How to Settle in Europe – A Complete Guide

Settle in Europe

Extraordinary scenic beauty, amazing climate, stunning architecture, immense job opportunities, great healthcare, top-notch infrastructure, and remarkable education system entice people from all over the world to seek immigration to Europe. With everything so exceptional, Europe is undoubtedly the most desired destination in the world to settle. A massive number of Indians migrate to Europe every year and the numbers has increased threefold in the past 3 decades. Europe has a stable economy and almost negligible poverty rate and is not as densely populated as India, making it a great place to settle for Indian people. However immigration to Europe is not that easy. If you, too, are wondering how to settle in Europe, here’s our detailed guide on “how to settle in Europe from India?” 

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Immigration to Europe from India

Key reasons such as a thriving economy, great job market, incredible benefits are why there is a massive number of migration in Europe every year from all across the world. A large number of immigration to Europe from India happens too as many wish to settle in the continent for the quality life it offers. Also, the countries in Europe made significant efforts to assimilate foreigners is one of the reasons why more and more Indians want to settle there.

Requirements to move to Europe from India

If you are thinking on how to settle in Europe from India, here’re the things you must keep in mind while planning. In addition to travel visas, people seeking immigration to Europe must submit other documents as well:

1) Language knowledge with proof: You must know the language of the country where you are seeking immigration. You must also know how to speak English since it is an international language. Multiple tests can help you prove your language proficiency, be it English or any other language.  

2) Valid Passport: Your passport should not be older than ten years and must be valid for at least four more months. Without that, you cannot immigrate to Europe from India.

3) Proof of accommodation: If you are looking forward to temporarily staying in Europe, you must give proof of your accommodation. Having a sponsor can make your application easier to process and pass. If not, you must provide your living plans.  

4) Employment contract: If you are immigrating for employment purposes, you must have prior experience of at least one year and proof of employment from the organization that contacted and hired you. 

Why should you settle in Europe? 

Europe has a rich culture and an intriguing history. Once in Europe, you have so much to explore, and you are pretty much sure to travel the whole continent. It has so much to offer in food, lifestyle, money, social life, and jobs for everyone. Since it spreads around a large area, it is not densely populated like India. Europe has a sophisticated standard of living, a great atmosphere, and natural surroundings. Europe is one of the most romantic and promising places on earth where people from all across the world look forward to settle. It is an ideal place for not just a vacation but for spending the rest of your life. And if you are a student and want to study abroad, you should consider Europe all the more. Although the cost of studying in Europe is high, the quality of life and education is par excellence.

Type of immigrations in Europe 

When you are seeking immigration in Europe, it is vital to understand what category you fall under. The immigrant divisions based on your professional background are as follows: 

1. Highly qualified workers

You can immigrate to Europe from India under this clause if you prove you have high experience in your field of work. You must have work experience of a minimum of 5 years or are seeking higher educational qualification.  

2. Intra-corporate transferees (ICT)

People from third world countries can immigrate to Europe from India if they have a working contract in any European company. In such a case, you will immigrate to Europe in the same position. However, you can immigrate under the condition that your current employer has a branch in the country hosting you.

3. Researchers

People holding a valuable degree willing to research any European continent are more than welcome and can apply for immigration under this category. However, you should either be associated with your organization or be financially strong to support your research.  

4. Seasonal workers

People with a temporary work contract in any European continent can immigrate to Europe. It is essential to show proof of your accommodation arrangements and that of your employment status. 

5. Students

Any student enrolled at a European university in a full-time curriculum can move to Europe. To study in Europe, students must have valid documents such as health insurance, financial aid, and proof of payment of the application fee.  

Important Scholarships to Study Abroad:

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How to settle in Europe with your Family? 

To settle in Europe with your family, you must first be a temporary citizen in Europe yourself. Only after you have lived here for five years can you bring your family permanently. The cost of living in Europe is not very expensive in all the countries, but there are some requirements. You have to be financially independent to support you and your family’s living expenses once in Europe. An EU card helps immediate relocation of your family and allows them to seek jobs in Europe. With that, your family does not have to go through any language proficiency tests. To permanently settle with your family and attain citizenship of a European continent, you would have to: 

1) Show your passport with a long-term stay in Europe. 

2) Present birth certificate of you and your family members. 

3) Provide proof of income. 

4) In case of marriage, you have to show your marriage certificate. 

5) Show proof of residence and your employment contract. 

Which are the best yet the most affordable places to live in Europe? 

1. Minsk, Belarus

This place is affordable and hospitable. It has an indie culture dotted with beautiful quaint cafes. Music and dance are a big part of the culture in Minsk. It is flooded with pretty places and reflects old architecture downtown. The national library of Minsk is heaven for book lovers since it is both stuffed with knowledge and gorgeous looking.  

2. Tbilisi, Georgia

Since it is centralized, it is a multicultural city with cultural sparks from Asia and Europe. It has people of over 100 ethnicities living in which makes it culturally rich and beaming. Dotted with stunning architectures, Tbilisi is a delight for travelers. Tbilisi is known for its night-time adventures and scenic beauty making it a calming place for visitors and permanent residents. 

3. Kyiv, Ukraine

This is the home to some of the biggest high-tech industries and educational institutions. It has a rich history peppered with some of the biggest churches throughout the city. The city has ample parks, greenery, and a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Welcoming and friendly people of the city make Kyiv one of the most preferred destinations for immigrants and tourists.

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Settle in Europe – FAQs

Am I Eligible for a Permanent Residency through an EU Card?

Yes. An EU card is usually issued for four years, depending on your job. An EU card improves your chances of getting citizenship in a European country and helps your family to shift to Europe and continue their lives as they would have in their home country.

Do I need to be highly Proficient in the language of the Country I am Immigrating?

Yes. You need to be proficient in English and the country’s language where you are immigrating. For example, if you want to live in France, you need to have a good hold over French and English.

Is Europe the best Continent for Migrants?

It depends on what you want. For any country to be the best for you, it has to offer you the things you want and need. If you are looking forward to a safe, clean, and promising country, Europe is the green light for you. However, if you are looking forward to quick citizenship, Europe might not be the best. Getting permanent citizenship is a lengthier process as you need to stay there for some period, which can be longer than other countries, and an impressive working experience.

Can I Start Studying in European Universities from India and Complete My Course on Campus?

Yes. upGrad Abroad can help you start a course in a European university online, and once you meet the university’s requirements, you can finish that course on their campus.

Which is the Easiest Country to Settle in Europe?

The United Kingdom is the easiest country to settle in Europe. Although it is easier than the other European countries, obtaining a permanent residency in the UK is a lengthy process. You must live for a set number of years to be able to apply for the permanent residency. Also, there are certain conditions and eligibility criteria you must meet to apply for permanent residency in the UK.

Which is the best Country in Europe to live and Work?

Germany is the best among the countries in Europe to live and work. With a wealth of great cities, top-notch infrastructures, ample job opportunities and a comprehensive welfare system, Germany draws millions of immigrants looking to live and seeking job opportunities every year.

Which is the best European Country to Study and Work for Indian Students?

Germany is the best European country to study and work for Indian students for the country’s all comprehensive welfare system and immigrant friendly policies. Moreover, quality lifestyle and abundant job opportunities Germany offers makes it a great study and work destination for Indians.

Which European Country Gives Permanent Residence Easily?

The United Kingdom, Belgium and Malta are the countries which give permanent residency easily to non-EU citizens compared to the other European countries. However, the process of getting PR is lengthy. Also, you must fulfil certain criteria and live for a set of years to be able to apply for permanent residency.

Important Exams to Study Abroad

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