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Study Masters In Computer Science In Ireland

Updated on 21 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Computer Science is the doorway to one of the highest-paying professions in the world. Given the current aggressive automation that the world faces, the scope for MS in computer science in Ireland only continues to grow in terms of scope and employment.


Therefore, studying at the top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science is an excellent idea with a plethora of opportunities for further education and employment. 

But how exactly can one achieve that? Let us discuss this in a detailed manner.

Why Study MS in Computer Science from Ireland

The Master’s in Computer Science program is a STEM degree authorized by the government of Ireland so that overseas students may be eligible for optional practical training during their studies. 

One of the most typically mentioned motivations for pursuing an MS in Computer Science in Ireland is to widen and enhance one’s understanding of computer science and pursue specialties that can lead to a thriving career.  

The MS in Computer Science in Ireland is a one-year or two-year curriculum exploring technical approaches to computer applications and services. The country boasts an impeccable reputation in the software sector and is home to some of the finest computer science degrees offered in the world.

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Top Universities in Ireland for Masters in Computer Science 

Find all the information top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science, their course names, and fees per annum below. 

University NameCourse NameFees In EUR (INR)
Trinity College Dublin

MSc in Computer Science


MSc in High-Performance Computing

€24,669 (INR 2,000,000 )

€20,229 (INR1,700,000)

Technological University Dublin (Blanchardstown)

MSc Computer Science


(Advance Software Development)

MSc Computer Science (Data Science)

€21,750 (INR 1,800,000)
National University of Ireland Galway

MSc in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence


MSc in Enterprise Systems

MSc in Computer Science – Data Analytics

€24,140 (INR 2,050,000)
Technological University Dublin (Dublin)

MSc in Computing (Applied) for Technologists


MSc in Computing (Data Analytics)

MSc in Computing (Advanced Software Development)

€21,750 (INR 1,800,000)
Maynooth University

Erasmus Mundus Joint MSc in Advanced Systems Dependability


MSc in Computer Science

MSc in Computer Science (Software Engineering)

€9,000 (INR 760,000)

€15,000 (INR 1,200,00)

€15,000 (INR 1,200,00)

University College Dublin

MSc in Computer Science


MSc in Computer Science (Conversion)

€26,400 (INR 2,200,000)
University College Cork

MSc in Computing Science


Computer Science – Applied Computing Technology

€18,500 (INR 1,500,000)
Waterford Institute of Technology

MSc in Computing Information Systems Processes


MSc in Computing (Enterprise Software Systems)

€10,500 (INR 890,000)
Dundalk Institute of TechnologyMSc in Computing€12,000 (INR 1,000,000)
Dublin Business School

MSc in Digital Marketing


MSc in Data Analytics

MSc in Fintech

MSc in Business analytics

MSc in Cyber Security

MSc in Artificial Intelligence 

MSc in Financial Analytics

€13,500 (INR 1,100,000)

Dublin City University

MSc in Computing


MSc in Computing (Blockchain DLTS)

€14,125 (INR 1,100,000)
Griffith College DublinMSc in Computing€14,000 (INR 1,200,000)
CCT College Dublin

Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Software Development 


Master of Science (MSc) in Data Analytics

€14,000 (INR 1,200,000)
University of LimerickMS in Software Engineering€15,400 (INR 1,300,000)

Eligibility for MS in Computer Science in Ireland

There are three documents that are absolutely imperative when applying for an MS in Computer Science in Ireland.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in a Relevant Field

The most important criterion is a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, computer science, or mathematics and graduates with no more than five backlogs and a 60 per cent score. Work experience in a related field might be an added benefit.

2. Documents Supporting the Application (Resume, LOR, and SOP)

The statement of purpose (SOP), a text is written by the student that describes their academic and professional objectives and accomplishments, emphasises their aspirations for a Master’s degree.

Another required document is a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) written by the professional supervisors or academics and the resume. Universities in Ireland demand three letters of recommendation as part of the admission process.

3. English Language Certification 

TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE scores are used to determine English proficiency. English requirements for Masters in Computer Science in Ireland vary between universities, institutes of technology, and colleges, and students must earn the appropriate score to be eligible for admission. 

The required English score necessary for acceptance into Ireland’s leading institutions for a Master’s in computer science may differ between institutions.

Documents Required for MS in Computer Science in Ireland

International students must submit the following documents when applying for admission to the Masters in Computer Science program in Ireland:

  • Completed university entrance application form.
  • Payment of a non-refundable application fee for admission.
  • Academic transcripts from all educational institutions or universities in Ireland and abroad.
  • Degree certificates.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, and other standardised test scores that are required for education in Ireland
  • Copy of Passport.
  • Statement of Purpose, Recommendation Letters (LORs), and any other essays requested on the university’s website.

Fees for Masters in Computer Science in Ireland 

The fees for studying MS in computer science in Ireland for Indian students range from 9,000 (INR 760,000) to 25,000 (INR 2,100,000) depending on the institution of one’s choice. They may vary based on the institution and the course that one intends to apply. 

In addition, one needs to take their living expenses into account. Ireland is not cheap. Nevertheless, some scholarships cover living expenses and waive either the entire or a part of the tuition fees for a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland.

How to Apply

It is critical to know that the application process for an Irish higher education institution differs depending on whether an applicant is an EU student or a non-EU student. The application determines the candidate’s status, which cannot be modified post the first year of registration.

If the applicant is an EU citizen looking to study in Ireland, they must apply for all undergraduate programs through the Central Applications Office (CAO) unless otherwise specified. Non-EU citizens must apply directly to higher educational institutions of Ireland.

Most PG programs need candidates to apply directly through the university website. The application fee and deadlines vary as per the university and program. Other universities require students to apply via the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) website.

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Scope of Masters in Computer Science in Ireland

Ireland has one of the best markets for the software and IT sector and is quite rewarding to computer science graduates. Considered as the internet and games capital of Europe, Ireland is a global centre for leading IT businesses, which recruit a large number of computer scientists each year. After completing their MS in computer science in Ireland, students can look for relevant work prospects within the country.

In Ireland, the average pay after obtaining a master’s degree in computer science ranges between 37,000 EUR (INR 3,100,000) and 55,000 EUR (4,600,000) per year. Apple, Dell, Intel, and Cisco are among the top organisations that recruit computer experts in Ireland.

Scholarships for MS in Computer Science in Ireland

Universities in Ireland are particularly selective when awarding scholarships to students. It holds true particularly for a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland. 

Universities grant up to a full scholarship to postgraduate students pursuing a master’s in computer science in Ireland. Some grants and scholarships provide a variety of alternatives. That is, either half of the tuition cost will be waived, or a certain amount of money will be awarded.

Scholarships for overseas students doing Masters in Computer Science in Ireland are covered below:

  1. Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship (NUI Galway): 100% fee waiver
  2. Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship (NUI) – 100% Scholarship
  3. Centenary Scholarship Programme (NUI): 50% Scholarship
  4. Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship: 100% fee waiver
  5. V.V.Giri Global Excellence Scholarship: 100% fee waiver for Indian Students.
  6. Postgraduate Merit Scholarship (NUI): 2,000 EUR (INR 169,000) 
  7. Taught Master’s Scholarships (Maynooth University): 2,000 EUR (INR 169,000)

In addition to these, there are a few different scholarships provided by the government of Ireland and India when one seeks to study abroad MS in computer science in Ireland for Indian students.

Masters in Computer Science Salary in Ireland 

The employment opportunities on graduating from top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science are far and wide. Some of the prospective career options have been listed below, along with the average salary that one can expect to make in such a position.

OccupationAverage Salary (EURO and INR)
Application Analyst25,000 EUR (INR 2,100,000)
Developer35,000 EUR (INR 2,900,000)
Data Analyst35,000 EUR (INR 2,900,000)
Web Developer25,000 EUR (INR 2,100,000)
Information System Manager50,000 EUR (INR 4,200,000)
Game Developer45,000 EUR (INR 3,800,000)
Database Administrator37,000 EUR (INR 3,100,000)

Jobs for Masters in Computer Science in Ireland

Those pursuing MS in computer science in Ireland full-time for at least one year in a degree leading to a certificate acknowledged by the Irish Department of Education and Skills do not presently require a work visa to find employment in Ireland. 

After applying for a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland, one can obtain a Permanent Residency in as little as two years. 

Studying for a master’s degree in computer science in Ireland can offer students many opportunities to obtain valuable computing skills. One could become a professional from any of the mentioned designations, not only a computer scientist or software engineer.

  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • UX designer
  • Systems analyst
  • SEO specialist
  • Programming
  • Multimedia programmer
  • IT consultant
  • Information systems manager
  • Games developer
  • Database administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Applications developer
  • Application analyst

Required English Language Test for Masters in Computer Science in Ireland

Ireland is a country that speaks English. Although Gaelic is a widely spoken language, all courses have English as their medium. Therefore, institutions in Ireland will want to confirm that a candidate has strong English language abilities and will succeed in their selected courses. 

Irish universities accept the following official English examinations:

  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced

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Is it worth doing Masters in Computer Science in Ireland?

Several prominent pioneers in technology have their European headquarters in Ireland. These include Apple, Dell, Intel, and Cisco, among several others. Recruitment season often sees these companies copping all fresh graduates from top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science.
It is, therefore, definitely worth doing a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland.

Is a Master’s from Ireland valid in India?

The MS in Computer Science in Ireland is a globally recognised degree and valid in India.

What subjects are needed for Computer Science Ireland?

To be eligible for an MS in computer science in Ireland, an applicant needs to have an undergraduate qualification in computer science, engineering, or mathematics.
Moreover, the applicant needs to prove their English proficiency by presenting their scores for IELTS, TOEFL, or any other relevant English proficiency test.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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