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Motivation letter for an Internship

Updated on 08 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A motivation letter for internships is often necessary as a part of the application process at diverse organizations. Internships hold immense value for candidates, enabling them to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of their chosen professional fields. It also helps manifest the insights gained during candidates’ master’s or bachelor’s courses. The accepted way to put a resume in front of a recruiter for potential internships is with an accompanying motivation letter. It is a letter enclosed with the application and is slightly different compared to cover letters submitted with job applications.


A motivation letter for an internship will convey the reasons for the candidate being suitable for a specific job while giving insights into the candidate’s potential to contribute to the organization, personality, interests, and whether the candidate will be a suitable fit. One can evaluate a few sample motivation letters for an internship to understand the concept better. 

Things to keep in mind when writing a Motivation Letter for an Internship 

If you know how to write a motivation letter for a scholarship,  you can also write it easily for internships. The motivation letter for an internship should contain the following: 

  • Basic information about the candidate. 
  • The candidate’s unique personality traits, which sync with the job position. 
  • Examples of the candidate being suitable for the job. 
  • Organizational knowledge. 
  • Reason for applying for the given job position. 
  • The job aspects which align with the candidate’s future goals, academic prowess, and experience.

The letter should be addressed to the hiring manager or concerned company employee. The introductory paragraph should talk about the candidate, highlight the position being applied for, and the reasons for applying to the given job. It should also demonstrate the candidate’s readiness for the work. The following few paragraphs should focus on the reasons the candidate is a suitable fit for the job, their background, interests, and how they align with the job and organization. 

List a few academic and professional accomplishments in order with examples. The letter should end by thanking the recipients for their time in evaluating the same while reiterating the candidate’s desire for the position and mentioning how the candidate is available to answer further queries. 

Motivation Letter for Internship- Sample  

Here is a motivation letter example for internships. 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am pursuing my Master of Science in Finance at (name of university). I have read your posting for a Wealth Management Internship with keen interest. My educational background aligns with the qualifications needed for the position at (name of company). I also gained relevant experience and insights from my previous internship with (company name), where I learned the basics of portfolio management and was entrusted to assist with handling personal investments made by two distinguished family offices. 

With my previous experience and educational qualifications, I have a strong foundation in portfolio management, risk assessment, preparing presentations on emerging investment sectors, financial forecasting and modeling, and taxation. I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Finance at (institution name), with a 7.0 GPA overall, and gained knowledge of basic financial concepts. My current program of study is also helping me grasp concepts like financial planning, real estate trusts, fund analysis, and others. 

The responsibilities outlined for the internship match my areas of study, experience, and skill sets. I am passionate about portfolio management, and an internship with your organization will help me further enhance my technical skills and industry knowledge in the field. I am also the university association’s finance secretary, which handles student contributions, events, and facilities. I have gained invaluable experience and insights while maintaining the association books and getting them audited annually. I would welcome an opportunity to be a part of your organization and contribute towards its future success. 

Please review my attached resume for additional information on my knowledge, skills, and areas of expertise. I look forward to hearing back from you. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 



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Is it mandatory to have a motivation letter for an internship?

A motivation letter is not always mandatory, but applicants would do well if they attach it to their applications. Cover letters are required for job applications, and in the same way, motivation letters are necessary for internship applications as well.

Is there any difference between a cover letter and a motivation letter?

A cover letter exhibits examples of how the candidate’s skills, attributes, and job experience sync with the position. A motivation letter is slightly different, emphasizing the candidate’s interests, personality, and reasons for applying.A cover letter exhibits examples of how the candidate’s skills, attributes, and job experience sync with the position. A motivation letter is slightly different, emphasizing the candidate’s interests, personality, and reasons for applying.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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