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Describe A Puzzle You Have Played - IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 15 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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describe a puzzle you have played

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS exam consists of cue cards on a specific topic in the speaking section. Your answer will be marked based on four main criteria – Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. 

It is best to have a structure and main pointers jotted down before you start speaking or writing the answer. Additionally, focus on answering every part of the question clearly and concisely. 

The IELTS cue card should touch upon the following key points:

  • Introduce the game
  • is it easy or challenging to play
  • how long does one take to solve the game
  • What do you feel about the puzzle?

Q: Describe a puzzle you have played.

Life is no less than a game – filled with ups and downs. We come across many puzzles and games that help us bond with others and grow our thinking ability. One such enriching experience I had was with a jigsaw puzzle. So, a jigsaw puzzle is a game with many differently shaped pieces that need to be interlocked and arranged in a specific manner to form or complete a figure provided with it.

Moreover, the jigsaw puzzle is a game that one can play alone or in a group. It becomes even more interesting when I bring my friends along to decode the puzzle. Personally speaking, jigsaw puzzles have been a significant factor in breaking the ice with new people and spending quality time with my friends. 

The game's difficulty level varies with the brand/type and the age group to which the jigsaw puzzle caters. For instance, the jigsaw puzzle I played had great difficulty and took us a lot of time to solve, even though we were a group of four. However, you can also go for more straightforward jigsaw puzzles to save time and enjoy at the same time. Generally, it can take about 5 to 30 minutes for someone to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

Additionally, I have always enjoyed situations of problem solving and mysteries. These experiences have helped me develop my analytical thinking and critical reasoning skills. Similarly, playing jigsaw puzzles has honed my propensity to solve problems and cases in the shortest time possible. 

I strongly recommend playing a jigsaw puzzle game whenever you are on a quest for a new game. Keeping my positive experience in mind, I am sure you will have a great time with the mind-boggling game. 

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Q: Describe a puzzle you have played.

Puzzles are fun to play, and I have always enjoyed them. Puzzles help us get some new skills and enjoy them simultaneously. One of the best games that I played was the crossword puzzle. Moreover, I remember how it would come in the newspaper every day, and my father and I would spend an hour solving the entire thing.

In a crossword puzzle, you have many boxes arranged in lines – either vertically or horizontally. These lines must be filled with words by solving clues listed in a table next to the puzzle. You need to make sure that as you fill the letters, they fit in that particular line correctly and, at the same time, with other words/letters filled in the other boxes.

While it may seem confusing at first, you will have fun once you get hold of the whole puzzle. Every time I play this game, I encounter some new words that help in enhancing my vocabulary. I also learn the synonyms of the new words I encounter during this game.

I fondly remember those good old days with crossword puzzles and spending time with my father. These days you can also play these crossword puzzles online, and there are many apps available on the same, but I feel the best way to enjoy it is by employing the old-school pen and paper version. I have also introduced this game to my friends and my younger brother. They also enjoy it thoroughly, and we hope to continue playing the game in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which skills develop when playing a puzzle?

There are several skills you can build while playing these fun games and puzzles. The first and foremost skill has to be analytical thinking and problem-solving irrespective of the puzzle or game you pick up. You also learn the value of task completion and the persistence to do so.

Players end up understanding team dynamics and how one should work together in a group. As far as sequencing puzzles are concerned – children also hone their spatial vocabulary and the knowledge of patterns.

What are the different types of puzzles?

There are many puzzles that a person or a group can play. Crossword puzzles and mechanical puzzles like a Rubik's cube and jigsaw are the most common. 

Other types are trivia puzzles, logic puzzles, or cryptic games like an escape room.

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Mrinal Mandal

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