Cost of living in Austria- Fees, Rent & Universities

Before knowing about the cost of living in Austria, you should first know more about studying in the country. Austria is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad, offering a welcoming and conducive environment for international students. Austria has a strategic location in Europe while being famous as a tourism destination. It is known for its winter sports, especially throughout the Arlberg region and Innsbruck as well. The average cost of living in Austria is also reasonable for students. Austria has leading public universities for students and complete safety along with a lower crime rate and high living standards. Institutions in Austria emphasize smaller student groups for projects and group-learning activities.Ā 

Basic Information

It is a landlocked country without a coastline. It has borders with Slovakia, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Liechtenstein, Hungary Italy, and Switzerland. It has a population of close to 9 million citizens and is a federal republic of nine states. Here are some more basic facts about Austria:Ā 

  • Vienna is the capital of Austria
  • The language spoken here is Austrian German
  • The academic year is between October and September.Ā 
  • The prevalent currency is Euro.Ā 
  • The calling code is +43.Ā 

Types of Cities

There are many cities in Austria with low costs of living. Leading urban cities include Vienna and Innsbruck, along with St. Polten, Salzburg, and Linz. Other leading cities include Graz, Villach, and Wels.Ā 

Universities in Austria

Those wishing to study in Austria should take a closer look at these leading universities which are ranked as per U.S. News.


Name of the University QS World Ranking (2022)
University of Vienna 151
Vienna University of Technology 180
Graz University of Technology 277
University of Innsbruck 281
University of Linz 354
University of Klagenfurt 501-510
University of Graz 651-700
University of Salzburg 801-1000

Cost of attendanceĀ 

The cost of living in Austria for Indian students or their international students will naturally depend on their educational costs at universities. It may vary between 3,000 and 23,000 Euros per year. This is the estimated average cost of studying Austria and may vary across cities and regions.Ā 


The cost of living in Austria for a family often depends on the tuition fees charged by educational institutions. What is the minimum cost of living in Austria? It depends on the type of university and student in question. Public universities charge 20 Euros per semester for EEA/EU students. Non-EEA/EU students pay approximately 726.72 Euros per semester as their tuition costs. Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) charge approximately 363 Euros for each semester for EEA/EU students, while non-EEA/EU students pay around 727 to 7,500 Euros per semester. Private universities charge 3,000 to 23,000 Euros annually while more advanced educational programs may require around 35,000 Euros per year as well.Ā 


The average rentals in Austria are anywhere between 200 and 500 Euros per month. Some leading cities like Vienna are costlier than the others. Students staying alone may expect costs of approximately 400 Euros each month. Those in student accommodation may anticipate costs of 260 Euros each month, while those staying with a colleague or partner can expect costs of 370 Euros every month.Ā 


Utility costs are approximately around 100-200 Euros per month.Ā 


Books and study resources may cost around 300 Euros each month.Ā 


Public transportation costs are quite reasonable in Austria. Students can expect to pay around 2 Euros for a single bus or metro ride. Costs of transportation pass each month is roughly between 30 and 50 Euros. Student cards help in obtaining discounts as well.Ā 


Is Austria cheap for international students?

The study costs in Austria are reasonable for international students. They can anticipate costs of approximately 1,452 Euros across public institutions while 20 Euros are payable for each semester for membership of student unions.

Is studying in Austria free for international students?

Public universities in the country offer free education for EEA and EU citizens while international students have to pay for their courses. Tuition fees may hover around 3,000-23,000 Euros annually.

Is Austria expensive for international students?

1,000 Euros is the average figure that you require on a monthly basis in living costs, while tuition fees may hover around 3,000-23,000 Euros annually. The country is not as costly as many other leading international study destinations.

Is Austria good for international students?

Austria is one of the leading countries for international students, offering good safety and low crime rates, along with a welcoming and inclusive community. Austria is also known for its reputed educational institutions, student-focused teaching and learning, and high living standards.

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