Want to study abroad after Class 12th or graduation- Details Inside

How to study abroad

Studying at a university abroad offers a lifetime experience to travel and gain high-quality education. Whether you want to learn a foreign language or want to develop skills required to get jobs in the international market, studying abroad offers countless academic programs to fulfill your requirement as per your interest. Studying abroad gives an opportunity to study in the best educational institutes and having a global mindset to excel in your career. 

Studying abroad after Class 12 has become very popular now as international colleges and universities fulfill the demand of students by offering courses across all major academic fields. Hence, many students prefer to study abroad after completing their 12th class. 

There are also some aspirants who dream of pursuing their higher education abroad after graduation. It not only improves their personality by providing them industrial relevant knowledge, it also helps them to be self-reliant and self-sufficient in their career. Thus, to be successful many students aspire to study abroad, however, the process of studying abroad is quite overwhelming and requires a lot of financial investments and paperwork. 

Here is a comprehensive study abroad guide that will cover all the aspects related to study abroad programs, and reasons for studying abroad.

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Reasons why students’ prefer going abroad for studies

Stand out for future employees

Studying at top international universities help students in understanding industry requirements and other post-college employment opportunities. Studying abroad gives wings to your career by making you learn industry-relevant education and is a valuable addition to your resume for an enduring career. The education system of foreign universities are quite different from Indian universities as they offer boundless practical and research knowledge to students that enable them to get excellent foreign universities experience.

Broadening up the heights of education

Traveling for exposes you to new pathways so that you pursue your passions for an incredibly valuable experience. The world is waiting for you with lots of possibilities, you just need to explore them.

Adjusting to a new culture

International universities allow participants to step out of their comfort zone and indulge in a different culture. Students also get an opportunity to learn education and business practices that will help them in making connections and experience the role of a global professional network.

How to study abroad?

Studying abroad is definitely not a cakewalk. It requires to fulfill certain criteria like clearing English proficiency tests with a good band score, managing expenses related to study, living, medical requirements, and many more. Thus, many students drop their idea of studying abroad. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many students to rethink their decision of studying abroad.

To solve such problems, upGrad Abroad has launched its study abroad program. UpGrad Abroad program allows you to study for the degree virtually for the first year, which prepares you for entry at the university and then helps you to transfer to on-campus studies for 2nd year of the degree. Additionally, these programs help you to develop fluency in speaking English after completing credit-bearing academic classes. These programs cost 1/10th of on-campus offline study expenses as students need to pay for living, groceries, or other expenses related to shifting for the 1st year and learners can gradually move to the university for final year studies.

There are various programs that have been offered by upGrad Abroad in collaboration with international universities. Start your search for the best course with upGrad Abroad. We have a list of graduate and postgraduate courses for you to study abroad from India in different streams like:

  • Management
  • Cyber security
  • Data science
  • Computer Applications


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Steps to follow to study abroad? 

Choose the right course for you:

Before enrolling in any course, try to research more about the course and its scope in the future. You can also join courses offered by upGrad Abroad as these courses have been specially designed to meet your future demands with the help of the best educational experts in the world.  All these courses promise the best career prospects and make you a leader in this competitive industry.

Check for the requirements to study:

Give some time to check the requirements of the the selected country as every country has a different set of requirements. Check for climate, quality of life, cost of living, and education ranking of institutes.

Obtain a visa: 

Most countries require a visa to study and work abroad for a shorter period, so it is better to know all about the process of applying for the visa.

Application process: 

Before starting the application process, make a spreadsheet. Keep a track record of guidelines, and other checklists requirements. After checking your grades and test scores, start applying to universities.

Want to study abroad at an affordable cost?

Traveling to foreign countries is not cheap, you can imagine how studying abroad can cost you a pretty penny. Beyond the tuition fees, you will also need to contribute to living, medical insurance, transport, and other expenses. But there is good advice: you can study at a foreign university with upGrad Abroad by saving up to 80% on tuition fees and zero costs to other expenses for the first year of online studies. Due to increasing competition among students to take admission in international universities, many private institutions offer quality education at very affordable rates. upGrad Abroad has tied with some of the best universities of the world so that students can save up to 80% on tuition fees.

Best countries to study abroad:

Based on the data and resources of our education expert, here is a list of the countries that provide quality education:

  • Study in Australia
  • Study in Germany
  • Study in Canada
  • Study in Spain
  • Study in Switzerland
  • Study in Estonia
  • Study in Holland


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How to study abroad – FAQ

Q1. What are tips to get an education loan in India to study abroad?

In simple steps, you can start your working on loan process: Contact education loan counselors who will guide you in the journey of getting the loan without collateral fees. Then your application will be processed with your selected banking partners.

Q2. Is it good to study at foreign universities for a better future?

Yes, it is. Studying abroad offers new opportunities by letting a student get out of his/her comfort zone. Even Indian organizations love to hire students who have studied from international universities because of the knowledge and exposure they get overseas.

Q3. What is the most challenging for a student wanting to study abroad?

After understanding the experiences of various students, we found that many students feel sad when they are miles away from their parents. This happens because they are not used to a different environment. However, with upGrad Abroad program, students become a part of international culture, and learners interact with lecturers and other international students virtually from the comfort of their homes. In the final year, when learners move to another country they are already prepared for upcoming challenges and can easily manage to live alone in a foreign land.

Q4. How to get a scholarship to study abroad?

There are many ways in which students can get the right scholarship to study abroad. The aspirants need to submit their academic certificates, university letters, reference letters and write a cover letter for their application. An aspirant should research as there are countries and universities that give full or partial scholarship depending on certain criteria like qualifying tests, scoring well in English proficiency tests & others.

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