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MBA Jobs in Ireland- Salary, top recruiters, and other aspects

Updated on 22 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Ireland is one of the biggest global business and entrepreneurship hubs with a flourishing economy of its own. Dublin alone is home to innumerable start-ups while Iglobal employers like EY, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ryanair, Microsoft, and McKinsey & Company have campuses in Ireland. Average salaries for MBA jobs in Ireland stand at around €51,000 per annum or approximately INR 43.01 lakh. Ireland also attracts international students in large numbers owing to the excellent career prospects after pursuing MBA degrees in the country. 


Popular Specializations for MBA Jobs in Ireland

There are several kinds of jobs in Ireland after MBA. The business and financial services sectors hire business intelligence analysts, accountants, financial advisors, compliance and risk professionals, and other skilled graduates in large numbers. Ireland is also the European headquarters for several global financial services entities, software biggies, and medical technology companies. 

MBA in Marketing

Some of the most lucrative jobs after MBA in Ireland are available in the marketing domain. Average salaries stand at roughly €41,000 (INR 34.58 lakh) for affiliate managers while assistant brand managers earn roughly €45,800 (INR 38.63 lakh) per year. Assistant product managers earn €49,800 (INR 42.03 lakh) per year while analytics specialists get up to €30,700 (INR 25.89 lakh) per year. 

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MBA in Finance

The average MBA salary in Ireland with a specialization in finance is approximately €42,866 (INR 36.15 lakh) per year for executive assistants while fiscal managers earn around €56,681(INR 47.80 lakh) every year. Office administrators earn €30,342 (INR 25.59 lakh) per year while accountants earn €39,248 (INR 33.10 lakh) per annum. Fund accountants draw salaries of €40,876 (INR 34.47 lakh) on a yearly basis and financial analysts get €39,492 (INR 33.30 lakh) per year on average. Operations analysts earn €40,678 (INR 34.30 lakh) per year as well. 

MBA in Supply Chain Management 

Supply chain management is another specialization that is highly in demand throughout Ireland. Average salaries are €56,100 (INR 47.31 lakh) per year for supply chain coordinators while supply chain managers can earn up to €114,000 (INR 96.15 lakh) per annum with skills and experience. Average salaries also stand at €40,800 (INR 34.41 lakh) and €60,000 (INR 50.60 lakh) for supply chain executives and supply chain project managers respectively. 

MBA in Human Resource Management

Human resource managers earn handsomely in Ireland. Average salaries stand at €28,200 (INR 23.78 lakh) per annum for benefits administrators while benefits analysts earn around €32,700 (INR 27.58 lakh) per year. Benefits managers earn up to €59,100 (INR 49.84 lakh) per year and chief people officers earn €71,900 (INR 60.64 lakh) per annum. Compensation analysts earn up to €33,900 (INR 28.59 lakh) per annum. 

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Famous MBA Recruiters in Ireland

Those graduating from leading MBA universities and institutions in Ireland get employment opportunities across various business sectors. With average salaries ranging between €45,000-120,000 (INR 37.95 lakh to INR 1.01 crore) for diverse MBA job roles, some of the biggest recruiters include Facebook, Ernst and Young, Ericsson Ltd, Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Viasat Inc, Groupon, Microsoft Corp, Moog Inc, Schneider Electric Ltd and more. 

These recruiters are drawn to the skilled talent in Ireland. Many businesses have also relocated to Ireland from the USA and even the UK along with some European countries. Several jobs have been created in fields like finance, accounts, marketing, supply chain management, human resource management and many others. 

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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