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Studying Abroad While Preparing for the IELTS Exam

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Studying Abroad While Preparing for the IELTS Exam

The International English Language Test or IELTS is an internationally recognized examination to assess your English language proficiency. It is a standard test for English-speaking countries, and passing this test allows students from non-native English-speaking countries to travel, study, and work abroad.

If you are planning to study abroad, you must have considered taking the IELTS exam. You might have even started preparing for it, waiting to clear the exam so you can apply to your dream college/university. 

What if we told you that it’s possible to start studying abroad even while preparing for IELTS?

That means – you do not have to spend two months just preparing for IELTS, and then wait for the IELTS scorecard, and then only apply for foreign universities. upGrad makes it possible for you!

If that sounds interesting, continue reading till the end!

In recent years, we have seen many Indian students focusing on their English and digital skills to either study abroad or find work overseas. Most of them also take the IELTS exam and clear it, too. Before proceeding, let us first understand the reason behind IELTS being such a sought-after exam, and what other benefits you get if you clear the IELTS.

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Benefits of Clearing the IELTS exam

There are several benefits of studying for and clearing the IELTS examination, such as: 

1. Increased Global Opportunities

Most top-rated universities across the world accept the IELTS result while admitting foreign students. USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and the UK are some countries where your IELTS score will give you an edge over others while confirming your seat. A good IELTS score will put your profile ahead of other candidates and might offer better chances of success at global opportunities. 

2. Register Professionally 

If you’re targeting a career abroad, or if the course you want to pursue is in a foreign university, you might need to register yourself professionally. IELTS works like a charm here, as it proves that you are competent enough to work or study in an English-speaking country. The paperwork and related stuff that accompanies IELTS also help you officially register yourself and provide you with a chance to study abroad! 

3. Structure your English Learning

If you are already comfortable with writing, reading, and communicating in English, you might find new areas of interest while preparing for the exam that might help you structure your knowledge of the English language in a better way. On the other hand, if you are not confident with your English skills and want to begin from scratch, you will need to follow a structured approach to learning to ace the IELTS exam. In doing so, you will be setting up a fantastic foundation for your academic or professional life abroad. 

4. Increases your Visa Approval Chances

A good IELTS score really makes a difference between getting or not getting a Visa – depending on which country you are targeting. Specifically for countries like Canada, where you’re eligible for permanent residency – if you have a good IELTS score, you’re at higher chances of clearing the PR waitlist. Likewise, settling in the UK would also require you to clear the IELTS exam as a part of the process. 



IELTS Opens Doors to Opportunities, but there’s a catch…

IELTS opens up higher education and job opportunities for you overseas. However, you should remember that preparing for IELTS, waiting for the results, and finally applying to your dream universities is a time-taking task. When you’re looking for quick yet smooth career changes, spending so much time on IELTS might not seem like a wise move. 

No wonder many Indian students tend to settle for lower quality colleges in India instead of applying to foriegn colleges/universities! They wish to avoid the hassles and endless documentation that accompanies the admission process of foreign universities. 

To successfully register for a course of your choice, you need to get a valid IELTS score first. So, if you are a mid-career professional looking to switch to another field, it is understandable for you to not want to wait till IELTS results are out to fill up the applications. Likewise, if you are a student who wishes to save time and money, you would want to look for ways to avoid this hassle or at least minimize it as much as possible. 

Remember – the IELTS exam is crucial for anyone who wishes to study abroad. The skills it tests you on are the skills you should have to survive and thrive in an English-speaking country. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the IELTS process to end before your course can begin.

Thankfully with upGrad, you do not have to!


Study abroad with upGrad

Acquire higher quality of education while avoiding the cut-throat competition in terms of the number of available seats for good colleges in the home country. Experience living and interacting with different cultures and heritages, and build a solid foundation in the career of your choice. All of this while establishing a robust collaborative peer group across the globe and evolving your personality into a highly dynamic one. 

upGrad makes all of this possible for you by taking care of three core things: 

  • Documentation work.
  • Training for English proficiency tests to improve English skills.
  • End-to-end application processes, including you going abroad and starting studies on campus. 

Oh, and did we mention cost-cutting? 

The study abroad program by upGrad offers you the best of both worlds – get yourself enrolled in a good college abroad, attend the first-year classes online from the comfort of your home, and the second year onwards, you can attend on-campus classes. In doing so, you save a LOT of money that would otherwise have been spent in the form of housing, food, travelling, and all other living expenses abroad. You save the entire 1-year worth of money, which translates to at least 20 Lakhs. 

What’s more? You get a dual alumnus status – both from the foreign university and IIIT, Bangalore. This means double the networking opportunities! 



Geographical boundaries can be very restricting, and they tend to stop you from going to another country or even a state. However, this is not the case with education, and upGrad is dedicated to proving it. Today, education is global, and upGrad believes it should be accessible to every passionate aspirant so that you get opportunities not based on your country but based on your talent. 

If this is something that interests you, reach out to us today!

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