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MS in Business Analytics in USA: Universities, Fees & Scope for 2024

Updated on 01 February, 2024

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

The USA is one of the popular destinations for students willing to pursue a postgraduate degree overseas. Master’s in business analytics in the USA is one of the best STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs, offering the benefits of extended post-study work visas, excellent research opportunities, and lucrative job prospects. With more than 210 prestigious universities offering courses in business analytics, the US is one of the best study-abroad destinations for a master’s in business analytics.

Read on to learn more about the top universities, cost, eligibility, documents, and career opportunities after a master’s in business analytics in the USA.

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Why Study MS Business Analytics in the USA? 

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported a 16% growth in business analytics jobs by 2024. 
  • Over 210 top-class US universities are offering business analytics courses.
  • Business analytics is a STEM program.
  • Studying in the US offers international exposure to students as they get to work with global brands. 
  • The salary range in the US for a business analytics graduate is₹40 lakh to 67 lakh. A master’s in business analytics from the US opens lucrative career opportunities. 

Top 10 Universities for MS in Business Analytics in the USA 

With a wide range of courses, excellent academic curriculum, extensive scope for research, and qualified faculty, universities in the USA are renowned for business analytics degrees. Around 210 globally ranked universities make the US one of the best abroad destinations for business analytics. Below mentioned are some of the top universities in the US for business analytics. 

1. University of Rochester:

With a World University Ranking of 165, the University of Rochester’s MS Business Analytics course is one of the major STEM programs. International students choose business analytics due to the excellent faculty and research opportunities at this University.

2. The University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago’s business analytics program falls under the US’s top 20 affordable MS in business analytics. It is one of the top-ranked and recognized universities in the US for an integrated business analytics program. 

3. University of Cincinnati:

Business analytics at the University of Cincinnati is one of the prestigious degrees for STEM background students. Students must have a high GRE and GMAT score to secure admission to the University of Cincinnati’s MS business analytics course. The University has the best research opportunities for international students. 

4. University of Connecticut:

The University of Connecticut is one of the renowned universities for comprehensive business analytics courses. Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business analytics are offered at the university. 

5. University of Michigan:

The University of Michigan is a well-known public university in the USA that offers integrated business analytics programs. 

6. Arizona State University:

ASU is one of the most preferred universities for business analytics. It is a public research university in the US with high scope for innovation and research opportunities. To get admission at ASU’s MS in business analytics, one needs to get good scores on GRE or SAT

7. Drexel University:

It is a private university that offers an innovative approach to business analytics modules. Around 21% of the students in Drexel University’s business analytics courses are from foreign countries, and the scope and opportunities for research and development are ample. 

8. University of Minnesota:

An MS in business analytics is one of the most popular specializations which helps bag the highest packages in the US. International students opt for the University of Minnesota’s MS in business analytics course due to the affordable fee structure and industry exposure.

9. University of Texas:

An MS in business analytics course is popular and recommended for offering high salary packages. The cost of business analytics at Texas University is affordable. It is one of the prestigious universities in the US, with the best facilities, world-class research opportunities, and excellent academic records. 

10. University of Maryland:

International students opt for business analytics at the University of Maryland due to its excellent education quality and reputation. University of Maryland’s MS business analytics course is one of the most recommended courses designed as per the changing trends of big data. 

USA Free Course

The USA hosts the largest number of international students from across the world. Over the past few years, it has become one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. Reasons such as best-ranked institutions, excellent support facilities, flexible academic environment, and cultural diversity contribute to making it the most preferred destination amongst students planning to study abroad.

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Refer to the below-given table for course span and tuition fees at top US universities: 

Institute Course Span Fees
University of RochesterOne year USD 71,000/year ( ₹54 lakh)
The University of Chicago4-5 quartersUSD 4,965 ( ₹4 lakh)
University of CincinnatiOne yearUSD 15,696 ( ₹12 lakh)
University of Connecticut3 semestersUSD 1,050 per credit ( ₹80,000)
University of MichiganOne yearUSD 62,500 ( ₹48 lakh)
Arizona State University 3 semestersUSD 82,032 ( ₹63 lakh) 
Drexel University15 months USD 1,139 per credit hour ( ₹88,000)
University of MinnesotaOne year $1,605 per credit ( ₹1.22 lakh)
University of Texas10 months $53,000 (₹ 40 lakh)
University of Maryland12 months USD 59,850 ( ₹47 lakh)

Source: University website

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Documents Required for Master’s in Business Analytics in the USA

Students taking admission in business analytics need to provide relevant documents for admission. Find below the list of documents to take admission in the US: 

  • Academic transcripts are important. It must include certificates and mark sheets of high school, graduation, and postgraduation. 
  • Scores of entrance examinations like GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, and others. 
  • Students need to provide their English language proficiency test scores. 
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation are needed by a US university. It should be from past employers or faculty members. 
  • A well-drafted SOP. 
  • A valid passport and other national identification proofs. 
  •  Students need to provide evidence about their funding options.  
  •  An updated resume is important. If you have prior work experience, it may help waive the need for GRE test scores. Many universities in the US require students with some prior experience. 
  • Two passport size photographs
  • For every university, there will be an application fee. The fee payment acknowledgement slip is an important document to confirm the application.

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Eligibility for Business Analytics in the US

The US universities offer business analytics programs with some very common entry requisites. Students must meet the basic eligibility requirements to fulfill the admission criteria and get a chance to study at top-ranked universities. Find below the common eligibility criteria:

  • An excellent academic record is a critical admission criterion. Students need to have a good GPA in their bachelor’s degree and high school. The GPA requirements will not be the same for every university. Most US universities that offer business analytics courses have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0-4.0 on the 4.0 GPA scale. 
  • English language proficiency test scores are important for admission. It is essential to prove English language skills for non-native English speakers to study in English-speaking countries. 
  • Schooling of 12 years from a recognized board of study is essential without gaps. 
  • Updated resume with some prior job experience is important. Various universities waive the GRE score requirement for students with prior work experience in the US. 
  • Standardized entrance examinations like GRE and GMAT are important eligibility criteria for a master’s in business analytics. The minimum score requirement is 650, but it might increase for better-ranked universities. Students need to check the university’s website to know the score requirements for each university. 
  • To be eligible, you need to have all your documents. Some important documents are academic transcripts and SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, TOEFL, and IELTS test scores. Passport, identification proof, and financial proof are essential. Universities need at least two letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose.

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Masters in Business Analytics in the USA: GRE Requirement

Most universities in the US that offer Master’s degrees in business analytics require you to submit a GRE score. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized and popular entrance examination that evaluates the readiness among students for a master’s program. 

The GRE score is not common for every university. The minimum GRE score requirement is 280. However, it increases for the top-ranked US universities. International students need to check individual university GRE score requirements before applying. Here are some of the top US universities and their GRE score requirements: 

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MS in Business Analytics in the USA Without GRE

GMAT/GRE scores are used to assess the calibre of students seeking admission to masters. However, there are possibilities that many international students do not have a good GMAT or GRE score. Various universities in the USA require prior work experience and a high GPA to waive the GRE/ GMAT score requirement. Below listed are some of the universities that do not need a GRE or GMAT score: 


Work Experience Requirements for MS in Business Analytics in the USA

Work experience is not a requirement when it comes to pursuing MS in business analytics in the USA. The program is structured in a way that students from every background find the curriculum relevant. 

Cost of Studying Masters in Business Analytics in the USA

When it comes to studying in the US, it is always an expensive affair. However, partial and full funding opportunities have helped the meritorious and needy students to enroll in business analytics programs in the US. The average MS in business analytics in USA fees ranges from 22 lakh to 51 lakh. The public universities offer full funding facilities, while the private ones are very expensive. Studying master’s in business analytics in the USA will come with a hefty price tag, but definitely worth the investment. 

Pre Arrival Cost 

The tuition fee for pursuing MS in business analytics in the US can range anywhere from ₹ 11 lakh to ₹ 63 lakh. 

However, there are other costs involved as well. Often ignored, the pre-arrival expense for masters in the US can cost you around USD 1,885 (₹ 1.44 lakh). 

Here’s the expected breakup:

ExpensesAverage Cost (in USD)
Application Fee80-100
SEVIS Fee F or M visa applicants350
Visa Processing Fee160
Standardized Exams185-275
University Application Fee50-100

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Affordable Masters in Business Analytics in the US

US universities are indeed expensive, especially for STEM programs. However, there are some affordable options available for international students to take up business analytics without paying hefty tuition fees along with living costs. Some of the affordable universities in the US for business analytics are: 

  • Oklahoma University:₹11.61 lakh
  • Grand Canyon University:₹14.90 lakh
  • Bellevue University:₹15.76 lakh

Scholarships for MS in Business Analytics in the USA

In addition to exploring college-specific scholarships, applicants can explore the following scholarship options: 

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The award covers living costs, tuition fees, airfare, books, and health insurance. It can be granted to non-degree postgraduate students as well.

AAUW International Fellowships

It is granted to women applicants who are not US citizens and are in the country for full-time research. An amount worth USD 18,000 is awarded for those in masters.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

The grant is offered to outstanding applicants from developing countries. The application process is competitive, and scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant and 50% loan basis.

MS in Business Analytics in the USA Salary

A Master’s in business analytics opens doors to lucrative career opportunities, especially when it is done from a prestigious US university. Being one of the largest economies, the American job market is replete with lucrative job opportunities for business analytics graduates. The salary range is between ₹40 lakh to 67 lakh annually. 

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MBA vs. MS in Business Analytics

MS in business analytics is completely dedicated to studying business analytics. However, in MBA, business analytics is just a specialization that one may or may not choose.  

MS in business analytics is focused on both practical and theoretical aspects. The program focuses on hands-on experience using machine learning, software engineering, and various business problems. However, in the MBA program, the course is more theoretical with a focus on the application of data analytics in business. 

MS in business analytics is good for students from a technical background; however, for MBA in business analytics, the right students will be those that come from a business background and aim for entrepreneurship in the future. 

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Career Opportunities After Master’s in Business Analytics in the USA

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Chief Technology Officer 
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Application Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst

Study Data Analytics in the USA with upGrad Abroad

Pursue an MS in Data Analytics from Clark University in the US to benefit from a unique curriculum and learnings from institutes such as IIIT-Bangalore and Clark University

The 20-month-course will require eight-month of online learning and for the rest of the 12 months, students can travel to the US for on-campus education. 

You can avail the following benefits if you choose to study the course with upGrad Abroad: 

  • Dual certification – IIITB as well as Clark University
  • GRE Waiver for IIITB learners
  • In-built IELTS prep to be provided by upGrad
  • STEM programs leading upto three years of OPT
  • upGrad end to end support for applications and visa
  • World-Class Faculty Members & Industry Experts
  • Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • One-on-One with Industry Mentors
  • Career Essential Soft Skills Program


In conclusion, pursuing an MS in Business Analytics in the USA in 2024 represents a strategic decision for students looking to delve into the rapidly evolving field of data-driven decision-making. With its blend of technical expertise, analytical skills, and business acumen, this program prepares students for the demands of the modern business landscape. American universities, renowned for their innovative curricula and industry connections, offer students not only advanced education but also practical experience and networking opportunities. This degree opens doors to a variety of high-demand career paths in sectors like finance, healthcare, technology, and consulting. For students aspiring to be at the forefront of business intelligence and analytics, an MS in Business Analytics in the USA in 2024 is an investment that promises a significant return in terms of career advancement and intellectual growth.

Pursuing a degree in business analytics from an American University opens up various career opportunities for international students. For more information regarding study abroad opportunities, get in touch with the counsellors of upGrad Abroad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do MBA or MS in Business Analytics?

MBA programs focus on helping students become better managers. The course is focused on data-driven decision-making and on managing both people and finances. On the other hand, an MS in business analytics is designed for professionals who want to work with data. The program focuses on hands-on experience using machine learning, software engineering, and various business problems.

Is MS in Business Analytics a STEM course in the USA?

The business analytics curriculum involves a lot of learning in math and technology, and so it is regarded as a STEM course. MS in Business Analytics has been recognized as a STEM course by many universities globally.

Is Business Analytics a good course?

Yes, business Analytics is a good course. The subject teaches disciplines and technologies for solving business problems using data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative methods. Earning a master’s degree in business analytics will take your career to new heights.

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

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