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Difference Between GPA & CGPA with Definition & Importance

Updated on 29 January, 2024

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Good grades are very important if you are planning to study abroad and tracking grade points and grades are imperative for all international students. Both GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) are used across several boards and universities for calculating, assessing, and grading academic performance. Therefore, you should know the major differences between GPA and CGPA to better understand your grades.

CGPA to GPA Calculator

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What is GPA? 

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a number indicating your average score in a single semester/unit or for the entire course duration. It is denoted by a number on a scale of 4 or 5. 

This system of grading is more prevalent in international universities. 

Note: The scale will shift on the basis of the grading system followed. 

Here’s how you calculate GPA:

GPA= Weighted Grade Points/Total Credit Hours 

CoursesCredit HrsGradePoint for GradesWeighted Grade Pts.
Physics4A44 x 4 = 16
Maths3B33 x 3 = 9
English3B33 x 3 = 9
Science5A45 x 4 =20
 Total = 15  Total = 54

Your Grade Point Average will be 3.6 (54 divided by 15). 

Note: The calculation may change from one university to another. 

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What is CGPA? 

Thinking about what CGPA is? Cumulative Grade Point Average is used for measuring the overall performance of an aspirant. CGPA calculation is done by determining the mean of grade points. CGPA is calculated on a scale of 8 or 10.

Indian universities use this system of assessment. 

Based upon the CGPA system of assessment, specific grades are given for a range of scores. For example, 85-90 marks will have a Grade Point of 8. 

Let us look at the table to understand how CGPA is calculated

SubjectGrade Points 

CGPA= 24/3= 8

Note: The calculation may change from one university to another. 

CGPA to GPA Calculator

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Difference Between GPA and CGPA

The difference between GPA and CGPA is majorly in the fact that GPA, alongside measuring the overall performance, also measures performance in a single semester or unit while CGPA measures performance in the entire course (covering all semesters and units). The difference between CGPA and GPA can be understood through the following pointers: 

  1. GPA may span a smaller duration, i.e. a semester or term while CGPA necessarily covers a longer time period like the entire degree/course duration (inclusive of all semesters). 
  2. You should score a good GPA every semester to obtain a better average or CGPA in your degree course. GPA is thus linked to CGPA. 
  3. International universities usually consider the GPAs of students for evaluating consistency in academic performance throughout any course. They often emphasize less CGPA. 
  4. Universities in India make use of the 10-point CGPA grading system while the 4-point GPA method is used by universities in the UK and many others.

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Importance of GPA and CGPA

Both GPA and CGPA are highly important for your academic journey and future prospects. Your GPA should remain consistent for you to get a good CGPA score. Colleges and universities will seek both your GPA and CGPA and you should emphasize both. Both GPA and CGPA will be displayed on your mark sheet, influencing your applications for higher studies abroad, placements and scholarships. 

CGPA is vital for cut-offs at several scholarships and university courses. Students often fall short of the criteria by simple decimal numbers. Hence, make sure that you strive for consistent GPAs throughout your course and an impressive CGPA at its conclusion.

How to Convert GPA into CGPA

Conversion from CGPA to GPA is done when students are applying to study abroad. Some universities have an internal process to get the grades converted according to their requirements. Some other universities ask students to get their grades evaluated by a recognized external agency and send them for admission consideration. 

The difference between CGPA and GPA is simple. While GPA refers to scores obtained in a semester, CGPA measures the overall academic performance of a student i.e. the scores they have obtained in all the semesters combined.

As far as the conversions are concerned, foreign universities accept credential evaluation reports from external agencies only. These agencies need to necessarily be a part of NACES (National Association of Credential Services). 

So, coming to the conversion of GPA to CGPA, the weighted average GPA (GPA x Credit hours) of a student across all semesters is divided by the sum of the credit hours.

For example,

SemesterCredit HoursGPAWeight Average GPA

CGPA= Weight Average GPA/Total Credit Hours

215/62= 3.5

There are several third-party agencies that carry out these conversions for students.

 Note: This is only for having an approximate idea. Credential evaluation can only be carried out by external agencies, that are a part of NACES

GPA vs CGPA Conversion Table

4-point GPA to 10-point CGPA table is given below:

CGPA (10 Point)GPA (4 Point)Grade (4 Point Scale)
8.0 – 8.43.7A
7.5 – 7.93.3B+
7.0 – 7.43B
6.5 – 6.92.7C+
6.0 – 6.42.3C
5.5 – 5.92D+
5.0 – 5.41.7D
<5.00 – 1.3F

  Note: This is only for having an approximate idea. Credential evaluation can only be carried out by external agencies, that are a part of NACES

CGPA To Marks Conversion Formula

The conversion of CGPA to mark is a single-step procedure, meaning it needs basic calculation.

The formula for the same is % of marks= 9.5x CGPA. 

If the CGPA is 8.5, the percentage will be 9.5×8.5= 90.25%

CGPA to GPA Calculator

 Note: This is only for having an approximate idea. Credential evaluation can only be carried out by external agencies, that are a part of NACES


In conclusion, understanding the difference between GPA (Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is crucial for students and educators alike, as these metrics play a significant role in academic evaluation and career prospects. While GPA often refers to the grading for a single term or course, CGPA provides a comprehensive overview of a student's overall academic performance throughout their program. Both GPA and CGPA are pivotal in assessing a student's understanding and mastery of their subject matter, and they are frequently considered by universities, scholarship committees, and employers. They not only reflect a student’s academic achievements but also their consistency and dedication to their studies. As such, maintaining a strong GPA and CGPA is important for students aiming for further education or competitive career opportunities, underscoring their commitment to academic excellence and their potential for future success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of GPA?

The GPA full form is Grade Point Average. It measures a student’s performance in a particular semester on a scale of 4.

What is the full form of CGPA?

The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is used to measure the performance of students through the entire course duration. It gives out results on a scale of 10.

What is the formula for calculating GPA?

It is very simple to calculate a GPA. All you need to do is, divide the weighted grade points by the total number of credit hours.
For example,

SubjectCredit HoursPoint for GradesWeighted Grade Points
Math433×4= 12
English32.93×2.9= 8.7
Economics32.53×2.5= 7.5

GPA=Weighted Grade Points/ Total Credit Hours
GPA= 28.2/10= 2.8


What is the formula for calculating CGPA?

A. CGPA can be calculated in multiple ways. To calculate through marks, you simply need to find the average. Marks obtained across subjects should be divided by the total number of subjects.
For example, if the total score is 45 and the total number of modules is 5, the CGPA will be 45/5= 9

What is a good CGPA grade?

Normally, a CGPA of 8 and above is considered good. However, if you are planning to study abroad, a slightly higher CGPA can help you win a seat in your dream university.

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Bulbul is a self-driven professional and an expert writer & editor. She has been a part of the ed-tech industry for the past 2 years now and is motivated to provide study abroad aspirants with factually correct and relevant information. Her knack for impactful writing makes her blogs worth a read!

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