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Erasmus University
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Erasmus University is a public research university. It is a prominent university based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Erasmus University is an institution that traces back its roots to 1913. However, the foundation of the university as it exists today was established in the year 1973.The University has seven different faculties that focus on Health, Culture, Governance and Wealth. The University is also know for its sustainability activities.The University is known for providing great PhD placements. ...Read more

Erasmus University's Fees

AccommodationEUR 400 - 800FoodEUR 170/ Month for student living alongBooks and SuppliesEUR 30 - 65Miscellaneous expensesApprox EUR 300 - 400Monthly Traveling passEUR 83


Erasmus has 5 campuses at five different locations. 4 of the campuses are in Rotterdam, and one is located in Hague, Netherlands.First-year students get residence halls to stay at LUCIA. Common rooms with a terrace are also available for students to interact and study.Average room Size at the Erasmus Housing18 Sq metresFurnishingsPrivate bathroom, kitchenette, bed, couch, lighting, couple of chairsContrat Duration12 MonthsMonthly Rate/- EUR 755Security deposit2 Months’ rentAfter the first year, students can choose to stay in private rooms available at different marketplaces.The residence halls at Erasmus University are located in close proximity. ...Read more


Scholarships at the Erasmus University are categorized into two different types – For students from European Union and students from Outside European Union.Following are the different types of scholarships available at the Erasmus University:A. A Van Beek Fonds ScholarshipsThe Foundation A.A. van Beek-Fonds scholarships are made to students who go on internships or exchange programs abroad, with no littl experience abroad, or do not have sufficient financial means.Scholarships based on Cultural AgreementsErasmus University has signed cultural agreements with certain specific countries whose students receive grants based on these cultural agreements.ESSB Study Mobility GrantThe ESSB Study Mobility Grant is made available to the students by the Dean of the faculty. This scholarship is given to the students who want to go study exchange outside the European Economic Area.Fullbright CenterThe scholarship is given to outstanding American and Dutch nationals. The scholarship finances students’ study and research.Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsThe Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds scholarship is given to students who wish to go abroad after completing their Master’s Degree.Applicants can visit the official website of Erasmus University to know complete details about various scholarships available. ...Read more

Erasmus University's Admission

The application for the current academic year 2023 – 2024 is now closed. The applications for the academic year 2024 – 2025 are scheduled to open on 1 October 2023.Deadlines1st May, 2023 – last Application Deadline9th June 2023 – extended Application DeadlineDocuments Required for Erasmus UniversityA copy of the complete personal details of the candidate’s passportAcademic Transcripts from the previous clleges attended by the candidate.Results of English language proficiency test and/or mathematics test.A motivation letter of a maximum of 600 words.Exam Requirements for Erasmus UniversityProof of English Language proficiency test is required to secure admissions at Erasmus University.6.5 Academic IELTS 110 Duolingo English90 TOEFL iBT ...Read more

Erasmus University's Ranking

Times Higher Education Ranking 2023 – 80th PositionQS Global Ranking 2024 – 176th position.ARWU World Ranking, 2023 – 88thCWUR World Ranking 2023 – 94thCWTS World Ranking, 2023 – 90th

About University

Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Founded in 1913

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More About Erasmus University

Type of University

Public research university

Total Student Population

31,149 (2018)

Percentage of International Student Population


Acceptance rate


Student-faculty Ratio

54.3: 1 

Number of Campuses

5 campuses

Official Website


Acceptance Rate of the University

Erasmus University is very selective while admitting students under its graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. 

The general acceptance rate at the Erasmus University is about 53%

Top Courses Offered at Erasmus University

Master of Science Business Administration [M.S.B.A] Business Analytics and Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Business Administration [M.B.A] International

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Bachelor of Science [B.S] International Business Administration

INR 9.9 L/Year EUR 11,100 /Year 

Bachelor of Science [B.S] International Bachelor in Psychology

INR 8.8 L/Year EUR 9,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Marketing Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Bachelor of Science [B.S] International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics

INR 8.8 L/Year EUR 9,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Finance and Investments

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Supply Chain Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Quantitative Finance

INR 14.3 L/Year EUR 16,100 /Year 

Master of Science Business Administration [M.S.B.A] Accounting and Financial Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Laws [L.L.M] Post-Graduate Arbitration and Business Law

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Psychology of Human Learning and Performance

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Arts [M.A] Development Studies

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Molecular Medicine

INR 17.8 L/Year EUR 20,000 /Year 

Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Arts and Culture Studies

INR 14.3 L/Year EUR 16,100 /Year 

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Management - Finance and Accounting

INR 31.6 L/Year EUR 35,520 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Human Resource Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science Business Administration [M.S.B.A] Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Global Business and Sustainability

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Health Care Management

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Maritime Economics and Logistics

INR 25.3 L/Year EUR 28,500 /Year 

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Management - Marketing

INR 31.6 L/Year EUR 35,520 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Econometrics and Management Science

INR 14.3 L/Year EUR 16,100 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Educational Sciences

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Health Economics, Policy & Law

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Strategic Entrepreneurship

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Management of Governance Networks

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Public Administration and Organisational Science

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Public Administration

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Neuroscience

INR 17.8 L/Year EUR 20,000 /Year 

Bachelor of Science [B.S] International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Management - Business Processes, Logistics and Information Systems

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Economics and Business

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Infection and Immunity

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Research [M.Res] Business and Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Research [M.Res] Research Master in Business Research - Finance and Accounting

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Management of Innovation

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Management - Strategy and Entrepreneurship

INR 31.6 L/Year EUR 35,520 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] International Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Business Information Management

INR 19.1 L/Year EUR 21,500 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Clinical Research

INR 17.8 L/Year EUR 20,000 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Accounting, Auditing and Control

INR 14.3 L/Year EUR 16,100 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] International Public Management and Policy

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Master of Science [M.S] Media Studies - Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts

INR 15.9 L/Year EUR 17,900 /Year 

Bachelor of Science [B.S] Econometrics / Economics - BSc2 - Double Degree

INR 8.8 L/Year EUR 9,900 /Year 

Placements at Erasmus University

Erasmus University has a strong network of 1000-plus organizations that provide paid or unpaid internships to its students. 

The university also focuses on career development and soft skills. 

  • The Ph.D. students are placed in well-known institutions such as
  • Bilkent University
  • ETH Zurich
  • Fudan University, China
  • Cornell University
  • Michigan State University
  • Monash university
  • New York University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Pennsylvania State University, and so on.
PositionAverage Salaries (EUR)
Finance (Manager)72,000
Healthcare (Public)46,000

Infrastructure at Erasmus University

Erasmus University Rotterdam has three campuses in Rotterdam and one campus in The Hague. Students can study, sport, work, drink, and eat on university campuses. Moreover, the campus is just a 15-minute bike ride from the city centre in Rotterdam. 

Students can also use a central train station nearby, which can help with transportation through the metro or tram.

Campus Woudestein is the central region in the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands. The campus consists of:

  • Sports facilities
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • University library
  • Study places
  • Several lecture halls

The rooms that students of the university can hire for staying are situated in Tinbergen Building (Faculty Club), Van der Goot Building, and Q- Building.

The campus also has an Erasmus MC, an academic hospital, and the university’s medical faculty. The students will also find the Erasmus University College (EUC), International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus School of Philosophy, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Erasmus School of Economics on campus.

Moreover, Erasmus University Rotterdam focuses on research on the science that matters. The four significant areas of expertise at the university are:

  • Culture
  • Governance
  • Wealth
  • Health

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a bilingual university. Both Dutch and English are considered to be their working languages. Students can enrol in 89 English-taught Master’s degrees.

Academics at Erasmus University

Erasmus University Rotterdam has only one academic cycle or intake – the fall season. Generally, the application deadlines (regular) are on 15th January 2022, while the late application deadline is on 1st May 2022.

Erasmus University Rotterdam admission process is quite competitive. Even if the students meet the requirements of the EUR international bachelor program, it doesn’t mean that they will gain acceptance to the program.

The application to the university will be completed in an online app and registration service site for many Dutch universities. 

Once they are done with the application and added the required documents, it is sent forward to be considered for the university selection process. The university comes back with a decision by 15th February 2022 if the students have applied in the first or regular application deadline. The decisions will be given by 31st May 2022 for those who applied for late application details.

Credit System at Erasmus University

The study load of the university subjects is shown in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). 1 ECTS equates to 28 hours’ worth of study. Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses have either 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS worth of study load equivalent to 140 (5 x 28 hours) and 280 (10 x 28 hours) study load hours.

In the case of a three-year Bachelor’s coursework, the study load is 180 ECTS (3 x 60 ECTS). The one-year Master’s coursework consists of a study load of 60 ECTS, out of which about 20 ECTS are specifically for the Master’s thesis. The other segments consist of a study load of 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS.

Academic Calander of Erasmus University

The Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands’ college calendar is a vital piece of information that prospective students should know. 

The academic year begins on 1st September every year and ends on 31st August the following year. 

Most of the degree courses are segregated into five blocks. Each of these blocks consists of 8 weeks, including seven weeks of education clubbed with a week of examinations. Students can retake regular courses in July. 

The key holidays of the academic session of 2022-23 are:

25-December: Christmas Day

26-December: Boxing Day

31-December: New Year’s Eve

1-January: New Year’s Day

7-April: Good Friday

9-April: Easter Sunday

10-April: Easter Monday

27-April: Kings day

5-May: Liberation Day

18-May: Ascension Day

28-May: Whit Sunday

29-May: Whit Monday

Extracurriculars and Diversity at Erasmus University

Erasmus University Rotterdam tries to give top-notch educational and research options to students. These experiences are innovative, globally oriented, and applicable to real life. Talent diversity is an essential parameter at the university. 

The university has several diversity-centric initiatives such as cultural holidays, information, support, and connections by the Diversity and Inclusion Office and 25/25 – a measure to encourage gender equality and fairness at the university.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is equivalent to extracurricular rejoice for students. As a student, one gets a chance to become an Erasmus University College Student Association (EUCSA) member.

Through this membership at an all-inclusive student’s club, the students connect with several student-run associations. These associations offer many activities and engaging events for their members.

The leading student clubs and associations are divided into the following subcategories:

  • Study and faculty
  • Student associations focused on social activities
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports
  • International associations
  • Work, career & entrepreneurship
  • Religious
  • Other
  • Studium Generale

Students can join these committees or even try to start something new of their own. The university also facilitates 50 varied sports at its locations on campus. EUR has 23 sports clubs present at the Erasmus Sports Café that is open daily.

Career/professional at Erasmus University

The university plays an active role in shaping the students’ careers and graduates up to 1 year after graduation. Students are provided with an environment where they can earn optimally and undergo various training programs to gain advanced knowledge.

EUR promotes students to introspect about their careers before they graduate. In this process, the university provides aid to enter the labor market. The university’s career advisor will help them build an international career, understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, choose the next degree, and tips and suggestions for the CV and the Linkedin page.

Students should set up an appointment to learn more about these career services at the university. 

Part-time jobs and internships are allowed while studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This will help boost the student’s CV, understand the Dutch society, and get some extra bucks.

The university also has several ties with businesses and establishments within and outside the country. Many local and global businesses have been associated with the school for recruitment services, research projects executive, and organizational development programs. Some renowned employers at the Rotterdam School of Management include:

  • Google
  •  FrieslandCampina
  •  EY
  • Unilever
  • Amazon
  • Philips
  • ASML

Financials at Erasmus University

The Erasmus University Rotterdam fees will vary according to the program, level of education, and the student’s citizenship. 

Here are the average fees for the following courses/communities:

University of Applied Sciences International Foundation Year (two terms)-EUR11,000 

International Foundation Year for three terms – EUR16,900 

For Graduates:

  • In-state-EUR 11,500 -EUR 18,000, 
  • Out-of-state-EUR 14,500 -EUR 18,000 

For Undergraduates: 

  • In-state-EUR6,300-EUR11,900, 
  • Out-of-state-EUR8,900-EUR15,000 

As far as the living costs of Rotterdam are concerned, the average living expenses for a Bachelor’s or Master’s student is EUR 13,560.

Item-wise expenditure during the stay at the university:

  • Housing: +/- EUR 8,800**
  • Housing admin fee: EUR 200 (one-time payment)  
  • Laptop: approx. EUR 750 (first-year students only) 
  • Books: approx. EUR 250 (first-year students: most books for the Academic Core are provided by EUC)
  • Books: approx. EUR 1.000 per year***(second- and third-year students) 
  • Insurance: EUR 660 (based on EUR 55 monthly fees)
  • Daily expenses +/- EUR 4.200 (food, drinks, clothes, going out, public transport, etc. – based on an estimate of EUR 350 per month)
  • Other study-related costs (e.g., printing costs, posters): approx. EUR 100 per year
  • EUCSA membership fee: EUR 50.29

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accommodation capacity of Erasmus University?

Erasmus University provides accommodation facilities to its future students. The overall accommodation capacity of Erasmus University is about 550 students.

What is the retention rate of Erasmus University?

The retention rate of the Erasmus University is about 86%.

What is the student-faculty ratio at Erasmus University?

The student-faculty ratio at Erasmus University is about 53.4, which means there are about 53.4 students for every 1 faculty member.

Does Erasmus University require ielts?

Yes, Erasmus University accepts IELTS, TOEFL, or University of Cambridge scores for English proficiency.


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