Masters in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA – Top Colleges & Cost

masters in artificial intelligence in usa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of the technological revolution. It is a branch of computer science and has tremendous career opportunities. AI has several subfields such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Neural Networking, Deep Learning and others, leading to intriguing job roles like machine learning engineer and big data analyst. Aspirants interested in pursuing AI can study the subject at the master’s level. Most universities globally offer it as an MS, MEng or as certificate program. 

A masters in artificial intelligence in the USA is a pathway toward rewarding career opportunities, with AI witnessing high demand across multiple tech-driven industries. 

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Masters in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA – Reasons for Studying

There are many reasons for pursuing MS in artificial intelligence in the USA. Here’s looking at some of them: 

  • The US is home to top universities offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses. Five out of the top 10 universities on the QS World Rankings by Subject 2022 are in the country. They include MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California–Berkeley and Harvard University. 
  • The USA is known for its expertise and global prowess in the world of AI. The country has the highest number of start-ups in the space with superior computer chips and other infrastructure for AI-based systems, big number of papers published, and numerous research and innovation opportunities. 
  • Studying MS in artificial intelligence in the US for Indian students is a great move, leading to excellent career prospects. There is a gap in the supply of qualified AI engineers owing to skyrocketing demand and rising salaries. Thus, a need for more workforce. 
  • The US has a flourishing knowledge economy with rapidly decreasing unemployment, meaning access to more business and career opportunities in the domain.

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MS in Artificial Intelligence: Course Curriculum in the USA

Let us look at the curriculum components for the Graduate Program in AI. The core curriculum generally includes Law of Computer Technology, AI Engineering, AI Innovation,  Artificial Intelligence and Future Markets,  Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Coding Bootcamp, Multi-Robot Systems and others, depending on the university. 

The electives may comprise Practical Data Science, Medical Image Analysis, Conversational Machine Learning, Search Engines, and Software Engineering for Startups.

MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA – Top Universities

Here are some of the top universities in the USA for masters in artificial intelligence.



U.S. News & World Report Rankings 2022 by Subject

Tuition Costs (USD)

Carnegie Mellon University

MS in Artificial Intelligence



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


49,050 (if a student takes all the electives)

Stanford University

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Program


1,352 per unit

University of Georgia 

MS in Artificial Intelligence



University of California–San Diego

MS in Applied Artificial Intelligence 



University of Pennsylvania

Robotics Masters (Specialization in AI and Machine Learning)


7,328 per course unit

University of Southern California 

MS in Computer Science-Artificial Intelligence 


2,309 per unit

Duke University



30,250 per semester 

Northwestern University 

MS in Artificial Intelligence 


20,314 per quarter

Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the USA- Course Highlights

  • Tenure: One-two year or three-four semesters. 
  • Undergraduate degree in a related STEM field with SOP and LORs 
  • TOEFL 80+ or IELTS 7.0 along with GRE 320 
  • One-two year of work experience. 
  • Average Tuition Costs of $30,000-55,000.
  • Recruiters include top companies like Adobe, Google, Intel Corporation, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and IBM. 
  • Available job positions include computer scientist, software analyst, aviation electrician, military electrician, robotics scientist, algorithms specialist, etc. 
  • Entry-level salaries of $90,000-92,000 

Admissions to Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

The admission requirements are usually specific to universities and depend on several parameters. The application deadlines are important for MS in AI. Here’s taking a look at the same:

    Institution’s Name

Application Deadline

Columbia University

January 21st

Georgia Institute of Technology

August 19th

Northeastern University

January 11th

University of Bridgeport

January 19th

Troy University

January 4th

University of Miami

January 1st

University of Arizona

August 26th

Northwestern University

September 20th

Stevens Institute of Technology

January 4th

University of Cincinnati

August 26th

Lawrence Technological University

January 11th

Applying to the official university websites is the best course of action. 

Admission Cycle and Deadlines: MS in Artificial Intelligence in the US

Most top US universities offer admission to the course in the Fall semester. 

The classes usually start in September every year. The priority deadline for application submission is mid-December, and the final deadline falls somewhere in the middle of March. 

The application deadline for the Spring semester falls around 15 November, and the session generally starts in January.

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Eligibility for Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

  • At least GPA 2.5-3.6, depending on the university. 
  • TOEFL iBT score of 60-100, depending on the institution. 
  • IELTS score of 6.0-7.0. 
  • Undergraduate course with at least 50%. 

Documents for Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

  • Official academic transcripts and proof of marks in an undergraduate program (minimum 50%). 
  • Two LORs (letters of recommendation), one of which will be professional and one academic. 
  • GMAT or GRE scores. 
  • CV or Resume. 
  • Work experience certificate. 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose). 
  • English language proficiency scorecard. 
  • Videos of candidates are requirements for several institutions. 
  • Many courses need students who possess experience in ROS, Python, and classical logic.

US student visa requirements include the application fees of $160. Other documents include Forms DS-160 and I-20, with receipt of payment, acceptance letter from the institution, original certificates mark sheet, standardized TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or GMAT test scorecards, proof of funds, return flight ticket, and so on. The personal interview is the last step in the process.

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Complete Cost of Studying Masters in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

Here are the approximate costs for studying for a master’s in artificial intelligence (AI) in the USA: 

Pre-Arrival Cost: 

The pre-arrival cost from India to the US will vary between USD 1,500-1,600. This includes standardized exam application fees, airfare, university application fee, visa and SEVIS fee, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Living Cost: 

The living cost in the US will vary between USD 10,000-25,000 per academic year. This includes accommodation, transport, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Scholarships for MS in Artificial Intelligence in the USA

Here are some of the top scholarships available for aspirants: 

Scholarship Name



PEO International Peace Scholarship For Women

International women applicants enrolled in graduate courses in Canada or US.

USD 12,500 (at max)

QS WM Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students possessing academic excellence to promote innovation. 

USD 10,000

Inlaks Scholarship

An Indian applicant with a bachelor’s degree (first-class) is applying for a doctorate or master’s in the US.

Up to USD100,000 

National Overseas Scholarship Scheme

Indian applicant from SC/ST background with at least 55% in bachelor’s course and family income that is lower than ₹6 lakhs per year.

Applicants should be less than 35 years. 


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Jobs for AI Engineers in the USA

The chief reason why aspirants decide to study in USA is the flourishing job opportunities in the field. There are several AI engineer jobs in the USA, and the sector is already witnessing demand from tech companies and various other industries. The USA is one of the biggest global AI hubs with a massive supply gap for skilled graduates in the discipline. 

Demand has grown for algorithm specialists, research and engineering scientists, consultants, computer scientists, software developers, software analysts, robotics engineers, and aviation engineers. Other positions include information technology directors, chief technology officers, and machine learning engineers. Annual salaries hover between $91,000-179,000. 

A Fantastic Journey Awaits AI Graduates

With artificial intelligence already growing its spheres of influence, experts estimate that multiple opportunities will arise by 2025 in fields like logistics, data science, healthcare, transportation, housing, and many emerging sectors. The information technology and robotics fields will also keep witnessing steady growth over the next few years. The USA’s growing influence in AI and the plethora of research and professional options make it an ideal destination for international students. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What GPA is required to take admission in a master’s in artificial intelligence in the USA?

A. You will require an average GPA of 3.0 or 65-70% to take admission in a master’s in artificial intelligence (AI) in the USA. Besides, you will need a bachelor’s degree in the related field and proof of English language proficiency. GRE scores of more than 290 are also required for admission in any MS course in the US.

Q2. Is it worth doing a master’s in artificial intelligence from the USA?

A. It is worth doing a master’s in artificial intelligence in the USA, considering that the country has the highest number of global startups in the field, ample scope of research, and numerous job opportunities. The gap between demand and supply has grown exponentially in recent years, meaning more high-paying opportunities for skilled AI graduates in the US. The pay after MS in artificial intelligence varies between USD 91,000-179,000.

Q3. Can I learn artificial intelligence without coding?

A. Programing is necessary for developing and understanding core solutions through artificial intelligence. For creating these algorithms, programing is vital, including an understanding of languages like LISP, Python, Java, C++, and Prolog. One needs at least a basic coding knowledge if one wants to create applications using AI.

Q4. How much does it cost to study Artificial Intelligence in the USA?

A. The average cost of studying AI in the US ranges from USD 30,000-50,000 in tuition fees. Additionally, the living expenses every academic year hover between USD 10,000-25,000.

Q5. Is GRE score mandatory for MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA?

A. GRE scores are mandatory for admission into AI programs at post-grdudate level offered in the form of MS and MEng. However, courses that are available online or as professional certificate programs don’t necessarily need GRE scores. They may ask for a work experience of around two years.

Q6. What are the best universities for studying MS in Artificial intelligence in the USA?

A. Top universities for studying MS in Artificial intelligence in the USA include MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern University, University of Georgia and others.

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