France Scholarship for Indian Students & Tips to Get Scholarship

Scholarships in France

One can pursue higher studies in France at a lower price with hundreds of scholarship opportunities. Besides being a tourist hotspot, it is equally known for its quality education and academic infrastructure. It also has diverse scholarship programs to promote higher education for talented international students. 

The French government believes that financial disadvantage must not be a barrier in education. That is why the nation invests a hefty sum yearly in education and research. The country has opened its door wide for Indian students to come and receive higher education in their chosen area of study with more than two hundred scholarship programs. The French embassy in India, French universities, business schools, and various organizations in France offer scholarships to almost 500 meritorious Indian students every year who desire to pursue their post-graduation or Ph.D. in France. Take a look below to better understand scholarships to study in France for Indian students.

Available France scholarship for Indian students

The French Foreign Ministry and the higher educational institutions in France award several deserving international students with their various prestigious scholarship opportunities. Almost every field of study has different government and non-government scholarship programs for master’s degrees, Ph.D., and even for internships. This means along with the typical streams like science, arts, engineering, and business, fields like law, films and new media, culinary studies and many more programs also award scholarships to the students with excellent academic records. There are even special scholarships available only for women who pursue higher education in some particular subjects. 

Scholarships are available for different subjects, different degree programs, students with different social statuses, etc. Likewise, the number of France scholarships for Indian students and the competition for those scholarships are also very high. All of these competitive scholarships have separate eligibility criteria and amount of facilities. Do proper research before choosing one for funding your studies in France.

French Government Scholarships
  1. Charpak Scholarship (Bachelor’s & Master’s level)
  2. La Femis (Film and New Media studies)
  3. Eiffel Scholarship Excellence Programme  (Masters and Ph.D. level)
  4. The Erasmus+ Scholarship (Master’s level)
  5. MOPGA Scholarship (Master’s level)
Franco-Indian Trust Scholarships
  1. Shikhar Thales Scholarship Program (Master’s level)
  2. Amba Dalmia Scholarship Program (Master’s level, Ph.D., and more)
  3. UGAM Legrand Scholarship (Master’s level)
  4. Bahman Samandari Scholarship Programme (Master’s level)
Co-Financed and French Higher Education Institution Scholarships
  1. Rennes School of Business Scholarships
  2. Emile-Boutmy Scholarship
  3. EDHEC Business School Scholarships
  4. ENS Paris-Saclay International Scholarship
  5. Universite Paris Saclay IDEX Scholarship

Scholarships in Europe

The government of France awards Charpak Scholarship. This scholarship to Indian students. It is named after the Nobel Prize winner French physicist Georges Charpak. Public and private university students pursuing either under or post-graduation are eligible for this scholarship. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students involved in research projects on internships are also eligible for this scholarship.

Types of Charpak scholarship:

  • Charpak Lab Scholarship
  • Charpak Master’s Scholarship
  • Spring session Charpak Exchange Scholarship 
  • Autumn session Charpak Exchange Scholarship 

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence 

This is one of the most preferred scholarships to study in France for Indian students. Eiffel scholarship is a Master’s and Ph.D. level scholarship program and was initiated by the French government to support diligent international students from all over the world. You don’t need to worry about this scholarship as your university/institution will take the charge to apply on your behalf, if you are eligible. Not only monthly stipend but awardees receive an additional allowance for other necessary expenses. A postgraduate student gets 1181 euros monthly while a Ph.D. student receives 1400 euros with an extra allowance. Ask your school for further information.

The Erasmus+ Scholarship

This France scholarship program for Indian students supports education and training programs and sports. It is a program to fund the studies of top international students to promote higher education in France. 

Erasmus+ mobility scholarships also cover living expenses and accommodation expenditures.

Emile-Boutmy Scholarship

This scholarship is available for international students who are pursuing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program in France. Emile-Boutmy Scholarship is an extremely competitive scholarship that Sciences Po Paris organizes. The scholarship program is named after Emile Boutmy, the founder of Sciences Po, a well-known university in Paris. Check the eligibility criteria from their official websites. 

Tips on How to Get Scholarships to Study in France for Indian Students

Most of the French scholarships for Indian students are either given by the Embassy of France in India or French universities and special schools. Find the right one for you with maximum support and benefits. Here are some tips on how to get a scholarship to study in France.


Check the amount of remuneration, the support the scholarships offer, eligibility criteria, and how long the scholarship would benefit you.

Make list: 

After you are done with all the research, make a list of the scholarship programs you feel will be excellent for you. 


Zero in on one or more programs that promise to provide maximum support for a longer period.


This is time for you to fill in your application form without making mistakes and submit it with all the required documents within the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How difficult is it to get a scholarship in France?

France is one of the few European countries where international students crowd every year to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including Ph.D. One of the main reasons behind it is the wide range of Government and private scholarships available in France for international students. French scholarships are quite competitive and you need to earn an excellent score to be eligible for one. Different scholarships require different criteria.

Q2. Can I get a 100% scholarship to study in France?

Some France scholarships for Indian students would grant your health insurance coverage, expenses for tickets, and other costs besides tuition fees. There are scholarships in almost every field for every program. Do thorough research before choosing scholarships, apply for what would award you with the maximum advantages.

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