Complete guide to pursuing MS in Computer Science in Germany


Pursuing MS in Computer Science in Germany means devoting two years to the program. MS in Computer Science is offered at more than 40 universities in Germany with study options in German or English. The course comes with rewarding prospects and great employment opportunities. 

Eligibility Criteria for MS in Computer Science in Germany

The eligibility criteria for MS in Computer Science in Germany are as follows: 

  • GATE or GRE score 
  • Undergraduate degree in related or relevant subject
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Resume/CV

Top Universities in Germany for MS in Computer Science

There are several leading universities offering MS in Germany computer science courses. The tenures of these courses are usually four semesters/two years.

Name of Institution

Proportion of International Students

Name of the Course

Costs of Program 

Technical University Munich


M.Sc Computational Science & Engineering

‚ā¨288 (INR 24,677)

RWTH Aachen University


M.Sc Computer Science

Zero Tuition Fees

Technical University Darmstadt


M.Sc Computer Science

‚ā¨1200 (INR 1,03,00)

University of Freiburg


M.Sc Computer Science

‚ā¨5772 (INR 4,95,000)

Technical University of Berlin


M.Sc Computer Science

Zero Tuition Fees

Heidelberg University


M.Sc Applied Computer Science

‚ā¨764 (INR 65,000)

University of Passau


M.Sc Computer Science

‚ā¨640 (INR 55,000)

University of Stuttgart


M.Sc Computer Science

‚ā¨6660 (INR 5,70,000)

University of Goettingen


M.Sc Applied Computer Science

‚ā¨1606 (INR 1,38,000)

Technical University Dresden


M.Sc Computer Science

‚ā¨2464 (INR 2,12,000)

University of Konstanz


M.Sc Computer & Information Science

‚ā¨6660 (INR 5,70,000)

*All fees are approximate figures. 

The medium of instruction for universities is German or English. Yet, several highly-ranked German universities offer M.Sc degrees in Computer Science, with German being the medium instruction. Some of these institutions include ULM University and the University of Berlin. 

Requirements for MS Computer Science in Germany 

Here are the requirements for MS in Germany for Indian students in computer science

  • Passport
  • Student VISA of Germany
  • Academic transcripts of earlier years. 
  • GRE or GATE scores 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
  • CV/Resume
  • English Language Proficiency Test scores

Costs for MS in Computer Science in Germany 

Here is a closer look at the approximate costs of MS in computer science in Germany

  • Application Charges for Courses- ‚ā¨126 (INR 10,796)¬†
  • IELTS Charges- ‚ā¨ 160-165 (INR 13,709-14,138)
  • TOEFL Charges- ‚ā¨ 139-217 (INR 11,910-18,593)
  • Charges for German Student Visa Applications- ‚ā¨73 (INR 6,255)¬†
  • Airfare Costs- ‚ā¨389-1211 (INR 33,330-1,03,760)
  • GMAT Charges- ‚ā¨216 (INR 18,507)
  • GRE Charges- ‚ā¨177-199 (INR 15,166-17,051)¬†
  • Approximate Tuition Costs of ‚ā¨300-500 (INR 25,704-42,841) per semester

There are living costs that you should also take into account while you are estimating MS in computer science in Germany cost. They usually vary between ‚ā¨7,200-12,508 (INR 6,16,903-10,71,698) on average.

Scholarship Options for MS in Computer Science in Germany

There are numerous scholarship choices available for those pursuing MS in Computer Science in Germany. They include: 

Name of Institution

Name of Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

Special Information

TU Darmstadt

Thomas Weiland Foundation Scholarship

‚ā¨500 per month (INR 42,841)

Eight scholarships offered in a year


TUM Scholarship for International Students

‚ā¨500-‚ā¨15000 per semester (INR 42,841-1,28,522)

Only a one-time grant



May vary

Funded by the Government 

TU Berlin

UNESCO Scholarships

May vary 

Applications only through the British Council

University of Freiburg

Germany Scholarship

‚ā¨300 per month (INR 25,704)

Only high-performing students have eligibility 

Deadline for Admission into Masters in Computer Science in Germany

The admission deadlines for various universities are the following: 

  • July 15 – RWTH Aachen 
  • May 31 or March 31 – TU Munich 
  • July 31 – TU Berlin 
  • June 01 – University of Freiburg
  • July 15 – TU Darmstadt 
  • June 15 – University of Heidelberg
  • July 15 – University of Passau
  • July 15 – University of Stuttgart 

Reasons for Studying Masters in Computer Science in Germany 

Here are some of the top reasons for pursuing an MS in computer science in Germany. 

  • Germany houses some of the highest-ranking global universities. 
  • Completing a Master’s degree in Computer Science means access to numerous employment opportunities. 
  • Salary growth in the field has been consistent over the last few years. 
  • Great opportunities for technological innovation and research. 

Job Prospects for MS in Computer Science in Germany 

Germany has ushered digitization, making it a technology and IT hub. With numerous business opportunities in-store, doing an MS in computer science is always a rewarding option. A work permit takes time and effort in Germany though internships help make an entry into well-established companies. The country works 38 hours every week, and there are 18 holidays annually.

Skilled postgraduates in computer science can find employment as computer technicians, hardware engineers, network architects, JavaScript developers, programmers, AI developers, and application developers. Average salaries vary from ‚ā¨8,810 to ‚ā¨12,300 (INR 7,55,000-10,53,876). Gaining 2-3 years of experience leads to further salary hikes of 20-30%. The computer and technology fields are witnessing rapid growth in Germany. It augurs well for skilled aspirants in the discipline. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Germany good for MS in computer science?

A: German universities are known for offering high-quality education in engineering and several other domains. The master’s programs in computer science have global recognition, while the curriculum is highly advanced at the same time.

Q: Where can I study computer science in Germany?

A: You can study computer science at several institutions in Germany, including the Technical University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Darmstadt University of Technology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, University of Freiburg, and the RWTH Aachen University.

Q: Is MS from Germany valid in India?

A: Foreign degrees have recognition from the AIU (Association of Indian Universities), and they are highly valued in India. Yet, the program tenure has to be at least two years for their validity approval by the AIU. German Masters degrees have sufficient recognition in the country as well.

Q: Which exam is required for MS in CS in Germany?

A: There are entrance examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, GATE and GRE that are necessary for MS in Computer Science in Germany. The criteria for admission are different for each educational institution and students need to appear for entrance examinations accordingly.

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