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Send GRE Scores: How to Send GRE Scores to Universities

Updated on 09 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Wondering how to send GRE scores to universities? The first thing one needs to know is that the test fee includes the GRE scorecard for up to four colleges. If a candidate has opted for a computer-delivered test, they will be asked to select the score receivers at the test center. In case a paper-delivered test type has been opted for, the candidate will need to select the score receivers at the time of registration.

The score reports indicate both your official report that comes after giving the GRE and the reports you will send to various universities. You also get a 'ScoreSelect' option which helps you choose scores you can send to chosen institutions. You can send the best GRE scores with this handy system. If you wish to send your scores to more universities or want to send your scores after the day of the test, you will need to pay US$35 (approximately INR 2,905) per recipient to order additional reports. However, colleges don't view the scores unless the complete application for admission has been sent. 

How to Send Official GRE Scores to Universities

If you are thinking about how to send GRE scores to universities through ETS, you should know the scores will be available for your perusal within the ETS account. They will be dispatched to all designated universities within 10-15 days from your testing date. Here is the procedure to be followed:

  1.   Login to your official ETS account.
  2.   Go to MY GRE Home page and choose Send Additional Score Reports. This comes under the Scores tab.
  3.   You will find the option On-Screen: Test Registration.
  4.   Thereafter, you can use the option called Send Additional Score Reports.

 ETS scores will provide an option to choose Most Recent scores or All scores in the last five years. This can be done for up to four universities absolutely free of cost.

Sending GRE Scores on the Test Date

You will get the unofficial GRE quantitative reasoning and verbal section scores on your test day. Examiners assess analytical writing, and they are thus published with the final GRE results 10 to 15 days after the test date. You can send your GRE results to four institutions without any payable fees. You can choose these institutions after completing the test. One doesn't need to know school codes to send scores as the codes will be there in the computer system.

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Sending GRE Scores After Taking the Test

Approximately 10-15 days are usually needed to get the GRE scorecard. You can send the same after the day of the test through this method:

  • Log in to the official ETS account and order added score reports that will be sent to any particular institution.
  • You may apply via mail, online, or fax.
  • Choose your best score over the last five years and dispatch it to your chosen institutions.

You may also send your scores prior to submitting the college application. In such a scenario, you will not have to state the fact that you have sent the scores already. You will be selecting to dispatch your scores beforehand, so weigh this decision with a lot of care and caution. If the recipient does not have a listing, reach out to ETS before appearing for the GRE. The pre-chosen four institutions will be automatically given the official GRE score reports via ETS.

If you apply for Additional Score Reports to be sent to more institutions, expect the same to reach within five days at least. Applying through fax or mail may require 10 business days. If you have applied to reinstate scores, it will require two weeks as per estimates. You should have sufficient time to send the scores before the deadline for admissions. Candidates receive GRE scores around 10-15 days post the date of testing. The scores will be electronically sent to you and appear in the ETS account. Most institutions choose to get these scores electronically via the ETS Data Manager platform or the server-to-server facility, which is automated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send GRE scores to universities for free?

One can send up to four GRE scorecards for free. After successfully registering for the test, ETS (the organizing body) allows you to select as many as four universities as recipients of your test score if you are taking a paper-based GRE. In case you have opted for a computer-based GRE, you can pick four universities at the test center.

How long does it take to send GRE scores to universities?

Once your GRE scores are available over the ETS account, you can send the GRE scores to the desired universities of your choice around 10-15 days after the test date. However, if you are taking the computer GRE, you can send the score on the test day itself after receiving your unofficial quant and verbal scores.

How much does it cost to send GRE scores?

If you wish to send scores to more than four universities, you will need to pay an additional USD 35 per recipient. The process for the same takes around five days.

Can you send GRE scores after application?

Yes, you can send GRE scores after submitting the application. However, it depends on the university concerned if they wish to accept the best GRE score or an average of all the scores submitted. Having said that, one still needs to be mindful of the deadline mentioned by the university.

How to send GRE scores electronically?

To send your GRE scores electronically, it is imperative to log in to your ETS Account and select "Send Additional Score Reports". Confirm your personal information, and enter the college/university name or code you want to send the GRE scores electronically. Your scores will be sent to the university within 10-15 days.

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Should I send my GRE scores on test day?

Yes, you can send your test scores on the exam day easily if you are attempting a computer-based test. You can only send free scorecards (to up to four universities) when you are registering for the test or when you are taking the GRE exam at the test center.

Which GRE score should I send?

It is important to report all GRE scores so that ETS can keep a record of all of them. Thereafter, with the help of the ScoreSelect option, you can choose which scores to send to the institutes of your choice. One should send their best GRE scores to the selected universities.

How many days does it take to send an additional GRE score?

After ordering additional GRE scores through one's ETS account, the score reports will be sent to the institution of choice around five days after the request has been made. One needs to pay USD 35 per recipient to avail of the service.

How many days does it take to get a GRE scorecard?

Your official GRE scores are available in your ETS account within 10-15 days after the test date. At the same time, your score report is sent to the institutions of your choice.

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