Job Opportunities in Spain – A Complete Guide

Are you seeking the best job opportunities in Spain? You are not alone! An overwhelming majority of aspirants look at career opportunities in Spain for the country’s excellent living standards, vibrant lifestyles and the Mediterranean elegance that it offers. Spain does have high competition for employment amongst aspirants though there is a sizable community of professionals from all parts of the world.

 Many people also prefer Spain for its comparatively lower cost of living and the opportunity to learn one of the world’s highest-spoken languages. You should also keep in mind that job opportunities in Spain are mainly concentrated around big cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville.  

How to Find Job Opportunities in Spain?

Finding job opportunities in Spain for Indian students is not as difficult as you think. You can try avenues like Xpat Jobs, Reed, The Local and EURES. The application procedure requires you to submit your cover letter and CV. Check the advertisement carefully since it will mention the language of your application. To begin with, you can check out various summer job opportunities covering the hospitality and tourism sector. Job opportunities are available at restaurants, bars, hotels, watersports activity centers, theme parks and tourist landmarks. You will find these jobs at thinkSPAIN and Season Workers. 

Many graduates also take up volunteering opportunities for better exposure while you can find teaching jobs at TEFL Iberia, Premier TEFL, i-to-i, and TtMadrid. You may also find work at the British Council, courtesy of its English language assistant programme. Work experience is perceived positively by employers in Spain. Hence, getting internships via IAESTE UK, AIESEC UK and The Intern Group is always recommended. You can also search for jobs via the government portal Empleate and the Public State Employment Service. 

  • You can also find opportunities at the following portals: 
  • Graduateland 
  • iAgora
  • Expansión y Empleo
  • Primer Empleo
  • Infoempleo
  • Bolsa de Trabajo
  • InfoJobs
  • Monster
  • Au Pair International
  • Busco Jobs
  • Indeed
  • Expatica jobs
  • Next Station
  • The Guardian
  • ThinkSpain
  • Ambient recruitment
  • The Local
  • Approach People Recruitment
  • Oficina Empleo
  • Tecnoempleo
  • Talent Search People
  • Xpatjobs

You can also try various recruitment agencies that are registered on the website of the Sistema Nacional de Empleo website. Other private agencies are offering permanent and temporary opportunities at Adecco. 

Top Recruiters in Spain

Finding work in Spain is sometimes challenging, owing to the country’s highly competitive job market. Some of the popular fields for graduates include banking, automobiles, pharmaceuticals and electricity to name a few. Leading industries in the service sector include food and beverages and tourism while there are opportunities in mining and metals, chemicals, shipbuilding and textiles and apparel. Major recruiters in Spain include the ACS Group, Abengoa, Abertis, Banco Santander, Logista, Iberdrola, Ficosa, Ebro Foods, Telefonica, Logista and Inditex to name a few. Other leading employers include IAG, BBVA, Repsol and ACS. 

As per reports, unemployment rates in Spain hovered around the 14.5% mark as of May 2020. This is double the average 6.7% in the European Union and Spain had the highest rate of unemployment in June 2020, at 40.8%. The Government has come out with its blueprint for tackling the issue. However, unemployment is not as high for skilled and qualified professionals. Sectors like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, IT, and chemicals, along with tourism, continue generating high employment for skilled workers every year. 

Highest Paying Jobs in Spain

To find job opportunities in Spain, a person must know the money he/she can earn in the country. The minimum wage is reviewed annually in Spain and at the beginning of 2020, it stood at €1,108 (gross) each month. This works out to roughly INR 94,992 per month. As per the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica or the national statistical institute in Spain, the average 2017 salary (yearly) stood at €25,416 or INR 21.78 lakh per year. 

The highest paid jobs include €9,560 per month (INR 8.20 lakh) for doctors or surgeons and €8,060 (INR 6.91 lakh) per month for judges. Other figures include €6,570 (INR 5.63 lakh) per month for lawyers and €6,190 (INR 5.30 lakh) for bank managers. Chief Executive Officers of companies earn as much as €5,820 (INR 4.99 lakh) while Chief Financial Officers earn up to €5,440 (INR 4.66 lakh) per month. Other salaries include €5,250 (INR 4.50 lakh) for orthodontists and €4,690 (INR 4.02 lakh) for college professors. Pilots earn up to €3,940 (INR 3.37 lakh) while marketing directors earn €3,570 (INR 3.06 lakh) per month. 

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