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Cost of Living in Scotland

Updated on 28 March, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Scotland, one of the northernmost lands of the United Kingdom comprises about one-third of Great Britain Island. The land was inhabited in the 5th century CE by Celtics from islands now known as the land of the scots. In recent years, many people are considering the land of Scotland as their new living location.  To know more about the cost of living in Scotland, read on.


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Why Choose To Live in Scotland?

There are several points to consider when thinking of living or even studying abroad. Listed below are some of the reasons to help one decide why to pick Scotland as your new address:


Scotland is subjected to a changeable climate which can experience extremities of hot and cold. This means it is not too uncommon to experience all four seasons in a singular day. In spring, Scotland experiences average temperature ranges from 7 degrees celsius to 13 degree celsius; meanwhile in the months of summer, the temperatures range from 15 degrees celsius to 17 degree celsius. In autumn, it is from 8 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius, and finally winters usually experience about an average temperature of 5 degree celsius. 

Good Educational Environment

Scotland provides free pre-university education to all children living in Scotland. Colleges in Scotland are considered more vocational as the studies usually go straight into employment within the specific field. Colleges in Scotland collaborate with local authorities or employers to prepare students for the future and further work ethics.


One of the top reasons people choose to live in Scotland is the safety and security measures the country provides its residents. If you are a solo resident, taking a cab alone or even sharing a ride/carpool is considered safe. The city’s crime rate is relatively low compared to other countries.


Scotland pertains to local bus services, rail services, ferries, and express coaches, and Edinburgh consists of trams as a form of transportation. Transportation in Scotland is incredibly easy and accessible. It starts as soon as one arrives at the airport. It is simple to catch a bus, a tram, or a cab as the whole land is well connected through transport routes.

Representation of students

The National Union of Students in Scotland dedicatedly works to represent students across the nation. They are easily reachable and provide representatives in the local areas.


Scotland is surrounded by its rich history all over the country. The architectural marvels of castles and forts all around the country, the land is a sight to see and a serene view to be surrounded by that needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. 

Average Living Expenses in Scotland

Listed below are the average Scotland living expenses:


Apartment 1 bedroom in city center £969.40 


Apartment 1 bedroom outside of center £751.82

Apartment 3 bedrooms in city centre£1,913

Apartment 3 bedrooms outside city center £1,187

FoodAn average pub meal in Scotland is around £10-15 which make a monthly average of £1,170
TravelTickets on trams cost around 4 GBP
HealthcareMonthly Private health insurance for a non-smoking 30-year-old is £39, 50 year old is £66 and 70 year old is £150

Fitness club (1 Adult) £31.88


Tennis Court £13.17

Cinemas, 1 seat £ 9.25

The above costs may differ with every particulars according to cities and requirements.

Top 5 Universities in Scotland

Listed below are some of the top universities in Scotland:

UniversityTuition FeeAccommodation FeesMiscellaneous
University Of Edinburgh£ 18,800-24,600£9399 per yearN/A
University of Glasgow£19,920£5,244.33-£5,648.37£100-£120 (Books)
University of St. Andrews£35,920£7,623N/A
University of Aberdeen£91,200£123 – £133 per weekN/A
University of Strathclyde£11,650£104 per weekN/A

Note: The above tuition fees may vary on the courses one pursues.

Average Salaries in Scotland

For people living in Edinburgh, workers between the ages of 30-39 have an average weekly salary of  £613. For people in their thirties, the average annual salary is about £30,000. £45,000 on average is earned by people in their forties in Scotland. According to statistics by the Scottish parliament, for a full-time employee in Scotland, the average annual salary tends to be around £31,605, which is the fourth highest in the constituent countries. 

Meanwhile, the hourly minimum wage for the youth under 18 is £4.81, for individuals above 18 but below 20 is £6.83 for individuals between the ages of 21 to 22 is £9.18 and for people above 23 is £9.50.

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Scotland is a place rich in history and is an ideal place picked by many as a place for education and tourism. The factors listed above give some idea to individuals juggling between options for a place of living and education. With a good track record for citizens and tourists equally, Scotland can be an ideal place to live. 

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Is Scotland a safe country?

Yes, Scotland has one of the lowest violent crime rates compared to other countries.




Is it expensive to live in Scotland?

If the planning is done right, the living expenses in Scotland are not as high compared to other nearby countries like England.








upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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