his future endeavours.



CEO 123


Difference between Relieving Letter and Work Experience Certificate:

Relieving Letter

Work Experience Certificate
HR states that the company accepts the employee’s resignation and notes the last working day.The document states that the employee has worked in an organization while mentioning his/her designation and start and end date.  


A work experience certificate serves as a crucial document that validates an employee's tenure and role within an organization. It not only provides evidence of past employment but also offers insights into the individual's job responsibilities and performance. With its standardized format and essential components, including dates, employee details, job role, and company seal, the certificate facilitates the verification process for future employers or academic institutions. It stands as a testament to the employee's professional journey and accomplishments, offering well wishes for their future endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions on Work Experience Certificate

Who can issue an experience certificate?

The employer issues a work experience certificate after an employee completes the employment. The organization will give its employees an experience certificate if the relieving process has been rightfully followed. One can contact their HR head to get the document issued.

How to write an application for an experience certificate?

Requesting the issuance of a working experience certificate should start with your introduction, including your name, employee code, and profile. The next important thing is to highlight the number of years/months you have worked in the organization.
To conclude the job experience certificate, you must request issuance and express your gratitude for the same beforehand.

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Manager- Content @upGrad

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