Requirements for studying in Australia: Eligibility, application procedure

Requirements for studying in Australia

There are numerous requirements for studying in Australia, which is one of the most popular global educational destinations for Indian and other international students. Australia is known for its practical, knowledge-based, and reputed educational system along with its emphasis on building world class infrastructure. The country attracts many international students on account of its higher living standards, good quality of life, lucrative future career, research prospects and comparatively affordable educational costs. Australia is one of the premier educational destinations for higher education with international recognition readily available for degrees gained in the country. Eligibility requirements and admission criteria for international students may vary across institutions of higher education and VET (Vocation Education and Training) providers. 

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Requirements for studying in Australia- Eligibility criteria

The requirements for studying in Australia should be carefully noted. Some of the top requirements to study in Australia include the following: 

1. Admission into diploma level courses will need applicants to score at least 60% marks in their Class 12 examination. 

2. Admission into bachelor’s degrees will require students to score 65% or higher marks in their Class 12 examination. 

3. All universities in Australia recognize the 3-year graduation degree for entry into postgraduate programs. For example, Indian degrees like B. Sc, B.A. and B. Com are equivalent to the Australian bachelor’s degree with a total of 12 years of education. 

4. Some universities and courses may need qualifications that are equivalent to Australian Bachelor (Honors) degrees. For instance, degrees like B.A. (H), B. Com (H), B.E., B. Tech and other such 4-year degree courses. 

5. A good basic university degree from a top Indian university or college or equivalent is necessary for most Australian universities. 

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Academic requirements to study in Australia

Amongst the requirements for studying in Australia, there are specific academic requirements that need your attention too. You will have to give educational details including the subjects of the course and grades obtained. Those applying for admissions will have to furnish official transcripts from every university or college that they have attended post secondary school. This has to be backed up with details of credits, subjects and other information like diplomas or correspondence courses. Attested copies of the following will be needed: 

1. Mark sheet of Class 10th 

2. Mark sheet of Class 12th 

3. Graduation degree or Provisional certificate with score sheet 

If transcripts and other documents are not in the English language, they should be translated likewise and kept with certified original copies (certified by an agency/individual recognized by the government of the country or the law). 

Forms for application

Inquiries on the application should be dispatched 12-15 months prior to the proposed admission date. You can get the forms through the following methods: 

1. Through email- An aspirant can request the application form from the university’s website. Universities usually have forms on websites via which application material may be requested. 

2. Downloads- Most websites of universities offer downloadable versions of their application forms which can be printed out too. You may use these in the manner of regular application forms. 

3. University representatives- You may also obtain the forms from multiple authorized representatives of Australian Universities in the home country. 

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Requirements for your application

The following requirements have to be met: 

1. Higher secondary and senior secondary report or certificate along with transcripts (report cards or mark sheets) of final examinations. It is suitable to convert marks in sync with the grading system in Australia. 

2. GMAT and IELTS examination scorecard (if applying for MBA courses) should be given. The minimum GMAT and IELTS examination scores may vary from one institution to another. 

3. If applying for MBA or higher education degrees like doctoral programs, you may have to provide the work experience letters and certificates, stating major responsibilities, complete work information and positions that have been held in the past. A detailed resume is also required. 

4. An SOP (Statement of Purpose) or personal essays stating interests, career goals, extracurricular activities and why a particular stream has been chosen by the student along with how the student will financially manage while staying in the country, must be presented. 

5. LOR (Letter of Recommendation) is required from an individual who has taught the student and knows him/her professionally, stating the strengths and weaknesses of students and why he/she will do well in the selected field. Two LORs are needed for the application in most cases. 

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Admission examinations

Applicants should ideally register for all the necessary admission tests for obtaining entry into leading Australian universities. Since Australia is majorly a English-speaking country, you should prove English language proficiency. You should take an English proficiency test like IELTS which is accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. If you want to pursue post graduation via an MBA program at Australian B-schools or Australian universities, you must take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) exam. This is not compulsory though. 

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Following up after applying

Post applying to shortlisted universities along with providing necessary documents, you will have to wait since it usually takes a week to hear back. You can go through visa criteria at the local Australian government office or the Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship official website. You can also arrange for the payable course fees at this time. Upon getting the eCoE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment) from any institution/university, you may directly proceed to the application procedure for a visa. 

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