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Cost of living in Denmark- A brief guide

Updated on 08 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

The cost of living in Denmark is competitive compared to several other global educational hubs. 18,000+ students choose to study abroad in Denmark annually. Some of the biggest advantages of studying in Denmark include top-class educational programs, research-driven learning, and excellent academic infrastructure. Denmark is one of the world’s most livable, safest, and happiest countries, offering high per capita income and quality of life alike. This is why thousands of international students prefer to study in Denmark. 


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Basic Information

Denmark is a hugely popular educational destination for international students. The cost of living in Denmark for international students is also low. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, while Danish is the primary language spoken here. The academic year is from September to June. The currency here is the Danish Krone or DKK. The calling code is +45. 

Types of cities

There are many cities in Denmark with low cost of living. Leading cities include Aarhus, Copenhagen, Aalborg, Odense, and Frederiksberg. These are the biggest urban centres in the country. The coastal cities include Copenhagen, Svendborg, Ebeltoft, Hirtshals, and Skagen. 

Universities in Denmark

The cost of living in Denmark for Indian students or their international peers is dependent upon the university chosen. Here are some options that are worth considering. 

Name of UniversityTHE World University Ranking 2022
University of Copenhagen96
Aarhus University104
Technical University of Denmark185
Aalborg University201-250
Copenhagen Business School 201-250
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Cost of Attendance

The cost of studying Denmark is approximately between 6,000 and 16,000 Euros annually for non-EEA/EU citizens. EU/EEA citizens can study for their master’s and bachelor’s programs absolutely free of cost. 


The average cost of living in Denmark will be directly influenced by the tuition fees charged by universities. Business administration courses cost around 10,000 Euros annually, while this is around 6-8,500 Euros per year for economics. The costs are around 10-17,400 Euros per year for master’s programs in economics. Biotechnology courses cost around 12-20,000 Euros annually, while hospitality and tourism courses require close to 4,000 Euros and 7,000 Euros per year for bachelor’s and master’s students, respectively. Political science courses cost approximately 9,000 Euros per year. 


The cost of living in Denmark for a family depends greatly on the monthly rent. Students should expect anywhere around 400 to 670 Euros per month in rental accommodation costs. Copenhagen will be costlier at approximately 800-900 Euros per month. What is the minimum cost of living in Denmark? Students should work out the rental costs before adding utilities, insurance, books, transportation and leisure costs to the mix. Students finding halls of residence may expect charges of 250-300 Euros per month. 

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Students should budget around 200 Euros in utility costs per month. 


Costs on books and study materials could range between 30 and 65 Euros each month. 


Students will need 40 to 50 Euros each month in conveyance costs. 

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How much does it cost to live in Denmark as a student?

Living costs are approximately 240 to 460 Euros per month in Denmark for students. This applies if they are residing in halls of residence off campus. They can also choose private accommodation options where one bedroom apartments usually cost around US$1,000 and upwards each month (near the city centre).

Is living expensive in Denmark?

The cost of living is moderately high in Denmark. Buying petrol and dining out can be costly along with basic utilities. Yet, the cost of education is comparatively competitive by most standards.

How much does it cost to study in Denmark for international students?

International students can expect costs hovering between 6,000 and 16,000 Euros per year in overall tuition fees. The cost of attendance will vary, depending on various factors.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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