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Moles Happy as Homes Go Underground

Updated on 22 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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The passage Moles happy as homes go underground, is vital for your IELTS reading section preparations. You will find the questions and answers in this guide, along with suitable insights to help you out. With appropriate practice time spent on passages like these, you will be ready to take the examination head-on. 

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Questions 1-8

This reading passage comes with nine paragraphs between A and I. You must select the appropriate heading for every paragraph from the list below. Write the suitable number (i-xii) in boxes 1-8 on the answer sheet. 

Guideline: You will have to carefully consider the statements given, keeping in mind that there are more headings than the number of paragraphs in this case. Take your time before assigning a heading to a particular paragraph.

Heading List

i    A designer describes his houses

ii    Most people prefer conventional housing

iii    Simulating a natural environment

iv    How an underground family home developed

v    Demands on space and energy are reduced

vi    The plans for future homes

vii    Worldwide examples of underground living accommodation

viii    Some buildings do not require natural light

ix    Developing underground services around the world

x    Underground living improves health

xi    Homes sold before completion

xii    An underground home is discovered

1.Paragraph A

2.Paragraph B

3.Paragraph C

4.Paragraph D

5.Paragraph E

6.Paragraph F

7.Paragraph G

8.Paragraph H

9.Paragraph I 

Questions 9-14

Complete the sentences given below with words that you take from the passage. Do not use any more than three words for every single answer. 

Write the answers in boxes 9-14 on your sheet. 

9) Many developers prefer mass-produced houses because they_____________ quickly

10) The Dutch development was welcomed by____________. 

11) Hurkmans’ houses are built into_____________________. 

12) The Ivrea Centre was developed for_________________. 

13) Japanese scientists are helping people_______ underground life. 

14) Frank Siegmunds’ first underground room was used for__________. 

Answer Table :

1. xi8. iv
2. ix9. sell 
3. viii10.  planners
4. v11. embankments
5. i12. Olivetti employees
6. vii13. adapt to
7. iii14. his bakery business / a cool room

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Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert


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