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How to Choose Where to Study Abroad – Vital Tips

Updated on 05 May, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Studying abroad can be a life-changing decision, especially when it involves a thorough evaluation of prospects, funding, and more. So, if you are thinking about how to choose where to study abroad, you must note the pointers discussed in the blog. 

Here are some of the parameters to consider when deciding your study abroad destination:


Student or education loans enable learners to study abroad in most scenarios. While choosing your study abroad destination, it is recommended that you scrutinize financing options available like scholarships, loans, and grants in various countries and your home nation. You can find the options available based on your background, income profile, reciprocal agreements between countries, and the chosen subject. 

Linguistic Aspects

Shifting to another country is a fun way to learn a new language. However, you can make your life simpler when you already speak the local language and understand the same. Make sure that institutions in your chosen country offer courses taught in English. Also, some countries have language requirements, i.e., you need to know a local language to study particular courses, like Switzerland. 

Your aspirations

Picture your dreams of visiting a particular country. Think about where you wish to shift and take this opportunity to tick off your bucket list possibly.

Your chosen course

Know the subject that you wish to pursue. It will help you narrow down destinations based on these countries’ popularity, course curriculum, and prospects. Some countries are more famous for particular sectors, jobs, subjects, and research. 

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Career prospects

Check whether the country has good employment opportunities for graduates in your chosen subject. Explore the job options, average salaries, and options for part-time work, internship opportunities, post-study work visas, etc. 

Relations of the home nation

If your home nation has a special agreement with another country, your visa and other applications could be smoother.

Lifestyle needs

Do you wish to study in a bustling and vibrant city or urban zone? Do you want the lifestyle of a big city? Or do you wish for the simplicity and charm of rural or semi-urban life? Consider these when thinking about how to choose where to study abroad


Do you wish to go to a destination with warmer climates or colder climes for a major part of the year? Those in search of warmer climates will love countries like Spain, Italy, France, and Australia. Those looking for cooler weather will appreciate the UK, Lithuania, Russia, and Finland. 

Support System

Choosing a country with a higher population of international students can be a plus, especially if it has more people studying from your home nation. Choose countries with friends and family members studying there. While they will not be in your city or neighborhood, at least you can count on them at the time of emergency.  

Cultures and lifestyles

Studying abroad will introduce you to new ideas and people and diverse lifestyles and cultures. However, make sure that you choose a country where the local culture makes you feel comfortable, and you know what to expect when you land there. 

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Check eligibility

Do in-depth research on the entry requirements for your desired program in your desired country. Ensure that you completely understand what degree or diploma you will gain upon course completion. 

Zero down on the intake you want to opt for

One of the most important tips on how to choose where to study abroad involves deciding on which intake—summer, winter, fall, and spring—you want to go for. Remember, the academic year in universities abroad differs from that in India. 

Value of degree in home country

Calculate the ROI of your degree from your chosen study abroad destination. Since you will eventually need to return to your home country, analyze the value and job opportunities of the degree earned in your home country. 

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

We are a dedicated team of study-abroad experts, ensuring intensive research and comprehensive information in each of our blogs. With every piece written, we aim at simplifying the overseas education process for all. Our diverse experience as journalists, content writers, editors, content strategists, and marketers helps create the most relevant and authentic blogs for our readers.

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