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Study in France from India – Plan via Bridge Programmes

Updated on 05 April, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

If you want to study in France from India, there are many advantages to it. It is considered one of the most popular study-abroad destinations. It attracts a large number of students from all over the world each year. After graduation, Indian students who study in France have good career opportunities. France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture, and reputation in the educational system. The French government frequently provides financial assistance to students, both domestic and international. For students who do not speak French, it is usually taught in their curriculum. France is one of Europe’s most traditionally rich countries, with a rich flavor of art and tradition. France is at the forefront of technological progress in several areas as it is ranked second in Europe and fourth in the world in the field of IT.

France, as one of the world’s premier higher education nations, offers a varied selection of institutions where you can study. Many of these are ranked highly among some of Europe’s and the world’s greatest universities. Because France is known for producing the most Nobel laureates, a degree from a French university will be a stepping stone to a variety of global changes. Let’s have a look at an option on how to Study in France from India.

The Bridge Programme by upGrad for BCA and BSc Students allows them to study in France from India. It then leads to the Masters Studies in Engineering at ESIGELEC France. Its duration is 3 months 20 days, and after securing a minimum of 50% marks in all subjects of the bridge programme, the students are transferred to ESIGELEC, France. This online course costs INR 2.00 lakhs in tuition fees (inclusive of taxes).


Some Benefits of the Bridge Programme by upGrad

1. Around 93% of ESIGELEC students find jobs in France within the first 3 months of graduation.

2. Eligibility of Up to 24 Months for PGWP/Post Study Work/OPT visa application after graduation.

3. Average salary in France is INR 30 Lakh after completion of the course.

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Eligibility for Bridge Programme to study in France from India

1. To be eligible for the Master of Software Engineering & Digital Transformation programme, students must have a B.Sc (IT/Computer Science) or BCA degree with a minimum of 60%.

2. To be eligible for MSc in Electronic and Embedded Systems programme, students must have a B.Sc (Electronics) degree with a minimum grade point average of 60%.

3. For Bachelor’s courses, the medium of teaching should be English.

Now, we discuss the process to plan your studies in France. 

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France and India recognize each other’s academic credentials.

The agreement was signed on March 10, 2018, during the India-France Knowledge Conference, the two countries’ first high-level summit promoting the university, scientific, and technical cooperation. This is India’s first intergovernmental pact of its kind.

According to the negotiated agreement, the French government now recognizes Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) (CBSE, state boards, pre-university (PU), or any similar qualification recognized by the Government of India).

The Indian government recognizes the French Baccalauréat, License, Master, and Doctorat (the equivalent of Ph.D.).



Scholarships Offered

Every year, the French government provides more than 1.3 million euros (11 crores) in financial aid to Indian students through government and co-financed scholarships.

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs grants the French government scholarships for training, study, and language courses in France. The Cooperation and Cultural Action Departments (SCACs) in French embassies and consulates-general around the world award the majority of scholarships. Applicants should contact the SCAC in their country of origin immediately before departing and well in advance to acquire detailed scholarship information on eligibility requirements, the selection process, and the requisite application papers, regardless of their place of residence.

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Writing a Successful SOP for France Visa

Visa Application Procedure

You must meet the following basic or common conditions of the French Visa application procedure, as well as special ones, whenever you apply for any French Visa, regardless of your trip’s purpose:

1. Make a Consultation with the French Diplomatic Office

2. Submit the following general necessary documents to the applicable French embassy or consulate:

a) 2 recent passport photos

b) Copy of your flight ticket and your travel itinerary

c) A properly filled-out application form,

d) A valid passport

e) Affidavit of the Applicant’s Residence

f) Cover Letter 

g) Fee for Visa Application 

h) Means of Subsistence

i) Proof of a Planned Stay

j) Proof of a Travel Visa Insurance 

k) Proof of Civil Status 

If you plan to study in a higher education institution for more than three months, you’ll have to get a long-stay study visa. It’s best to apply ahead of time and make sure your passport is valid for at least six months when you submit your application.

Campus France India will also assist you through the visa application process step by step.

Start Your Study Abroad Journey with upGrad Abroad

The France-Alumni global network

The France Alumni initiative, developed by Campus France with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ backing, aims to create a supportive alumni network.

In September 2016, the India chapter was established. It is a platform for Indian students who have studied at French higher education institutions to network, socialize, plan events, and share their experiences. The network also assists students in launching their professions and continuing to improve their understanding of professional linkages between the two countries.

France Alumni – India aids former students in getting important industry expertise, discovering intriguing employment prospects, and gaining vital insights into the economic and professional worlds.

The France Alumni webpage keeps Indian alumni up to date on forthcoming events, tournaments, and job possibilities in France. Job fairs, networking events, webinars and seminars on current issues, mentorship programmes, and participation in charity initiatives are all on the agenda

Now that you are all set to take a step for your study abroad journey and wish to know more about how to Study in France from India, you can check out the Master Studies in Engineering at ESIGELEC, France bridge course by upGrad!

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