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PhD in UK for Indian Students

Updated on 15 April, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

The United Kingdom prides itself as one of the best higher education hubs. It hosts some of the world’s oldest, most acclaimed, and research-intensive institutions. In fact, in several surveys, London secures the top position as being one of the most favorite student-friendly cities.

An exceptional research infrastructure, illustrious and efficient research facilities and excellent professors make the UK a great pick for PhD programs. Leading universities providing PhD in the UK also offer financial support to international students with various scholarships.

Know more about pursuing PhD in the UK for Indian students and discover the job prospects available with salary remuneration!

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Why Pursue PhD in UK

Students chose the UK as a top destination for studying abroad because of its academic quality and because the British doctorate is recognized and respected worldwide.

Moreover, the British government supports international students by offering a three-year post-study visa and expanding studentships to Indian students undertaking PhDs.

Other prominent features that make studying PhD in the UK a great choice are as follows:

Acclaimed Research Body

The UK academic institutions carry out around 6% of the world’s research and produce nearly 8% of global scientific journals and publications. Besides, the central government bodies assure and maintain the quality of research, with strict reviews and details of which are published online.

Good Exposure

Students will be able to capitalize on the dynamic research base of the universities to build a wide array of academic knowledge and research skills. Furthermore, they will benefit from the strong ties between universities and the industrial sphere.

Secure Financial support

Most universities, private organizations, governmental institutions, and other relevant authorities offer grants and scholarships to Indian students. Each one will have different criteria and benefits. For instance, some might cover specific tuition fees or housing allowances, while others might offer full fee coverage.

Top 5 PhD Universities in UK

A PhD is the highest educational degree pursued in any field by students. Most common PhD courses in the UK are undertaken in Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, Law, and Sociology.

The PhD programs in the UK often take three to four years for a student to go full-time, while part-time programs are five to six years long. The type of program selected defines the duration of the doctorate as well as the university or institution that is opted for doctorate study.

As such, the best PhD universities in the UK with their annual fee are:

University NameAvg Annual Fee*
University of OxfordGBP28,650 
University of CambridgeGBP33,972 
King College LondonGBP26,640 
University College LondonGBP25,730 
Imperial College LondonGBP26,500

 *As per university sites

Eligibility Criteria to Secure Admission to PhD Program in UK

While qualifying criteria differs amongst universities, the given basic eligibility criteria are followed by the majority of the UK institutions:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree with first or upper-second-class honors as well as a master’s degree with a minimum grade of 60% and higher.
  • IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 7 overall or TOEFL with a test score of 90 and a PTE with a 60 score.
  • Research proposal clearly outlines the student’s research interest, motivations, and objectives.
  • Must clear the virtual interview round via Skype or phone for specific research degrees at certain universities.
  • Submit a statement of purpose or personal statement describing their academic and professional pursuits alongside key reasons for pursuing the PhD program.

Job Opportunities & Salary After PhD in UK

Pursuing PhD courses in the UK demands sincere commitment and strong perseverance, but the returns are highly beneficial. Although securing opportunities in the academic sector is the go-to route for many students post-PhD, nowadays, several career prospects exist outside the education sector.

More interestingly, a significant number of PhD graduates are working in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life science sectors. Some are also looking to work in the R&D fields of the commercial sector, undertaking research for industrial organizations.

To that end, discover the common PhD job profiles available with earnings to acquire clearer insights about life post-Ph

Job ProfileAnnual Average Salary*
Research AssistantGBP27,795 
Data ScientistGBP49,467 
Software DeveloperGBP43,941 

*As per Indeed.uk

Students looking for excellent PhD coursework, exceptional research facilities, strong financial support, and respectable job opportunities will find pursuing PhD program in the UK the right choice for a successful future!


Which United Kingdom university is best to pursue PhD in Medical Science?

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge is the top choice for pursuing PhD in Medical Science. Besides, Newcastle University and the University of Manchester also host good PhD programs in the given field.




Is any scholarship offered by the University of Oxford for a PhD in the UK for Indian students?

The Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities supports PhD admission in the humanities stream. On the other hand, the Oxford-E P Abraham Research Fund Graduate Scholarships are given in medicine field.








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Sr. Content Editor

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