Which are the best countries to study abroad for Indian students?

Best countries to study abroad for Indian students

Overseas universities have seen a constant rise in the number of students as more and more Indian students are keen on getting an international degree in recent years. Studying abroad from reputed universities and institutions is a great way of up skilling and adding additional academic value to resume for the Indian job market. Preference is given to students who have done their studies from renowned universities overseas; hence, the numbers of students who are curious to know about the best country to study abroad for Indian students are also growing.

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Why study abroad?

Studying at top international universities is an enriching experience that prepares students for the upcoming challenges in their careers. Studying from best mentors, making new friends, exploring, and living in a new place completely gives a different experience from where you were already living. Studying abroad has much more to offer to anyone whether during the studies or after the studies.

A great number of students are looking for the best country to study and settle for highly valid reasons such as the best career in the international job market, lucrative salary packages, quality lifestyle and many more. Additionally, studying in another country gives you a chance to travel to new places, learn a new culture and language, and being competitive with different people of the world. Above all, students studying at foreign universities get top-notch-quality education, world-class facilities and most importantly they focus more on research and practical study approach.

Students have an idea about what they want to study at a foreign destination, but it is a matter of finding the right place to study at the right university. Here’s our guideline that will help you to know more about how to find the best country to study and settle.

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Important points to check before choosing the best country to study

Certain factors need to be checked before making your final decision of choosing the country you want to study and live:

Cost of living

While selecting a university to study, every student makes estimates of where they need to spend their money like on accommodation, grocery, communication, emergencies, and other everyday expenses. They often look out for the most accessible and affordable living place, where they can manage their budget well. If you think, you could bear high costs then you could also choose countries like the USA, which has high living standards with the best quality education.

The culture you fit in

The culture of the country you want to move to can have a very crucial impact on your personality development. Education is the first most preference but beyond that character-shaping is equally important. 

Preferred course from preferred country

Every student must lookout for opportunities after completing the course. Therefore pursuing a particular course from one country has more advantages than other countries. Also, if you prefer to choose a language course then Canada offers better credence and opportunities than other countries.

Value of course in India

The final thing is to check the career possibilities after coming back to India if nothing works according to plan. Sometimes if you fail, you remain indebted with a huge education loan with no experience and prospects; therefore, opting for a course that has opportunities in India or abroad will allow you to excel in your career.

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Best countries for Indian students to study in 2021?


Germany has always ranked as the best country to study abroad especially for Indian students. It is because Germany offers affordability, golden career scope, and exposure to different culture. Even the cost of studying at private universities is quite affordable and while the public universities charge no fee. German universities extensively focus on research and practical teaching so that students can excel in their careers.

1) No tuition fees: Many students choose Germany because of its very affordable fees. 

2) Highly respected universities: German universities are supposed to be the 70 most reputable universities in the world.

3) The glorious employment opportunities: Germans pay extra attention to their education and thus good education means golden career opportunities. Most of the students once gone for studying prefer to stay there after studies for a long duration.

4) Living expenses: Although living costs in Germany are comparatively higher than other countries. However, students can manage to study in Germany while working for extra hours with their studies.


Australia is one of the top destinations for studying abroad and the number of Indian students in Australia keeps rising day by day as Australia has relaxed its visa requirements so that students can pursue their higher education from top universities with least hassles. Australian universities have recognized degrees, vibrant cities, and flexible policies for students, and high standards of living. Massive number of students comes to Australia every year to grab the best job opportunities in the world, by studying from highly reputed universities in Australia.

1) A rapidly growing hub for study: Australia is the third most popular hub for study. Many students get attracted to study here because of its cultural diversity, quality of education, and friendly natives.

2) Low living costs: Australia’s standard of living is high in comparison to other countries. Even the living expenses and tuition fees are comparatively low in comparison to the US and UK. International students can work part-time with studies allowing them to manage their living costs. Also, there are many scholarships funded by the government that are available to help international students to manage their living costs.

3) Work opportunities: International students can earn while working for 20 hours with their studies. This is a great opportunity for students to manage their expenses during their stay. By studying, they can also gain work experience in their field of interest.

4) Multicultural environment: Australia is home to thousands of citizens who belong to different places in the world. So, as an Indian student, you did not find any difficulty in mixing up here.

5) A safe place to live: Australia is one of the safest countries in the world with the lowest records of crime. The Australian government has strict rules and regulations that have zero tolerance for crime against foreigners. 

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Canada is a lifelong friend of India, and it offers different education policies in favor of students so that Indian students can study at the best Canadian universities. Based on estimates, about 14% of students in Canada are Indians. Canada has witnessed a lot of increase in the number of international students in these years. Students come here to pursue a range of courses like medicine, engineering, MBA, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and data science.        

1) Experience living in a bilingual environment: Canada is a bilingual country that offers excellent opportunities to develop your command of language skills for a shining career. English and French are the important aspects of Canada that enrich its culture and community.

2) Academic excellence: One of the important aspects of choosing Canada has its high-quality education. When a student finally gets their Canadian degree, they feel confident as their degree is globally recognized and highly demanded. It acts as a trust of excellence for the employers.

3) High safety and peace: Canada is ranked highest among the safest nations in the world for international students. As an Indian student, you enjoy the same rights as Canadian students. 


The USA offers the best education system in the whole world. Its universities are highly respected and most of them are recommended in the QS world universities ranking. It is the safest country for study. The USA offers a mix of opportunities, economy, and culture so that an Indian student can thrive. 

1) World’s record academics: With a home of 4000 world-class universities, the USA offers a wide range of degrees and courses in academic fields. The USA offers excellent programs for international students that are widely accepted because of their excellence.

2) Bright career opportunities: An international degree from the USA leaves a never-fading impression on employers. The USA has reputed universities that widen the scope of careers. International and Indian companies wanted candidates who have a global prospectus and good command of their field and this can be easily achieved by studying at the best universities in the USA.

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Why to choose upGrad Abroad for studying overseas?

Choosing the right place and right university to study and build a successful career is a daunting task. Here we are to help you at every step, upGrad Abroad is one of the finest of India’s leading higher education providers with a massive record of fulfilling the dreams of many students over the years by teaching them the best courses demanded by industries of the world. 

Switching from traditional classroom experiences to evolving online classrooms, upGrad Abroad courses have always attracted students from all over the globe. We are courageously working to provide the best demanding courses by keeping a view of the career prospects of students even amid the pandemic. Our courses are uniquely designed so students can save lots of money (living, transportation, medical insurance costs) and 80% tuition fees by studying the first year from their homes and the second year directly moving to campus for completing their studies and work opportunities. Our programs are specially designed by keeping affordability in mind, so our programs cost 1/10th of offline costs.

upGrad Abroad’s courses are fast track that can help students to manage their studies and job both by managing their time. Our courses offer interactive online teaching, with face-to-face doubts solving. 

Other benefits of joining upGrad abroad’s program

1) Time-saving

2) Quality education at low prices

3) Degree from international colleges

4) Interaction with students all over the globe

5) Enjoy both online and offline studies

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How to start planning for higher studies abroad from India?

If you are someone who wishes to study abroad but cannot afford massive costs that come with it, then you can still study in the best international universities of the world with upGrad abroad. Before planning for study in a foreign university, you need to explore a lot about the culture, language, career scope, living cost, other expenses and many more so that you can take an informed decision about your career. You need to clear the language proficiency test of that country, and then need to send a statement of purpose, and need to complete other documentation-related processes to get the visa of your selected country. Here comes the role of upGrad Abroad, from where you can study at the best international universities online, first year from home and for the second year from the campus of the respected count.

Where should I study abroad?

There could be many possible answers to this question depending upon the quality of education, quality of life, post-study career opportunities, affordability, and living costs and much more; however, there are some countries that always step ahead in the field of education such as Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia among others. 

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What is the procedure to go abroad for studies in India?

Here is the step by step guide to know the procedure of studying abroad-

1. Research well

Do a lot of research. Invest your time in knowing the best university, college, country, and location. You can even contact upGrad Abroad to know the right procedure for studying abroad. 

2. Make your applications

Take your job seriously while making your application. Most of the universities accept the scores of language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and others. So make sure you score a high band score.

3. Student visa

The most important task is to apply for a student visa as every country has its visa requirements that you need to fulfill. Check our website to know more.

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Is it worth studying abroad for Indian Students? 

Yes, studying abroad is the best investment. Studying in the best international universities offers global networking, great career opportunities, socializing, and much more. However, not taking an informed decision before choosing the country and the institution of higher education can land you in trouble. As the initial process of studying abroad from a reputed university can be a bit perplexing and daunting, upGrad Abroad makes it easy and seamless with their innovative study abroad programs. 

Which is the most economical country to study for Indian students?

Study abroad can be expensive however some countries are affordable for pursuing higher education than others, including Germany, France, South Africa, and many more. Advanced and detailed research and planning is essential for taking the best decision about your further education, which will take your career to a new height.

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