Cost of Living in Sweden- A Guide

Cost of Living in Sweden

Sweden is known for its liberal and welcoming environment for international students. It has an advanced education system that emphasizes on research and teaching along with being home to several highly-ranked universities. The cost of living in Sweden for international students is also reasonable. There are more than 1,000 English-taught degree courses. Many choose to study in Sweden for the country’s flourishing job market, which ensures excellent employment prospects after graduation. 

Basic Information

Before you choose to study abroad in Sweden, you should know some basic details of the country. These include the following: 

  • The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. 
  • The main language spoken here is Swedish. 
  • Sweden covers an estimated area of 450,000 square kilometers. 
  • Sweden has its academic year from August to June. 
  • The currency of the country is SEK or the Swedish Kronor. 
  • The calling code is +46 while the time zone is CET (UTC+1). 

Types of Cities

There are several cities in Sweden with low cost of living. The major cities in the country include Malmo, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. Coastal cities in Sweden include Marstrand, Gothenburg, Ystad, and Malmo. 

Universities in the Country

Here is a list of highly-ranked universities in Sweden, as per the QS 2023 rankings. 


Name of the Institution QS World Ranking (2023)
KTH- Royal Institute of Technology 89
Lund University 95
Chalmers University of Technology 125
Uppsala University 128
Stockholm University 153
Goteborg University 185
Linkoping University 320
Umea University 369

Cost of Attendance

The cost of living in Sweden depends greatly on the attendance cost at major educational institutions. This is usually between SEK 80,000 to SEK 295,000 per year. 


The cost of living in Sweden for Indian students will depend on the tuition fees. In most cases, tuition fees hover between SEK 79,596-270,626 Euros annually for bachelor’s and master’s programs. The cost of studying Sweden is approximately between SEK 80,000-110,000 for humanities and social sciences courses and also between SEK 120-150,000 for IT, engineering, and natural sciences courses. The costs are also between SEK 190,000-270,000 for design and architecture programs. 


The monthly rental cost is between SEK 2,500-6,500 and this will determine the cost of living in Sweden for a family. 


The average cost of living in Sweden will be approximately SEK 1,300 per month. 


What is the minimum cost of living in Sweden? You should have factored in the costs on rent, utilities, and tuition fees. The cost of books is approximately SEK 750 per month. 


Transportation costs are usually around SEK 450-600 per month if students make use of the public transportation system. SEK 1170-1200 is what you will need for a bicycle that you can use to commute in the city.

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