List of Best Immigration Friendly Countries for Indians

Top 10 immigration Friendly Countries - The Complete Guide

Moving to a different country is often described as a life-changing experience. However, with immigration rules being tightened across the globe, migrating can be a complex process. Several international destinations are promising in terms of education quality, job prospects, and a good lifestyle but to determine which ones are the most immigration-friendly countries one needs a thorough assessment of the visa rules and work permits. 

A relatively easier immigration process makes these below-mentioned 10 countries a haven for international students. These immigrant-friendly countries witness a large number of migrants coming in from all parts of the world. 

Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries


Canada is one of the best countries for immigration. International students from all over visit Canada for a promising future. The application numbers keep rising every year, and one of the major reasons for it is an easy and friendly immigration process. Canada is an immigrant-friendly country that offers flexibility in obtaining visas, study and work permits, and post-graduation work permits. The flexibility is possible through simple eligibility norms to migrate, less emphasis on paperwork, quality education, and a robust job market. The ease to immigrate is also possible due to the availability of various types of visas such as visitor visas, student visas, work visas, permanent residence visas, and Express Entry Program visas. Canada values immigration and makes it easy for international students to be integrated into Canadian culture.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries for international students to have a perfect study abroad experience. The culturally vibrant country and its ever-growing job market make it easy for more students to enter New Zealand and benefit from its excellent education system. The country also offers various types of immigration visas, such as the New Zealand Visitor Visa, New Zealand Student Visa, New Zealand Work Visa, and New Zealand Resident Visa. Post-graduation work permits and permanent residency facilities are offered to deserving applicants. In addition, international students can get a Qualified Migrant Category Resident Visa for permanent residence.


Australia has always featured among the best countries to immigrate to list. It welcomes deserving applicants from all over the world with an easy and flexible immigration process and policies. Australia has various types of immigration visas, such as student visas, work visas, temporary visas, short-stay work visas, skilled visas, and visitor visas. The facilities of permanent residency and post-study work permits offer international students a better chance to build their careers. The Skill Select Migration Program is an online scheme that has been created to help lodge an online Expression of Interest (EOI) for foreign students as well as migrants who have graduated from Australia and may want to apply for permanent residency. Australia has a welcoming culture and international students can easily apply to the top-ranked colleges and universities.


Singapore is a renowned and popular South Asian country that has a promising education system. It offers world-class facilities and research-oriented programs to international students. There are various types of immigration visas in Singapore, such as work visas, student visas, and visitor visas. It has a prosperous economy. And being the fourth largest financial center in the world has its own perks. Singapore also falls under the category of countries with an easy immigration process.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is a tax-free country and residents donā€™t have to pay any sort of tax there. The standard of living is high, with promising job prospects and a large number of reputed universities. The UAE offers friendly immigration policies and welcomes students without any complications. The types of visas in the UAE are student visas, work visas, and transit visas.


A friendly and safe country for immigrants, Norway offers all immigrants a happy and healthy lifestyle. This opulent country offers free education facilities. It is a wonderful country with a beautiful climate. It is free of pollution and is a treat for international students relocating from polluted countries. The immigration laws are friendly, and the eligibility requirements are not too rigid. The types of visas offered here are student visas, visitor’s visas, and work permits. It is indeed one of the best destinations to plan abroad studies.


Argentina occupies a large geographic area, but it is not very densely populated. It is one of the most welcoming countries with relaxed policies and eligibility requirements. Argentina is a country that helps immigrants find permanent residency and settle down with ease. The various types of visas available here are transitory visas, student visas, work visas, and permanent residency. The only criterion that is followed here is that every individual must meet the minimum monthly income mark to settle down.

The United States of America (USA)

One of the largest economies in the world, the USA is one of the most preferred destinations considering the job prospects and educational facilities in the country. It is home to some of the top-ranked global universities and colleges. It is a country that supports a multicultural environment and has immigrants from all over the world. It makes immigration easier with flexibility in rules and protocols. The types of visas offered here are student visas, visitor visas, and work visas.


Germany has a promising automotive industry and hence ample employment opportunities. It is one of the most popular European countries that offer world-class educational opportunities. It is an immigration-friendly country and offers a flexible and smooth immigration process. The rules, protocols, and policies are designed to make the process of immigration hassle-free. It offers various types of visas, such as work visas, job search visas, student visas, training visas, and guest scientist visas. Germany also provides easy permanent residency opportunities and that attracts aspirants from all over the map. The easiest way to do that is by receiving a residency permit or an EU Blue Card from the Central Registry Office of Foreign Nationals.

The United Kingdom (UK)

It is one of the best countries for immigration and meritorious students and graduates aspire to build a career here. There are various visas offered here, such as work visas, business visas, study visas, visitor visas, and settlement visas. The post-study programs and permanent residency facilities are ample and offer great opportunities for students and job aspirants. It hosts some of the biggest brands, the best universities, and colleges. The living standards are high with easy availability of part-time jobs and permanent employment.

The 10 countries mentioned above are the top immigrant-friendly countries. These best countries for immigration offer easy policies to migrate and settle down. You can get in touch with a counselor from UpGrad Abroad to seek the maximum benefits from these immigration-friendly countries.

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