Top Scholarships in UK for Indian Students

scholarship in uk for indian students

A scholarship in UK for Indian students may seem difficult. However, the country has numerous scholarships for eligible aspirants from India and other countries. Scholarships help lighten the financial load considerably, especially since tuition and living costs can be expensive in the UK. 

You can plan, assess your eligibility, and apply for scholarships to study abroad. However, understanding the entire process is very important if you want to obtain a good scholarship for the UK. 

Getting a scholarship in the UK for Indian students: 

In most scenarios, you will need a good academic record and high scores to get UK scholarships. Scholarships are also dependent upon many factors like your chosen location, educational level, and your preferred subject. For several scholarships, the criteria include participation in social and community initiatives, along with extra-curricular activities. Some scholarships may require just an application, while others require essays and other documents. 

The usual eligibility criteria include your nationality (Indian in this case), completion of earlier education in an English-medium institution, good academic scores, and other requirements like co-curricular activities in some cases. The general scholarship intakes in the UK take place in September, with minor intakes happening from January to March and in July and November. 

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Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK: 

Following are the top options worth considering: 

● Rhodes Scholarships

● GREAT Scholarships

● British Chevening Scholarships in the UK for International Students

● The Felix Scholarship

● AS Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship

● Inlaks scholarships 

● Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

● Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

● Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarship

● Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship

● Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

● Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

● Queen Mary University Scholarships

● Goa Education Trust Scholarships

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Here are some other master’s scholarships for Indians in the UK: 

  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Master’s scholarships- University of Reading
  • Cardiff India scholarships
  • Edinburgh Global Scholarships
  • Castle Smart Scholarships
  • Clarendon Fund Scholarships by University of Oxford
  • International Scholarships- Queen’s University Belfast

Here are some additional MBA scholarships that you can also consider if you are interested in this field: 

● Women in Leadership Scholarship

● IKOS Scholarship

● Chevening Scholarships

● MBA Part-Time Visionary Scholarship by the University of Strathclyde

● GREAT scholarship

● Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

● Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

● The Global Study Awards

● Inlaks Scholarship

● The Cranfield Trust Scholarship

● Felix Scholarship

Chevening scholarships are offered to academically brilliant aspirants under the government’s Global Scholarship Program. They are mostly for a master’s course that spans a year, covering tuition and living costs, added allowances, and return airfare. Close to 1,500 candidates can avail these scholarships in each academic session. Commonwealth Masters scholarships are also available from the DFID (Department for International Development) for students from developing nations who are willing to pursue Ph.D. and master’s degrees. 

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Tips to get scholarships in UK: 

Here are some things to remember while applying for UK scholarships: 

● You should start exploring scholarship options in advance while proceeding with your application well before the deadline. The application procedure usually begins one year before the process for admission. The evaluation system is stringent, and you will have to start applications beforehand. 

● Popular scholarships in the UK come with limited vacancies for eligible aspirants and limited funds. The eligibility criteria are strict, and you should check the same thoroughly before applying. 

● Some scholarships may require minimum scores in standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, and GRE

● University-based scholarships do not require separate applications since eligible candidates are assessed at the time of admission itself. 

● Build your profile with an eye on getting access to a good scholarship program. 

● Academics will always be the core criteria for getting a scholarship. Aim for a minimum score of 80-85% in your UG course. You will have to double down and work hard in your undergraduate program for building a credible academic background. 

● The other criteria include GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS scores. 

● You should fill up application forms for scholarships at multiple universities. Do not hold back on the number of applications by all means. 

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Here are some reasons why scholarships get revoked: 

● A majority of universities in the UK often insist on high academic grades. Hence, scoring lower marks will be a major reason why your scholarship application is revoked. 

● Changing course-related preferences and other details is another reason for the rejected scholarship application. Many universities in the UK do not allow any changes to the major course after beginning the procedure for applying. 

● Similarly, most scholarships are specific to colleges, and changing the institution will only lead to the scholarship getting canceled in turn. 

● Scholarships are usually given for lifting the financial load off the shoulders of young students going to the UK. Hence, improper fund usage should be avoided. Most scholarships have stringent regulations for spending money, and you should thus go through the terms and conditions with a lot of care and caution. 

● Providing any information that is false or misleading may be another reason behind the application getting revoked. 

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How difficult is it to get a scholarship in the UK?

Obtaining a scholarship in the UK can be difficult, but planning will certainly help. Some scholarships are paid out for particular courses or disciplines, and that too for a specific duration. After getting the scholarship and beginning your study routine, you cannot change your course or extend the scholarship period. However, you can still get your scholarship by applying at the right places and making sure that you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Can I get a 100% scholarship to study in the UK?

There are several scholarships offered by the UK government which offer 100% funding in case of tuition costs and other living expenditures. There are many other bursaries, scholarships, grants, and other financial packages for international students. However, these are not fully funded. In many cases, students receive 40-50% funding, while some scholarships offer to fund up to 80% with some nominal costs paid by the applicant. Several institutions have scholarships for postgraduate courses that fund eligible applicants.

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