All about the cost of studying in USA!

Cost of studying in USA

The United States attracts a massive number of international students every year from all over the world owing to its finest higher education system acclaimed by the whole world. The USA is home to the highest number of top-rated universities recognized worldwide for their excellence and unique programs, enticing a huge number of international students. Owing to enormous demand for higher education globally, there are many aspiring international students look for the cost of studying in USA. Read on to know in detail about the cost of education in USA. 

Tuition fee is the key component of cost of education in USA and universities here are divided into private and public/state institutions. The education costs at public/state universities are comparatively lower than private educational institutions. Expenses on tuition fees will depend on the qualification type and the university/school that you choose. For covering the tuition costs, you will require roughly $8,000-$55,000 every year. 

Education, arts, and humanities courses are comparatively more affordable while subjects like engineering and medicine are costlier. If you are looking to study at the postgraduate level, the tuition charges will be usually higher and costs will vary, based upon the program you choose. MBA degrees are the costliest here with average costs hovering around approximately $35,000. 

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Cost of education in the USA- A guide to tuition fees

The cost of education in USA should be understood carefully. The cost of study in USA for Indian students will range between $5000-50000 per year for diverse courses. Tuition fees at public state universities may vary, depending upon the type of student, i.e. out-state or in-state. A student resident of the USA will also have to shell out $7000 every year for courses while students from out of the USA will have to pay up to $25000 annually for the same courses. 

Most Ivy League universities in the U.S. are non-profit and private universities. The tuition fees are standard for all students out-state or in-state in case of these courses. This may vary between $34000-70000 annually, depending upon the course in question. Tuition at these institutions is majorly dependent upon the course that is selected. Medical and MBA courses are the costliest options, hovering at roughly $75000 annually. 

Here are the leading private universities in the U.S. and their tuition fees: 

1. Stanford University- Stanford University is the topmost private university n the USA with tuition fees of roughly $53,529. 

2. Harvard University- This acclaimed global university charges approximately $51,925 in tuition fees. 

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) РThis private institution is one of the world’s most renowned educational institutions, charging roughly $53,790 in tuition fees. 

4. California Institute of Technology- Caltech is another renowned institution that charges around $54,600 for courses. 

5. Yale University- This globally renowned university charges $53,395. 

6. Brown University- Tuition fees hover around $55,554 here. 

7. Columbia University- This hallowed institution charges around $51,640 by way of tuition fees. 

8. Dartmouth College- Tuition fees hover around $51,468 here on average. 

9. Princeton University- Average tuition fees stand at $49,055. 

10. Duke University- Tuition fees stand at approximately $51,720 at this institution. 

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Let us look at the top public universities in the U.S. and their annual tuition fees: 

1. University of Florida- $12,000 

2. Washington State University- $13,000

3. Missouri University of Science and Technology- $12,000 

4. North Carolina State University- $10,000 

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison- $13,000 

6. University of Texas at Dallas- $13,000 

7. University of Texas at Arlington- $9,000 

8. Arizona State University- $13,000 

9. University of Michigan- $15,761

10. University of California, Berkeley- $42,184

11. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- $34,588

12. University of California, San Diego- $42,032

13. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- $34,719 

14. Purdue University- $28,794

15. University of Washington- $35,538

16. University of Virginia- $47,650

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Cost of study (course-wise)

Here are some pointers that will help you greatly in this regard: 

1. English Language Studies- $700-2,000 per month 

2. Undergraduate bachelor’s degree- $20,00-40,000 yearly 

3. Community College- $6,000-20,000 yearly 

4. Graduate Programs- $20-45,000 yearly 

5. Doctoral Degrees- $28-55,000 yearly 

6. Engineering- $32,000 yearly 

7. Computer Science- $25,000 per year 

8. Business Administration- $56,000 yearly 

9. Visual & Applied Arts- $22,000 annually 

10. Liberal Arts & Sciences- $20,000 yearly 

11. Social Sciences- $32,000 per year 

12. Mathematics- $23,000 annually 

13. Intensive English- $10,000 per year 

14. Biological and Biomedical Sciences- $20,000 yearly 

15. Health Professionals- $50,000 annually 

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Know More for Study in USA:

Average Cost of Living in USA for Students 

Most U.S. universities come with on-campus residences for international students, and this is an affordable choice, i.e. living on campus itself. However, students should apply for the same well in advance to get their slots securely. Students may also choose off-campus accommodation where they can share apartments with other international students or live in home stays with local families. You should always be open towards adjusting to a different way of life and culture in such cases. Rentals will vary from one U.S. city to another. If you are renting an apartment, then you will have to pay for utility bills including internet, electricity, and water along with tenant’s insurance in some cases. Universities usually help students in finding proper on-campus or off-campus accommodation. Costs of accommodation hover around $6,000-14,000 annually. Here are some other pointers that you should keep in mind: 

1. For studying in the U.S, the first step will be to get a valid student visa, and this will have its own expenditure of roughly US$160 for the application fee. You should consult your counselor for the updates and all other details in this regard. 

2. Living expenditure for students may range between US$10,000 and US$25,000 for every year, depending upon the city that is chosen for residence. 

3. Books and stationery costs will hover around the $500-$1000 mark annually. 

4. Food costs hover around the $2500 mark in the U.S. (per year).  

5. Footwear and clothing costs may stand at somewhere around $500 annually while traveling expenses will be around $500-1,200 every year. However, these expenses depend on the lifestyle you choose.

6. Remember to keep a separate budget of at least $2000 annually for meeting miscellaneous costs as well. 

This table of costs will help you work out how much you need and to plan for securing the same beforehand. The USA can be comparatively competitive or costly depending upon where you are studying and the duration of your course.

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