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Highest Paying Jobs in UK for International Students

Updated on 23 November, 2023

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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The cost of living in the UK has been steadily increasing in recent years, making it challenging for students to make ends meet. In response to these rising costs, more and more people are seeking higher-paying jobs that can help them stay financially stable. If you're among those looking for lucrative career opportunities, you'll be delighted to know that numerous high-paying jobs are available in the UK.

This article explores the highest-paying jobs in the UK, providing valuable insight to help you plan your career path accordingly. Continue reading to discover the best high-paying jobs in the UK.

Highest Paying Jobs in UK

Before committing to a career path, it is critical to investigate the present environment of high-paying professions in the United Kingdom. Investing considerable resources in qualifications should be done with careful consideration. 

You can decide on your career path by learning about the following in-demand positions. Additionally, you can come across chances that provide good financial incentives. 

Chief Executives and Senior Officials (CEOs)

Chief Executives and Senior Officials dominate the compensation ladder when it comes to the highest-paying jobs in the UK. These skilled people are in charge of supervising an organization's management and operations. 

They receive some of the best pay in the UK employment market, with an average yearly compensation of GBP 61,805.

Obtaining a degree in business or a closely related discipline is often expected of people who want to work for well-established organizations.

Other requirements for a CEO post include: 

  • Leadership capabilities 
  • Relevant work history
  • Be able to make wise business judgments under pressure

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is key to a company's financial health and long-term expansion. Their average base pay annually is GBP 1,80,098. The duties of the CFO include: 

  • Supervising financial activities
  • Directing financial planning
  • Examining growth prospects
  • Providing guidance, and 
  • Putting into action strategies to increase profitability

A CFO gradually advances from lesser roles within or outside of the organization and has prior expertise in the financial sector. The experience of the CFO, a powerful individual, is crucial in determining a company's financial strategy and performance.


Lawyers in the UK can choose to be solicitors or barristers, each with their own set of duties. They are also certified legal executives and focus on legal fields like criminal litigation or corporate law.

Lawyers are paid an average of GBP 51,237 annually to reflect their skills and value to the legal profession. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Providing legal advice
  • Supporting clients, and 
  • Resolving complicated legal issues 

Lawyers are essential legal representation and guidance foundations, whether employed in private practice or within organizations.

Among these highest paying jobs in the UK, others include (annual average salary):

  • Actuary: GBP 64,364 
  • Marketing Directors: GBP 69,049
  • IT Director: GBP 77,446
  • Tax Director: GBP 89,619
  • Plastic Surgeon: GBP 90,531

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Highest Paying Jobs in UK Without Degree

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually have a high-paying job without a degree. 

It is interesting to note that formal education isn't always necessary. Icons like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg have shown that starting your own businesses can lead to extraordinary success. 

Although a degree may be beneficial, knowledge and experience are equally valuable in many fields. Nevertheless, you might have to take classes for ongoing career development.

Here are the highest-paying jobs in the UK without a degree (annual average salaries): 

  • Risk Manager: GBP 50,987
  • Project Manager: GBP 42,747
  • Hazardous Waste Manager: GBP 41,089
  • Oil Rigger: GBP 33,138
  • Executive Assistant: GBP 30,697
  • Plumber: GBP 29,498
  • Digital Marketer: GBP 26,281
  • Police Officer: GBP 26,839
  • SEO Expert: GBP 25,588
  • Journalist: GBP 25,411
  • Firefighter: GBP 25,150

Best Companies to Work for in UK

Happy employees thrive in workplaces characterized by high levels of trust, where their voices are valued, and management's actions align with their words. 

In such environments, individuals feel empowered and can bring their authentic selves to work. They’re provided with equal opportunities allowing them to realize their full potential. The UK's Best Workplaces embody these qualities, making them the pinnacle of excellence. 

Here are the top 20 best companies in the UK: 

  • Cisco
  • Hilton
  • Salesforce
  • Baringa
  • Version 1
  • Admiral Group PLC
  • Home Group
  • DHL
  • Vodafone
  • Softcat
  • Insight
  • Deloitte
  • Coventry Building Security 
  • Childbase Partnership 
  • Iris Software Group 
  • AbbVie
  • Accenture
  • BUUK Infrastructure 
  • Irwin Mitchell
  • Shared Services Connected 

Best University Degrees for Job Prospects

Even though attending college is not the only way to have a bright future, it is still a requirement for many jobs. Making a well-informed decision is crucial because over 65,000 university degrees are accessible to choose from. 

The subjects with the highest-paying graduate jobs in the UK are as follows:

UK Minimum Wage Changes in 2023 

In a recent development, the UK minimum wage underwent an upward revision, presenting significant implications for workers. 

  • Effective from 1st April 2023, the national minimum wage for workers aged 23 and above increased from GBP 9.50 per hour to GBP 10.42.
  • For those just below the age threshold, aged 21 to 22, the pay scale witnessed an additional GBP 1 per hour for every hour worked. 
  • These adjustments are determined by the Low Pay Commission (LPC), with the rates officially confirmed by the government in the November budget.

The Resolution Foundation, a prominent think tank, noted that this marks the largest annual cash rise in the 24-year history of the minimum wage.

Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in UK

The technology sector is evolving, generating new job opportunities for tech specialists. IT, computer science, and programming professionals are in high demand these days. Here are the highest-paying tech jobs in the UK (annual average salaries):

  • Software Architect: GBP 72,323
  • Data Warehouse Architect: GBP 66,025
  • Development Operations Manager: GBP 65,063
  • Java Developer: GBP 62,322
  • Data Scientist: GBP 49,696


This article explored some of the UK’s highest-paying positions. Those with certain skill sets and knowledge can easily land high-paying professions in the UK's competitive job market. 

Examining these highest-paying employment possibilities can offer insightful information. It can guide career decisions for those seeking fulfilling professions and financial security. Professionals can position themselves for success in the UK employment market and strive towards a successful future.

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Is UK a good place to work in?

Working in the UK is very fulfilling since it provides a diverse lifestyle, several work choices, and professions that pay well. It's the perfect environment to establish success with the potential for high wages and professional advancement. In addition, the UK is a desirable place to live and work because of its warm and hospitable residents.

Which city in the UK has the most earning potential?

In the UK, you will find some of the highest-paying jobs in London. This is why London attracts most of the working crowd as compared to other cities.

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

Kanika has 5+ years of experience as a writer and content developer. She has written for a wide range of industry verticals, including hospitality, restaurants, non-profits, finance, IT, HR, technology, payroll, and education. She has worked as a creator for a few leading companies and has also helped brands grow through her creative writing.

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