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Cost of Studying in Sweden

Updated on 07 November, 2023

Neha Uppal

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Lagom - Not too little, not too much. Just right!  

This single Swedish word is deeply rooted in Swedish culture and stands more valid than any other for a student gauging the cost of studying in Sweden. Touted to be the “land of innovation,” Sweden has impressed the world by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Studying in Sweden means being part of a student-friendly environment having 39 state-of-the-art universities and modern amenities.


As the number one country offering the highest quality of life, Sweden annually attracts thousands of new international students, 39,806 students during the 2021-22 academic year. Plus, international students can benefit from numerous scholarships. 

While planning to study here, one might wonder: What is the minimum cost of studying in Sweden for Indian students? Don’t fret! Read on to understand the aspects of the studying cost in Sweden. 

Tuition Fees in Sweden: Comparison between non-EU/EEA and EU/EEA Students

Being a European Union (EU) member, Sweden’s tuition fee rules not only apply to its citizens but also to Switzerland, EU/EEA, and other Nordic countries. All exchange students enjoy fee exemption benefits if the programs align with agreements between Swedish universities and their international counterparts.

Most Swedish universities offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs free of tuition fees for EU/EEA and Switzerland citizens. Further, the Ph.D. programs are free for all students, regardless of their native country.

The tuition fees vary depending on the university and discipline you choose if you’re not a Swedish national. The cost of study in Sweden for Indian students and other non-EU/EEA is between Swedish Krona (SEK) 84,000 – 28,500 per year for a Bachelor’s or Master’s program. The application fee is an additional SEK 900. 

According to QS Rankings 2023, the top-ranked Swedish universities and their average tuition costs are

S. No

University Name

Average Tuition Fees UG

Average Tuition Fees PG


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

SEK 366,000/year

SEK 310,000/year


Lund University

SEK 200,000/year

SEK 225,000/year


The Chalmers University of Technology

SEK 80,000/semester

SEK 80,00/semester


Uppsala University

SEK 50,000/semenster

SEK 50,000/semenster


Stockholm University

SEK 90,000-140,000/year

SEK 90,000-140,000/year

Source: University official website

Top 3 Scholarships in Sweden for International Students 

Until 2010, Sweden was among the few European countries where education was free. But the Swedish Government then passed a law to levy tuition and application fees from non-EU/EEA students. However, they offer to supplement it with Swedish Scholarship Programs. 

Here are the top scholarships programs for international students. 

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

Aimed at highly-qualified students from 41 eligible countries, the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) endow full-time master’s level studies in Sweden. It covers tuition fees, insurance, and living costs. The student will receive a monthly SEK 11,000 to cover the living expenses throughout the study period.

Lund University Global Scholarship Program

The Lund University Global Scholarship Program targets top academic students belonging to countries outside the EU/EEA (and Switzerland). The scholarships are available for bachelor’s or master’s degree studies. The student may get partial or up to full tuition fee coverage. 

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

The IPOET Scholarships are available for residents of non-EU/EEA countries. The scholarship offers a 75% reduction in tuition fees.

Study in Sweden: Eligibility Criteria and  Important Documents 

Keep in mind to find specific requirements for the intended academic program in Sweden on university websites. However, the general prerequisites are:

Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree

The criteria for a bachelor’s degree at a Swedish institution are straightforward and student-friendly. For admission, the student must have the following:

  • Finished high school with a 60% average and be at least 18 years old
  • General English language proficiency is similar to Swedish upper secondary English Course 6.
  • Completed mathematical courses equivalent to the mathematics levels offered at Swedish universities ( ten years of mathematics study)

In short, you must take an internationally recognized English proficiency exam, like the IELTS or TOEFL. They should also ensure that it fits the standards of the branch and university you’re interested in.

Requirements for Master’s Degree 

Here’s the list of criteria for pursuing a master’s degree from a Swedish university:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognized university
  • Or a degree comparable to the Swedish Kandidatexamen is a must
  • Proficiency in English: hold an acceptable IELTS or TOEFL score

Ph.D. Entry Requirements

The requirements for getting a Ph.D. from a Swedish university are:

  • Must have a prior degree in the same field of study matching the intended course
  • Students should submit the thesis from their previous degree attached with the application
  • Proficiency in English and Swedish, as some seminars may get conducted in Swedish.


Sweden is, undoubtedly, a land of opportunities for students worldwide. Revered for its academic standards, sustainable development initiatives, and higher quality of living, Sweden is a dream study destination.

The cost of studying in Sweden is moderate (lagom)! But it’s worth a shot owing to its openness to accept foreigners. Hence, if you get to study here, you’ll likely feel at home and quickly settle into your new surroundings. Overall, it's an incredible and exciting place to live, learn and build a future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most expensive city in Sweden for international students?

Stockholm is among the most expensive city in Sweden. According to the Mercer Cost of Living Index 2022, Stockholm ranks 87th among 227 world cities.

Can students work while studying in Sweden?

Yes, why not! International students can work part-time in Sweden while studying. But, ensure you complete at least 40 hours of study per week on your studies. It’s mandatory. 

Neha Uppal

Sr. Content editor

Neha Uppal is a passionate content creator and editor. She carries 7.5+ years of experience working with leading edutech companies where she worked as a Faculty, Community Manager, and Content Marketeer. At upGrad, she is helping out people keep informed about the scopes and opportunities of studying abroad via informational articles/blogs.

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